Maldives Travel Connection

Maldives Travel Connection

Nestled in secluded luxury and incredibly stunning marine life, Maldives is beyond beautiful. Now’s the time to fulfill your dream of experiencing its impossibly white sands and crystal-clear waters. Maldives Travel Connection offers tailor-made packages, accommodations, cruises, and experiences to this paradise.

Maldives Travel Connection

Leave the world behind. Come travel with us to a blissful paradise!

Maldives Travel Connection takes you on a life-changing trip that no other adventure can equal. As your travel specialist to the Maldives, we have a dedicated team of experienced consultants who know the Maldives by heart and regularly visits the archipelago in order to offer you the best and the finest inclusions on your Maldives holiday.

We offer all-in-one packages to the beautiful string of islands that includes international and domestic flights, transfers, accommodation, added values, taxes and more.

At Maldives Travel Connection, everything is taken care of so you’ll have nothing in mind except falling in love with the beautiful sea and equatorial sunshine.

Why Maldives?

Unique Geography

Maldives is a tropical paradise consisting of 1,192 tiny low-lying coral islands scattered across 26 uniquely beautiful atolls. Atolls originated from the Dhivehi (the language of Maldivians) term ‘atholhu’ - meaning ‘a ring-shaped reef or chain of islands formed of coral.’ A complex reef structure occupied by exclusive and spectacular marine life serves to protect the islands endowed with shallow lagoons, lush vegetation, impossibly white powdery sand, and glorious crystal-clear waters. There are no rivers or runoffs which mean sediments from inland channels couldn’t get to the coral islands, thus, the waters are blessed with vibrant turquoise colour entrenched with marvellous marine life.

Maldives Travel Connection makes your Maldives trip easy, safe, and simply memorable. We take care of your accommodation, airfares, transfers and tour options so you can get the most out of your barefoot vacation and experience the finest of Maldives.

Luxurious Resorts and Accommodation

Maldives continues to emerge as luxury destination providing bliss and a sense of exclusivity to every visitor. All the resorts in Maldives offer high-end accommodation services including overwater villas, spas, and state of the art wellness facilities set against the beautiful backdrop of aquatic paradise and lush vegetation. Maldives Travel Connection has carefully selected its partner resorts and hotels to ensure every tourist a world class shelter. To help you choose which accommodation best suits your needs, we have arranged our accommodation according to these categories:

Reach out to one of our travel specialists to learn more about Maldives accommodation!


Glow in the Dark Beaches

No Maldives holiday is complete without experiencing its glow-in-the-dark beaches. The sight of countless glowing specks lying profusely near the shore seemed like a science fiction fairy tale but it’s real – and beyond perfect. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see light-emitting ostracod crustaceans and bioluminescent phyto-planktons light up the beach after dark making your experience even more magical.

Don’t leave it to luck. Contact us today and we’ll let you know where and when to see this incredible phenomenon on your next Maldives travel!

Year-Round Tropical Climate

Maldives’s year-round hot tropical climate earned it the moniker “the sunny side of life”.  It’s located outside the normal cyclonic zones, hence, violent storms or squalls rarely occur and rains are relatively low. So, when exactly is the best time to visit Maldives? Anytime.

With lots of travel promos and deals ongoing, now is the right time to book your Maldives holiday! Choose from one of our pre-made Maldives packages or call us to customise your trip. Travel should be personal, anyway!

Maldivian People, Food, and Culture

Traces of social and cultural influences from India, Sri Lanka, Arabia, Persia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa are embedded in their cultural traditions that includes the popular practice of drumming dance called the Bodu Beru (big drums in Dhivehi) which was strongly drawn from East Africa’s musical influences.  Bodu Beru is widely played in the tropical paradise, particularly in the luxury resorts as a form of welcome greetings or as a key performance in festive nights.  Multi-ethnical influences are also seen in the kind and social demeanour of the Maldivians and in their delightful cuisines boasting of South Asian flavours.

Maldives Travel Connection can customise your holiday to include food tours and island excursions in your itinerary. Give us a ring to learn more about it!

A Sense of Exclusivity

At Maldives Travel Connection every traveller seems to have their own private paradise. We took advantage of the one-resort-per-island arrangement and maximise the experience so you get to feel a different kind of isolation amidst the beautiful landscape of the tropical haven. It is our aim to make you feel like you have the island almost to yourself – no sellers to hassle you and no big crowds to destroy your moment.

All of our Maldives packages are designed to make your trip as intimate as possible.

Active Fun & Tranquil Life

Maldives is synonymous with exciting cruising, surfing trips and other water activities. It’s home to famous surf breaks, marvellous diving spots, and awe-inspiring marine life. If you’re looking for tranquil activities, you can always go stargazing in a one of a kind observatory, watch your favourite classic film in an ambient open-air theatre, or treat yourself to some fine underwater dining experiences.

You can always pick from an array of experiences covered by Maldives Travel Connection to take your trip to a whole new level.

Health and Wellness Sanctuaries

With Maldives being known as a tropical paradise, it’s only fitting to include spa and wellness treatments in your itinerary. Imagine yourself being treated to a luxurious massage in an over-water spa sanctuary overlooking Maldives’s serene water.  There can be no therapy as relaxing as the healing touch of a certified Maldivian masseuse.

Get in touch with us to learn more about world class spa sanctuaries in Maldives.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 1300 396 115  or send us an email and let's  talk about Maldives.


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