Cycling along Lake Maggiore
Alsace cycling
Alsace cycling
Bordeaux at night
Bordeaux at night
Chateau de Chenonceau
Chateau de Chenonceau
Cycling at Alsace, France
Cycling at Alsace, France
Nelson | Credit: Dean McKenzie
Nelson | Credit: Dean McKenzie
View of Strasbourg, France
View of Strasbourg, France

Cycling Tour & Holiday Package

The best way to discover the magic of any region is by cycling through it. Culture, food, rural landscapes and people come to life in the countryside when you slow down and discover what would otherwise be impossible. 

Enjoy the food, wine, history, architecture, and all that Europe has to offer with a self-guided cycling holiday! Each country and even each region are full of history, heritage, and traditions to discover. What better way to see it all then on a bike tour in Europe. 

Beautiful landscapes or marvellous sites are around each bend. Discover the amazing castles of the Loire Valley tours or be amazed by the beauty of Tuscany bike tours. 

Cycling holidays and bike tours in Europe will give you the experience of a lifetime!


Europe is the birth place of the bicycle, the Tour de France, and an outstanding cycling infrastructure. We have perfected the art of self-guided travel, designing itineraries in France and Europe with the spirit of independent travel in mind. We offer a full selection of European destinations to satisfy your desire to travel and see and more. Looking for spectacular natural landscapes, interesting cultural sites, or new culinary experiences? Our European bike tours give you the opportunity to explore at your own pace.

Choose to ride the dramatic landscapes of Ireland, or explore the festive eccentric culture of northern Spain. Want sea and sun? There are a lot of choice rides along our Mediterranean destinations in Italy and France bike tours. Seeking a cycling challenge or an easy ride along a river or canal? Europe has it all. Whatever the European destination, we are there for you with the support you need along the way.

TOURS IN FRANCE - Enjoy the food, wine and history


Located on the east side of France, on the border with Germany, Alsace Lorraine is a mix of cultures. The region offers an amazing experience for tourists seeking a combination of European cultures, breathtaking scenery, and outdoor activities second to none. One of the most popular activities of locals and tourists in Alsace is cycling. Known worldwide for its picturesque villages with typical houses, ancient churches and historical castles, Alsace is also famous for its vineyards.


France has many beautiful places to visit, and Bordeaux is an absolute must for wine lovers. If you are seeking fantastic food and a rich experience of French "art de vivre”, Bordeaux and the Gironde area is a great place to visit. It's the perfect place to go on a wine tour, cycling through vineyards and discovering legendary Châteaux wines like St Emilion. But Bordeaux is more than renowned wine country. It is also the ideal place for those seeking to enjoy a cultural trip through French History with beautiful monuments and charming castles.


With its lavender fields, white-blanketed mountains such as Mont Ventoux and its picturesque ancient villages it can be argued that Provence is the loveliest region of France. Historians, artists, but also wine enthusiasts rush to this region for its culture, breathtaking scenery and the delicious Provencal gastronomy. From the experienced cyclist to the weekend biker peddler, our Provence bike tours offer an unforgettable experience to everyone with something amazing to see down every road! Avignon, Gordes, St Rémy: pick your itinerary and let yourself be charmed by Provence and the smell of lavender.

Loire Valley

Only a short train ride south of Paris, the Loire Valley is recognized as a World Heritage site. Touring this French region, you ride from one amazing castle to another: Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Villandry… to name only a few. Although, the Loire Valley is best known for its many castles, it also boasts lovely historical towns such as Chartres, picturesque villages, and many vineyards from which the Loire Valley wine is made. Come and discover this beautiful part of France!

French Riviera

Between sea and mountains, from the Mediterranean shores between Saint-Tropez and Menton, from the Provençal ranges to the alpine massifs of Mercantour, the Côte d'Azur is a land of contrasting landscapes with its world famous cities of Nice and Cannes! The beauty of its beaches and the luxury of its palaces, the influence of its festivals and the fame of its artists form a harmonious balance with the forests and green valleys of the mountains of the high country, the red roofs of old perched villages and the yellow of the mimosas in bloom.


With its charming countryside, peaceful atmosphere, and pure air, the French region of Burgundy is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy life's simple pleasures. It is known in particular for the famous Burgundy wine such as Chablis or Meursault, and its culinary delights. The historical city of Beaune, with its beautiful Hospice, is also worth seeing. The friendly people and laid-back atmosphere make this the perfect relaxing getaway, and the beautiful landscapes are the perfect backdrop for leisure cycling. France certainly has its share of beautiful places to visit, but perhaps none is as serene and inviting as Burgundy.

Tours in Europe, beyond France


Our Tuscany bike tours are the best way to discover Italy! Ride through the medieval villages of Montepulciano, Pienza, and Montalcino in Tuscany. Cycle around the more famous towns of Florence or Siena with their blended atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Period. Go on a Tuscany wine tour and enjoy the beauty of the vineyards. Some of the greatest wines such as Chianti come from Tuscany so don’t miss out on wine tasting!


Located in Northern Spain, Catalonia is a land with a lot of character. From the mountains passing through medieval towns and all the way to the Costa Brava coastline, it is the perfect place for a Spanish cycling vacation. And what’s more, you can enjoy warm pleasant weather year long. The diverse geography, cultural heritage, and spectacular coastal scenery of the Costa Brava with its hidden coves and splendid beaches make Catalonia a top tourist destination in Spain.


Switzerland is where each multi-cultural influence creates something original. There are four official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian, and Rumantsch and many more dialects. The language communities eat different things and have different traditions and customs. This is the Swissness! A certain desire for unity, despite their differences. For you it means a variety of traditions and customs to discover as you cycle through a country already known for its exceptional natural landscapes.

From Adventurous Holidays for Couples, Family Cycling Holiday to Tours for Seniors, there is always the right trip for you.

Adventure Holidays for Couples

Sometimes you just need to get away from the real world and spend time with the person you love. These adventure holidays for couples will allow you to cycle through the lavender fields of Provence or discover beautiful villages in the heart of the Midi Pyrenees region of France. Experience an unforgettable outdoor adventure through truly breathtaking regions of France and make everlasting memories with your loved one.

Family Holiday

Looking for travel ideas for family holidays? Cycling is a great family holiday. We realize that a family of adults as well as a family with children both very young and adolescent bring a variety of abilities and desires to a cycling trip. By family friendly what do we mean? Our cycling tours can be accommodated to many. We offer trailers for small children, trail-a-bikes for larger kids, and individual bikes for children through teenage years. Depending on the ages and abilities, we can advise what the best solution is for your situation. We have had elderly family members come along to and instead of cycling or walking we have arranged transfers and vehicle rentals to meet up with the family as they explore the countryside.

Tours for Seniors

Travelling as a senior is a special experience. Now it is time to relax and have fun. We understand that travelling as a senior may require special arrangements, especially during an active holiday. We know how to prepare the perfect cycling tours for seniors full of culture, history, and of course breathtaking landscapes. We can provide e-bikes to make your stay even more comfortable. Our adventure trips for seniors are thought of and tailored for you; after all you deserve it.

BIKES - Professional mechanics are employed to look after all rental bikes. Below are just few examples of the types of bikes used.

Hybrid Bike - Standard SCOTT SUB SPORT 20 - (or equivalent)

The SCOTT SUB Sport 20 (or equivalent) features a sporty trekking geometry that suits trips of all distances. Equipped with a Shimano 30 speed transmission, integrated front and rear lights, a custom Racktime carrier and compatibility with Snap'it accessories, this bike is begging to go on an adventure.

Road Bike - Standard SCOTT ADDICT 20 - (or equivalent)

The SCOTT Addict 20 was redesigned from the ground up with those longer days in mind. With new geometry that is less focused on racing and more on enduring, the Addict 20 will be your go to when you're looking to put the miles.

Hybrid bike - Standard SCOTT SPORTSTER 40 - (or equivalent)

Our SCOTT Sportster 40 hybrid bikes are a suitable choice for all our routes in Central Europe. They are comfortable, yet fast with 27 gears. The front suspension makes them capable of more rugged terrain.


Regarding our cycling tours, below is some information about Tour Ratings and your ability:

About the "Level" rating system we use:

  • Casual: Beginners and occasional cyclists. Easiest tours we provide. Typically flatter terrain, no notable hills or anything of a steep gradient. Average distance less than 45 km, maximum elevation less than 300m and average 3-4 hours per day.
  • Hobby: Weekend riders. People with some cycling experience, rolling countryside, possible short climbs. Average distance 30-55 km, maximum elevation 300-550m and average 3-5 hours per day.
  • Active: Cyclists with experience on longer rides. Hilly terrain with a reasonable amount of climbs and difficulty. Average distance 50-100 km, maximum elevation 550-1000m and average 4-6 hours per day.
  • Pro: Avid cyclists, ride every week and love long and challenging rides. Dream on riding the Tour de France cols. Average distance more than 100 km, maximum elevation more than 1000m and average more than 5 hours per day.

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