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8 Things to Consider Before Booking a Barge Cruise

L'Art de Vivre cruising in Auxerre

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Europe

Planning a holiday can be a challenging experience, especially if you are anything like us and seek a perfect and, above-all, memorable getaway. If you are reading this then you are at the very least contemplating a cruise. But we know that a dozen other questions are going through your mind. Where to spend your time off, how much to budget for, what type of cruise to go for, who and how many will be going. Don't fret, we have listed the 8 crucial questions to guide your planning and ensure you book the ultimate crewed canal barge holiday.

How many people will be travelling?

Given the size of your group you might prefer to book one cabin, or a full charter. The size of your group will definitely be the first point to help you decide. If you are a couple travelling you can book a cabin on-board almost every barges depending on availability; although some of them are charter only; you can also decide to book a charter for you two for some of the barge.

If you travel with a group (4 to 24 people), book a charter and spend a week being spoilt by an amazing crew. If your group is bigger; you can also decide to charter two barges. Please note that these hotel-barges are booked year on year and availability can become a struggle. We will make sure we hold your charter while your group decides where to go and mostly when!

These hotel-barges are perfect for family or friends that want to spend 7 days all together sharing the best of a European country and tasting great food; wines as well as exploring villages, museums, castles and much more.

A lot of our clients are booking crewed canal barges for special occasions such as big birthdays; honeymoon; Christmas and others. The crew will make sure that every day of your journey is special.

Are you travelling with kids?

Crewed canal barging is a great way to travel with kids as the experience can be fully customised and ensure all the family is happy. From kids activities to wine tastings for the adults, everything is possible with the amazing crew on-board the barges. Learn more about our family cruise here

Where would you like to go?

France, England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Ireland... the list is long and diverse. Each country has something great to offer so to help you decide, you may read our blog article about cruising in Europe and also visit our website to learn more about different European destinations.

When can you cruise in Europe?

March to October is usually the season when barges are running, although you might really want to see the lavender in Provence from June to August, or the tulips in Holland from March to May or even cruise during Christmas! Make sure you have the good timing to make the most of your holiday. Contact us to know more and visit the barge dates & prices pages!

What is your budget?

Every barge is different, indeed some of them are boat that were built back in 1900 and have been all renovated and keep the atmosphere of the good old time while some of them are modern and have an amazing contemporary design. Some of our barges have large cabins while some other are smaller, their amenities are also different, some of them have Jacuzzi or heated swimming pool, some of them don't, one thing is sure, they will always have bicycle on-board! Size also vary, some of the barges have 12 cabins whereas others are accommodating only 4 people. Some of them have almost one crew per passenger while others have one crew for 5 passengers. Some of the barges will be serving you local Grand Cru wines while others will use local producers. Last but least, prices, some barges are ultra luxury and some others are charming. Finally there is a barge for everybody, the most important is to find the best for you. To help you choosing which barge will be the most suitable to your expectations; discover our rating tab explaining the differences between the barges prices and services on-board.

Have you been in Europe before?

If yes, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Where have you been?
  2. What did you prefer?
  3. Would you like to go back or explore another country?
  4. What interested you the most? (gastronomy, architecture, countryside, vineyards, history...)

If no, let us know what are your ideas and what you like to do in general during your holiday, we will make sure we offer you the right destination. Visit the destination pages and give us a call we will help you!

Is there any of themed cruise that would make your holiday even better?

Discover all the themed cruises here, if there is any other activity you are thinking about, give us a call because we can often customised your barge holiday.

Are you celebrating something special?

Birthday, Honeymoon, Reunion ... there is always a special day that would give you an excuse to get on-board and enjoy this ultimate experience!

Do you have all your answers, or do you need some more guidance? In any case, call us at 1300 380 992 or enquire now and let us know how we can help you plan the perfect cruising holiday in Europe!