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Cruising offers a unique and immersive way to explore the world. Be it a quaint river across French villages, a stunning fjord stitching through cliffs and valleys, or expansive seas with exciting ports of call, the world of water unfolds in so many ways. Entire Travel Group has the best experience packages and deals for the world’s best luxury cruises. Explore our tailored experiences and find your dream cruise today.

Types of Cruises

The world of cruising goes beyond the typical mega cruise with thousands of people crammed on sun decks and in activity halls. Smaller cruises would let you voyage in style, linger on private islands, snorkel in secluded atolls, and soak up history through guided tours. Here are some of the different types of luxury cruises you can try:

  • River Cruises - river cruises let you explore charming riverside scenes and charming towns in intimate luxury.
  • Ocean cruises - embark on a grand adventure across the open sea and visit diverse ports of call. You won’t get cabin fever with so many shore excursions and water activities on offer.
  • Barge cruises - barge cruises offer leisurely journeys along tranquil canals, with a strong focus on relaxation and full immersion.
  • Luxury cruises - a luxury cruise lets you indulge in the finest experiences, opulent amenities, and personalised service through exotic destinations.
  • Self-driving cruises - chart your own course and be the captain of your own adventure. Self-driving cruises let you explore waterways at your own pace.
  • Corporate cruises - combine business and leisure on tailored cruise experiences. These cruises are ideal for team building and networking.

Port Adventures

Beyond the exciting on-board activities on ocean cruises, there’s a world of exploration awaiting you during shore excursions. Don’t miss out on these top activities to do in a cruise port:

  • Savour culinary delights at popular restaurants
  • Unwind on the beach and soak up the sun
  • Browse art galleries and museums
  • Experience the nightlife of a port town
  • Tour the city and explore the markets
  • Hike through scenic landscapes
  • Ride a bicycle to explore local gems
  • Collect trinkets and keepsakes from local shops
  • Hop on a guided tour with the whole family
  • Indulge in picnic and people-watch at the park

FAQs About Luxury Cruising

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When is the best time to take a cruise?

Cruises are available year-round, especially in warmer regions. But if you’re after a more serene holiday away from the crowds, spring and fall are optimal times to embark on a cruise. These off season periods mean there are fewer people in popular spots, offering a more immersive and less stressful experience.

What are the top cruise destinations?

From cultural journeys to personalised voyages, you’ll find that there are so many cruise themes and types to choose from. For a historic river cruise, the Nile river takes the top spot. The Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas are the go-tos for multi-day crossings and exciting shore excursions, while Alaska and Scandinavia offer the most dramatic scenery and stunning natural wonders.

How do I find cruise deals online?

To secure the best deals for your dream cruise journey, seek out experience holiday packages from a reputable local agency. For a more personalised and lavish voyage, reach out to luxury travel experts like Entire Travel Group. Our platform features tailored cruise packages in the following destinations:

  • Egypt

  • Alaska

  • Tahiti

  • France

  • Scandinavia

  • Canada

What travel documents do I need?

Before your embarkation day, make sure you have your passport, boarding passes, health forms, visas and other destination-specific documents, and other forms of identification with you. Some cruise lines would also require additional documents such as permission to travel if you’re pregnant. Documents like emergency contacts and travel insurance information will also come in handy.

What should I pack for a cruise?

Your packing list will depend on what type of cruise you’re taking and the range of activities and attractions available at each port of call. Research your itinerary and pack accordingly. For example, if you’re going on an Alaskan cruise, be sure to bring cold weather attire to stay warm and comfortable.

Are there dress codes on cruises?

On luxury voyages, there is some cruise etiquette to observe. Most cruise lines have become more relaxed in their dress code, even on formal nights. But it’s always a good idea to have dressier outfits on hand in case of evening chic nights or a Captain's Dinner.

What is the drinking age on a cruise?

The drinking age on a cruise can differ depending on the country or region. While some cruise lines adhere to the legal drinking age of the country they are registered in or visiting, others maintain a strict minimum age of 21 years even while sailing in international waters. Be sure to conduct research on this aspect before booking a cruise.

Is motion sickness a problem?

Sea sickness can be a potential issue on ocean cruises, but it has become quite rare due to the large size of modern cruise ships. But if you easily get queasy on board or are sailing through rough waters, cruise ships offer onboard clinics where you can get relief from your symptoms.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Cancelling a cruise may result in penalties, which typically come into effect within a range of 90 to 120 days before the cruise’s embarkation date. But if you cancel your booking prior to this period, you can expect to get a full or partial refund.

Why book your dream cruise vacation with Entire Travel Group?

Entire Travel Group crafts exceptional cruise experiences at competitive rates. Booking a cruise holiday with us ensures a smooth and memorable experience as our experts oversee every aspect of your trip. Plus, we partner with local agencies and hospitality experts at each destination to ensure you get the finest and most immersive experiences. Explore our all-in-one “experience” deals and packages today!

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