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Exciting Activities in New Caledonia

Posted by on 31 Oct 2019 , in Islands

New Caledonia has a lot of exciting activities to offer. From land, by sea, or even by air, there is something for everyone to do and enjoy while on a holiday on the islands.

Isle of Pines – Helicopter Tour

Found to the south of Noumea, the Capital of New Caledonia, the Isle of Pines is completely different from the capital city. It is famous for its beautiful deserted beaches and of course, tall native pine trees from which its name comes from.

A great adventure to the Isle of Pines is by helicopter. It’s only a 20 minute flight after which tourists are treated to a beautiful view of the island from the air. The contrast between the lush pine tree forest and blue/green water separated by white sand is simply stunning from the air.

As a bonus, there is a higher probability of seeing whales during the months of July and August.

Aquarium and Duck Island

Discover beautiful aquatic treasures from all over New Caledonia at the aquarium. And then go to discover nature itself by going to Duck Island which is small but teeming with natural life. With its multi coloured fishes and incredible flora and fauna, it is like visiting a living aquarium!

Duck Island also hosts local and international artists to exhibit their works from time to time.

The Deep South

The Deep South is at the southern tip of the mainland which covers more than two thousand square kilometres of land. It features extensive areas of preserved nature such as great lakes, green forests, and contrasting red earth.

Go on an adventure and explore the Deep South by visiting Yate Lake and its hydraulic dam. Go to the drowned forest. Visit the Goro Tribe. There is just so much to see and explore at the south.

New Caledonia Gourmet Tour

New Caledonians are proud of their food and cuisine. And why wouldn’t they be? Just try taking a gourmet tour and you will find out.

Wander around local markets by the Port Moselle and discover exotic fruits and vegetables that captures the taste of the Pacific. Of course, the main attractions are the number and diversity of seafood that can be found.

Then, visit the local bakeries for a taste of delicious French style pastry and try chocolate Morand.

Safe to say, this is the activity that food lovers look forward to the most when visiting New Caledonia.

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