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Our Brands

We have 9 brands under Entire Travel Group - French Travel Connection, Spain & Portugal Travel Connection, CIT Italy Travel Connection, Switzerland Travel Connection, Barge Travel Connection, Tahiti Travel Connection, New Caledonia Travel Connection & Maldives Travel Connection. Click each brand to find out more about the products and service.
  • Dreaming of a holiday in France? French Travel Connection has got you covered. From Paris to regional France and Monaco, FTC offers great packages, tours, accommodation, cruises, special interest tours for everyone.
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  • Discover the best of Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal with Spain and Travel Connection. Both countries offer vibrant cities, diverse and multicultural regions, beautiful architecture, scenic landscape and rich gastronomy. SPTC provides a wide range of tours, packages, accommodation, cruises and special interest tours for both Spain and Portugal. Contact our team today to book your Spain or Portugal holiday.

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  • Explore the oldest country in Europe, Portugal with Portugal Travel Connection. Portugal boats a unique and diverse culture, vibrant cities and beautiful countryside. Select from our wide range of tours, packages, accommodation, special interests tours and cruises. Contact our team today to book your Portugal holiday.

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  • Discover the endless beauty and charm of Italy with CIT Italy Travel Connection. Known as the birthplace of Western culture and home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy offers a myriad of experiences to first-time and returning visitors alike. Explore the ancient ruins in Rome, ride a gondola in Venice, visit the Duomo in Florence or join a walking tour in Cinque Terre. CIT Italy Travel Connection offers a wide-range of accommodation, packages, tours, experiences, and cruises for every type of traveller. Contact us today and let us help you plan your dream Italy vacation.

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  • No other place in the world can ever rival Switzerland’s bewildering natural scenery. Book this dream destination and let Switzerland Travel Connection take you to a jaw-dropping realm of lush rolling hills, soaring snow-capped Alps, and glittering lakes. Spoil yourself with chocolates & cheese throughout the journey.

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  • Explore the most beautiful European destinations with one of our barge cruises. Barge Travel Connection offers all-inclusive barge cruises which include accommodation on board, gourmet meals and wines, excursions and more. Contact the Barge Travel Connection team to book your once-in-a-lifetime cruise holiday.
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  • See what's in store for you beyond fjords and glaciers. Canada & Alaska Travel Connection delivers a uniquely authentic experience with its wide range of accommodation options, rail packages, coach tours, cruises, self-drive trips, and off-beat journeys in two of the world's most amazing destinations.
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  • An unforgettable experience awaits you in the beautiful island of Tahiti. Tahiti Travel connection offers you unique and memorable experience during your stay in Tahiti. Choose from our fabulous packages, accommodation, cruises and activities. Contact our Tahiti Travel Specialists to book your holiday.
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  • Bask in the sun and relax in the pristine beaches and turquoise lagoons of New Caledonia. New Caledonia Travel Connection offers exciting packages, stylish accommodation and activities for any type of traveller. Contact the New Caledonia team today to book your unforgettable holiday.
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  • Nestled in secluded luxury and incredibly stunning marine life, Maldives is beyond beautiful. Now’s the time to fulfill your dream of experiencing its impossibly white sands and crystal-clear waters. Maldives Travel Connection offers tailor-made packages, accommodations, cruises, and experiences to this paradise.

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