InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
Colony Patisserie | The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore
Colony Patisserie | The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore
Firedoor Bar at Grand Park Kodhipparu
Firedoor Bar at Grand Park Kodhipparu
Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort
Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort
Sun Siyam Iru Fushi
Sun Siyam Iru Fushi
The Havannah Waterfront
The Havannah Waterfront
The Peninsula Manila
The Peninsula Manila

Luxury & Holiday Packages

Live and breathe luxury as you unwind in the world’s premier destinations. From the tropical paradise of the South Pacific to Europe's hidden gems all the way to iconic rail journeys in North America, Entire Travel Group has mastered luxury travel.

Our luxury packages feature handpicked, tailor-made holidays just for you. Stroll the romantic streets of Paris, marvel at the breathtaking cliffs of Positano, revel in the glitz of Monaco or find your zen in the Maldives – the world is your oyster. Picture yourself relaxing in world-class hotels and resorts, where the exceptional is the norm. Expect exclusivity, tailored experiences and the freedom to do as much or as little as you please. Find your unique luxury getaway with Entire Travel Group today!

A Guide to Luxury Travel & Holiday Packages

There’s a luxury holiday package for everyone – whether you're seeking the romantic ambiance of European cities, the natural beauty of remote islands or the grandeur of iconic destinations. Ensure your next holiday is nothing short of perfect with these tips.

Choosing the Perfect Destination

When it comes to luxury travel, selecting the right destination is crucial. Narrow down your choices by making your preferences a key deciding factor. Whether you’re seeking culture, relaxation or adventure, it’s important to pick a destination that aligns with your vision. Seek out destinations that offer exclusivity, safety and accessibility. You can also take into account the unique local experiences offered at each destination.

Benefits of Booking Luxury Holiday Packages

Booking luxury holiday packages offers many perks, including exclusivity, personalised services, fine dining, unique activities, safety, bespoke itineraries and stress-free planning, among others. With almost every detail taken care of by your tour provider, all you need to do is unwind, be in the present moment and create lasting memories.

Activities and Excursions

One of the hallmarks of luxury travel is the chance to partake in exclusive activities and excursions that are not readily available to the general public. Consider what unique experiences a package offers when making your choice. Some packages, like our luxury Fiji holidays for instance, may provide private dinners and exclusive access to cultural experiences that align with your interests.

  • Private Island Excursions: Explore secluded beaches, pristine waters and untouched natural beauty away from the crowds.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Get exclusive access to renowned landmarks, offering insights and experiences not available to general visitors.
  • Private Yacht Cruises: Sail in luxury, exploring coastal cities or hidden coves, complete with gourmet meals and personalised services.
  • Exclusive Events: Attend high-profile events, be it red-carpet premieres, fashion shows or private concerts.
  • Gourmet Dining Experiences: Relish meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs or dine in unique locations, such as under the stars on a private beach or atop a skyscraper.
  • Private Wildlife Safaris: Experience the wilderness in luxury vehicles or lodges, often with expert guides providing insights.
  • VIP Art and Museum Tours: Access rare collections, private viewings and curatorial insights in some of the world's most esteemed art institutions.
  • Luxury Spa Retreats: Indulge in treatments using premium ingredients, often in serene locations with unparalleled views.
  • Bespoke Cultural Immersions: Dive deep into local traditions, crafts and rituals, facilitated by local experts and artisans.
  • Access to Exclusive Shows and Festivals: Get front-row seats or VIP treatment at sought-after cultural, musical or theatrical events.

Tips for Booking the Best Package

Consider these tips to make the most of your luxury getaway:

  • Consider the Season: While some destinations are great year-round, others might be best visited during a particular season to enjoy their full luxury potential.
  • Personalise: A luxury holiday should be as unique as you are. Opt for packages that allow a degree of customisation to better suit your tastes.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Tap the expertise of our team who specialise in luxury travel. Their insights can be indispensable in ensuring you get the best value and experiences.

Packing Essentials

For a luxury holiday, think about packing elegant evening wear, designer accessories and high-quality gadgets. But also remember essentials like universal chargers, travel insurance, passport and any necessary visas and a premium travel kit with toiletries.

Exclusive Services

Luxurious Accommodation

Lavish decors, outstanding service, breathtaking locations, impressive facilities - our 5* hotels, resorts and boutique properties will cater to your every desire.

Unique Experiences

Take part in tailor-made, customisable experiences designed to capture unique moments. Professional private guides will escort you through incredible destinations. Save time with the SKIP-THE-LINE Pass and be the first to visit popular sites without a que.

Private Transfers

Arrive at your destination stress free with included transfers in our packages. Relax and enjoy the comfort of luxurious vehicles, private drivers, baggage handling and more when picking one of our luxury holiday packages

Bucket-List Type Locations around the globe


Positano is a sparkling jewel along the Amalfi Coast. This picturesque coastal town entices visitors with its stunning views, enchanting history, sumptuous cuisine and glamorous beaches. Stay in luxury hotels in superb locations with spectacular views, conveniently close to main attractions.


The charming mountain village of Whistler enchants visitors year round. The alpine village is well known for skiing and snowboarding but there are a plethora of activities for any season. Take an iconic rail journey through the Canadian Rockies and discover peaks, valleys, and lakes of emerald green surrounded by lavish facilities and comforts.

Bora Bora

Home to the iconic Overwater Bungalow, Bora Bora is the epitome of paradise. Considered one of the worlds most stunning lagoons, the varied hues of blue will entice you whilst the lush mountains provide an impressive backdrop. Indulge in premium 5* facilities at private island resorts whilst basking in tropical bliss.


Africa is known for safari’s, culture, and unique encounters with “the big 5” but there’s no need to compromise on luxury when visiting this amazing destination. Indulge in 5* comfort staying at lodges, game reserves and hotels whilst experiencing unparalleled wildlife encounters that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.


World famous for its myriad of marine life, pristine beaches and crystal-clear water, the Maldives is a picture-perfect tropical paradise. Private island resorts offer incomparable luxury and exclusive tranquility. Relax and enjoy the opulent resort facilities or take advantage of the many activities available and experience incredible encounters with marine life.


Mingle with the rich and famous whilst admiring stunning views of the French Riviera staying at the small principality of Monaco. Luxury personified, Monaco is home to a range of lavish hotels, resorts, and casinos. Take advantage of the royal treatment and enjoy the VIP services you know you deserve.

FAQs About Luxury Journeys

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What are luxury holiday packages, and what makes them different from regular holiday packages?

Luxury holiday packages are designed to provide travellers with an exceptional experience. They differ from regular packages in terms of exclusivity, the standard of accommodation, personalisation options and often include unique experiences not available in standard packages.

What destinations are popular for luxury holidays, and what types of accommodations are typically included in luxury packages?

Popular destinations include Maldives, Tahiti, Monaco, Singapore, France and Italy, to name a few. Accommodations often range from 5-star hotels, boutique resorts, private villas to overwater bungalows.

Are luxury holiday packages customisable, or do they come as fixed itineraries?

While many luxury packages come with a fixed itinerary, a significant portion of them offer customisation to cater to individual preferences.

What are some common amenities and services offered in luxury holiday packages?

Common amenities include private transfers, concierge services, spa treatments, private tours, gourmet dining experiences and exclusive event access.

How do I choose the right luxury holiday package that suits my preferences and budget?

Start by outlining what you're seeking – be it relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion or a blend. Then, research and compare packages, consult with luxury travel experts and read reviews.

Can you provide examples of activities or experiences that are often included in luxury holiday packages, such as private tours, spa treatments or gourmet dining options?

Certainly! Examples include:

  • Private yacht tours around Mediterranean islands.

  • Exclusive wine tasting sessions in renowned vineyards.

  • Helicopter rides over scenic landscapes.

  • Personalised spa treatments using rare ingredients.

  • Dining experiences in private settings like a beach under the stars.

Choosing a luxury holiday package is about ensuring every moment is exceptional. With careful planning and the right choices, your luxury getaway will indeed be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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