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There are a lot of things to do in the Philippines as it is composed of over 7,107 islands. Every island destination has diverse activities to offer such as sightseeing, pilgrimage tour, mountain climbing, island hopping, scuba diving, boating, snorkeling, trekking, fishing, surfing, and more


Helpful Information

When to visit

Philippines is a tropical country which usually hot in weather all year round. The best time to go to the Philippines is from December to February, when temperatures are at their coolest and the rain generally stays away. Mostly hot and humid from March to May which attracts tourists to go to the beach. June to October is the rainy season in the Philippines and most likely to have cyclones. The eastern islands are the most exposed to these, but you will always get plenty of warning. Palawan and the southern Visayas are less likely to experience typhoons.

Visa & Entry

When traveling to the Philippines, it is extremely important to meet all the entry requirements established by the government. Citizens of many countries are not required to apply for a visa to travel to the Philippines. A Passport with a validity of six months beyond the expected stay is required to enter the country. You must also show proof of a return ticket/flight itinerary as well as your accommodation booking/hotel vouchers.


About Us

The Philippines is best known for its pristine white beaches, rich history and culture and wonders of nature. It’s 7,641 islands is very diverse that we have a lot of things to offer to the tourists. From mountains (Banaue Rice Terraces, Baguio, Sierra Madre, etc.) white beaches in Boracay & Cebu, surfing in Siargao & La Union, culinary food tour in Pampanga & Bicol and many more. But the Philippines’ most important site to offer is its people. The hospitality and cheerful disposition of Filipinos is what captivates and charms the foreign visitor about the Philippines.

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Weather in Philippines

Philippines Weather chart
Flying to Philippines

Flying to Philippines

The main airport of the Philippines is located in Manila, its capital city. It is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport where most of the international flights arrive. But since the Philippines is divided into three island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, there are also airports located per region. • Some of the international airports and main gateways are Cebu-Mactan International Airport in Cebu, Visayas region and Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, Mindanao region to name a few.

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