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There is nothing quite like seeing Canada by rail. Whether you want to see the Rockies, the Maritimes, or Canada's classic cities, VIA Rail takes you there in style and comfort. Feast on the unparalleled beauty of your surroundings as you stare out the window and watch the world go by. Via Rail is Canada’s Best Window. The many onboard activities will help you to get better acquainted with your fellow travellers and the friendships you make will inspire a lifetime of memories. Treat yourself to an unforgettable journey you deserve.

Experience outstanding service on-board VIA Rail
Experience outstanding service on-board VIA Rail

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The Great Western Way

Embark on a classic Canadian experience fully soaked in the beauty of forests, prairies, lakes, and the iconic Rockies. Observe the breathtaking landscape on your way from Vancouver to Toronto and treasure the splendour of the West Coast from the comfort of the train.

The Adventure Routes

Experience the magnificence of the subarctic region, from the Northern Lights to bears and belugas of Churchill or admire the impressive panorama of Jasper and the Rockies. Travel to the spectacular Pacific Coast in British Columbia or discover Montreal's impressive outdoors punctuated with European flair.

The Maritime Way

Unearth the uniqueness of eastern provinces with the Maritime Way. From the European-inspired city of Montreal, you'll cross the gorgeous Maritimes route to reach Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia filled with seaside attractions. Along the rugged Atlantic shoreline lies the postcard perfect village of Peggy's Cove which has been an wanderlust paradise for over 150 years.

Ontario & Quebec

Historic sights and soaring skyscrapers combine to create the perfect Canadian experience along the tracks. VIA Rail links the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal on the Québec-Windsor Corridor route to provide passengers a delightful and memorable urban adventure minus the hassle. Exciting offers available on request. Contact our team for more details.

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