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Breathtaking mountain views in Alaska's Denali National Park


Alaska, nicknamed as “America’s Last Frontier", is the largest state in the United States that lies on the Arctic Circle. Discover beautiful landscapes, ice-blue glaciers, towering mountains, and diverse wildlife in the Great Land.

Welcome to the 49th State, Alaska! From the summit to the sea, from the city to the remote wilderness, Alaska does not disappoint. From kayaking in the spectacular Kenai Fjords, wandering around Alaska's famous landmarks, to cruising through the magnificent Glacier Bay and capturing rare moments in Denali's wildlife, our itineraries take you deep into the wonders of the vast north. Explore its awe-inspiring national parks, cruise along its gleaming glaciers or chase the incredible Northern Lights. Adventure awaits your whether you are a first-time or returning visitor. Contact us for the perfect itinerary that suits your interests!

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When to visit

Summer in Alaska, May through September,  first appears in the Inside Passage region and moves its way north, carried along by lengthening daylight hours. May is generally the driest month across the state, even in the temperate rainforest of the Inside Passage. By July, daytime temperatures in the Interior can average in the 20°C range, although it has been known to reach well into the 30°C, while temperatures in the coastal areas and higher elevations rarely get above 18°C. Temperatures across the state start cooling in August and September, triggering a riotous display of fall colors across Alaska’s tundra and forest landscapes.

Winter in Alaska is roughly October through March, although temperatures and daylight vary from region to region. Coastal areas are more temperate, rarely falling below -6°C. Snow blankets much of Southcentral during the winter months, perfect for skiing, snowmobiling (snowmachining to Alaskans), and dog mushing.

Winter in the Interior and Arctic regions are completely different. You may start seeing snow in Interior as early as October, and temperatures may dip below -30 °C during the winter months. Strangely, the Arctic is technically a desert. 

Temperatures during the shoulder seasons in Spring and Fall can be variable, warm during the day but still cold at night.

So, in terms of day-to-day weather, it’s best to plan for a little of everything.

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Flights and getting to Alaska

Alaska main Airports are

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport  Private transfers take 20-minute to the city.

Alaska Marine Highway terminals  Shuttle vans, public buses or taxi greet ferries in the Southeast, except in Juneau.

Fairbanks International Airport  Seven MACS buses run daily to the downtown transit station; private transfers take around 15-minutes to the city.

Getting Around

Alaska Airlines can serves a comprehensive list of destinations. 

Float planes flights, which land and take off on water. Fares vary with the type of plane, the number of passengers and the amount of flying time.

The Alaska Marine Highway Ferry calls at 35 ports across 3500 miles of coastline from Bellingham, WA, to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians. There are nine regular vessels serving four main regions: the southeast (Ketchikan up to Skagway), the Cross-Gulf Route (Juneau to Whittier), Southcentral Alaska (Prince William Sound, the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak) and the Southwest (the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands).

Be aware in some cities, like Juneau, Sitka and Haines, the ferry terminal is located several miles outside town, so you might need a car transfer.

There is no statewide bus network, and no Greyhound, however various shuttle buses (usually 12-seater vans) cover most of Alaska's main highways in the summer.

The best reason to tour the state renting a car with a self- drive tour is to enjoy seriously spectacular scenery along the Alaska roads!

One of the most stunning ways to see the state as well is by rail. The main rail operator is the Alaska Railroad which connects travellers from the interior of the State from Fairbanks to the mighty Denali National Park and the coastal ports of Seward and Whittier. Alaska Railroad is also a daylight-only operator with certain routes offering two levels of service. Most lines operate during summer months from mid-May to mid-September with limited winter routes.

Reservations are highly recommended at any time during the summer. 

The most popular way to visit Alaska is by cruise ship.There is a cruise option as well which will work for anyone want discover Alaska. Standard cruises are of a minimum 7nights in length, with larger cruises offering round-trip from Vancouver or Seattle as well as one way cruises to/from Alaska with the opportunity to add on land touring in Alaska. Smaller cruise ship itineraries operate from Alaskan ports of Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. Some of the cruise lines we partner with include Azamara, Celebrity, Holland America, Seabourn, Alaska Dream, UnCruise, Crystal Cruises & Ponant.