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A trip down memory lane...

Our History

Originating in 1971 with the birth of CIT Holidays and later the emergence of French Travel Connection in 1991; Entire Travel Group has evolved to become Australia’s most trusted multi-destination specialist wholesaler, offering from chronological order of trading date; Italy, France, Canada & Alaska, Spain, Portugal, Tahiti, Barge Cruising, New Caledonia, Switzerland and Maldives. 

Entire Travel Group now operates under the one single brand with dedicated teams working exclusively within the destination they represent. This ensures our team members immerse themselves in their area of expertise giving them a deep understanding of the country they manage, assuring your holidays are in good hands.

Entire Travel Group has an incredibly rich history and travel is in our blood. The business is managed by a stable, experienced team of industry professionals who have one common goal, which is for Entire Travel Group to reach its potential and be the first choice when any of our destinations are being considered for travel.

Please find the list below of all our old Brands which are now part of Entire Travel Group:

  • CIT Italy → CIT Europe→ CIT Italy Travel Connection
  • French Travel Connection
  • Canada & Alaska Specialist Holidays → Canada & Alaska Travel Connection
  • Spain & Portugal Travel Connection
  • Tahiti Travel Connection
  • Barge Travel Connection
  • New Caledonia Travel Connection
  • Maldives Travel Connection
  • Switzerland Travel Connection 

A walk down Memory Lane...


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