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New Caledonia

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One of Australia's nearest neighbours. With the World's Largest Lagoon, New Caledonia is home to some of the most incredible islands, breathtaking scenery and impeccable French cuisine!




Effortlessly combining the breathtaking beauty of the South Pacific with the elegance of Europe, Nouméa, New Caledonia is a captivating cosmopolitan capital. Lined with magnificent beaches, beautiful waterways and no shortage of breathtaking vantage points, a visit to the New Caledonian capital reveals some of the incredible reasons why this corner of the globe shouldn’t be missed. From engaging cultural attractions to fun activities for the whole family, there’s so much to see and do across the unforgettable oceanside city of Nouméa, New Caledonia.


The West Coast is cowboy country, with the landscape composed mainly of vast plains used for livestock farming, and a coastline dotted with mangrove swamps and shallow bays. North of Koné, make a very special stop to fly over the Heart of Voh, an iconic heart-shaped landmark immortalized by the famous photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand. This natural wonder is found in the midst of a dense mangrove swamp. For those who would prefer to hike, there is a track to a viewing point on a nearby mountain.


The central mountain range of the Mainland (Grande Terre) is a natural boundary, overlooking the very different faces of the East and West Coasts. Exposed to strong winds and therefore more humid, the eastern coast offers scenery with sumptuous flora. With a population of largely Melanesian origin, the East Coast has also retained a particularly charming flavour of authenticity. From hidden waterfalls, luxuriant valleys to bamboo forests and magnificent tree ferns dotting the hillside, this region is perfect for nature lovers of all ages. The Coast also offers amazing snorkelling spots.


The Great South, comprising the Mont-Dore and Yaté municipalities, is the most symbolic region for New Caledonia’s three main colours: blue, green and red. From the rainforest to the mining lands there are a thousand shades of green, while the ocean offers a dazzling palette of blues. But if one colour dominates the Great South, it is the specific red of its ground. The Blue River Provincial Park is the largest park in New Caledonia and features activities such as VTT, hiking and kayaking in addition to the stunning natural scenery of the Blue River, Giant Kaori and Drowned Forest.


Encompassing Ouvéa, the Isle of Pines, Lifou, Tiga and Maré, the five islands that border New Caledonia’s main island are a slice of island paradise just waiting to be discovered. From the Blue Hole of Hanawa on Ouvéa and Warrior’s Leap on Maré to the Jokin Cliffs on Lifour and the Isle of Pines’ Oro Bay, New Caledonia’s islands and their incredible natural beauty are nothing short of captivating. Gear up for an adventure in Lifou, where the island features an incredible landscape of white beaches, steep coral cliffs and lush forests. The island of Mare also features unspoilt natural beauty and rich history.

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Helpful Information

When to visit

The climate is tropical. Hot and humid from November to March with temperatures in the high 20’s to low 30’s. And a cooler, drier period from June to August with temperatures in the low to mid 20’s. You can swim and relax all year round.

Getting around

Domestic flights with the national domestic carrier Air Caledonie depart from Magenta Domestic Airport located 15km from Noumea (the two airports are not connected). Flights depart several times a day to such parts of the archipelago as the Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines.

Car rental companies abound in Noumea and offer a wonderful way to thoroughly explore the country. Driving in New Caledonia is on the right-hand side of the road, and a valid driving licence from your own country is all you need to be able to legally drive. Roads are usually in excellent condition. It is also possible to secure car hire in the Loyalty Islands and Isle de Pines, allowing you to visit smaller communities and deserted expanses of white sandy beach.

About New Caledonia

New Caledonia is actually one of Australia’s nearest neighbours. This beautiful French island offers a fascinating combination of sophisticated French style and cuisine together with the friendly, laid back Pacific-island culture.

Fly Aircalin from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Noumea in a three and a half hour flight maximum. Explore Noumea and the island of Grande Terre, the Isle of Pines and the four Loyalty Islands of Lifou, Ouvéa, Maré and Tiga. The island is blessed with stunning natural wonders, including a UNESCO site and the largest lagoon in the world.

Do not miss the Heart of Voh, a heart shape formed naturally by mother nature. There is so much to do in New Caledonia! French paradise at your doorstep.


One of the best ways to experience New Caledonia is on a Self-Drive holiday. It allows you to see places you wouldn’t be able to see on any other type of holiday! We recommend at least 10 days to really see all the different areas of New Caledonia. Places you shouldn’t miss on a road trip around New Caledonia:

West Coast – Swim in the UNESCO World Heritage Lagoon which is swarming with turtles and fish, go horse riding in the cowboy country or take part in the numerous activities offered in Bourail.

East Coast - Admire the incredible Hen Rock formation in Hienghene, learn about Tribal Life in Poindimie & visit some of the remote tropical islands spotted along the coast. The East Coast is a highlight for many of our guests!

North Coast – Fly over the Famous Heat of Voh in an Ultra-light flight, the Heart of Voh is a naturally formed heart-shape in the Mangroves designed by hundreds of years of low and high tides! Visit the more traditional laid-back area of Poum which is the northernmost tip of the Grande Terre.

South Coast– You will think you’re in the Australian Outback with all the bright red iron rich soil that you will find down in the South! The blue River Provincial Park is a highlight, here you can see the drowned forest or even go on a bush walk to find the famous Kagu Bird – an almost flightless bird that’s only found in New Caledonia!

Things to Do in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is the perfect blend of French culture and the tropics. Never have a dull moment when you book a New Caledonia holiday deal with us. 

One of the best ways to know the culture of a place is through its cuisine. New Caledonian food is prepared using French methods but with a unique twist. It uses tropical ingredients, such as escargot, venison, coconut milk and Crayfish.

Pedal through the winding roads of La Parc de la Rivière Bleue. This national park is known for its various natural attractions and protected wildlife. Enjoy refreshing winds and spectacular views of its lush greeneries. You can also explore the river at the base of the park and rent out kayaks.

Shop ‘til you drop in the many supermarkets, patisseries, and boutiques in New Caledonia. You’ll see a lot of luxury items on sale, as well as great bargains around the area. We recommend the Port Moselle Market for fresh food, handcrafts, summer clothing, and accessories.

Must-visit Attractions in New Caledonia

Fill your itinerary with these must-see attractions in New Caledonia.

Tjibaou Cultural Centre pays tribute to pro-independence Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou. The hub is situated in a woodland and mangrove setting on the Tina Peninsula. Inside you will find sculptures and paintings of Kanak culture. The main buildings exude a harmony of verdant greeneries and contemporary architecture designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

At the heart of the city lies Place des Cocotiers. The plaza has a surface area of almost four hectares and is a popular place to meet with friends or enjoy New Caledonian life pass by. The plaza is always filled with street markets and concerts.

Anse Vata is a top choice for Noumea visitors, especially since it’s only a few minutes away from the city centre. Aside from relaxing under the sun and enjoying the cool breeze, you can spot colourful kites filling the skies or windsurfers skimming up and down the bay.

Best Time to Visit New Caledonia

New Caledonia has dry and wet seasons. If you plan to chase the sun, you should avoid its rainy season, which peaks from November to April. Book your New Caledonia holiday package from April to May or September to November to get a better guarantee of fairer weather. 

The best time to visit New Caledonia depends on the activities you want to do. Most outdoor activities are rarely affected by winds, waves, or rains, but it’s best to plan your trip from June to September. Enjoy mild temperatures and minimal rain during these months. Hiking in the mountains of New Caledonia will be cold all year round and can even reach freezing temperatures during July and August.

Known Destinations in New Caledonia

Explore the many known destinations as you book our New Caledonia holiday packages.

Mwá Ka is a 12-metre totem pole divided into eight levels. Each of these sections was meticulously carved by an artist from one of the eight customary regions of New Caledonia. The totem was erected back in 2004 as a celebration of Kanak culture and the multi-ethnic reality of New Caledonia.

Marine life enthusiasts will love the Aquarium des Lagons. This aquarium promotes the protection and conservation of New Caledonia’s aquatic ecosystem. Aquarium des Lagons houses a rich diversity of marine wildlife like sea snakes, sharks, nautilus, and Napoleon fish.

You can’t leave the New Caledonia archipelago without visiting Lifou. Enjoy the natural beauty it offers. Bask at the beauty of its colourful corals in crystalline water, imposing cliffs, immaculate white sandy beaches, and the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen. 

Best Hotels in New Caledonia

Our New Caledonia holiday deals let you choose and check-in various luxury and boutique hotels in the archipelago.

Le Méridien Ile des Pins, also known as The Isle of Pines, is set alongside the beautiful Oro de Bay and offers direct access to its stunning beaches. The bungalows are built using local wood and stone for that authentic tropical garden feel. The shore is lined up with lush pine trees instead of your typical palm trees on most beaches, giving it a unique feel and paradisiac atmosphere. 

Hotel Beaurivage Noumea is perfect for every traveller as it’s only a few kilometres away from the downtown area. Its location gives guests easy access to Lemon Bay Beach, Anse Vata, and other nearby beaches.

While Hotel Kou Bugny is ideal for travellers on a budget, it offers nothing less than a fun and relaxing adventure. It features wooden huts and a large deck area with a panoramic view of the captivating sea and awe-inspiring sunset. 

Post Lockdown in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is delighted to open its secret paradise again to the world.

The government of New Caledonia has reopened its borders to countries with a good vaccination rate since December 2021. Travellers aged 12 and above must present a mandatory PCR or RAT test taken no less than 24 hours before the flight. Another RAT rest will be conducted two days after their arrival. Self-isolation is also no longer required. Wearing masks indoors or outdoors is not mandatory but is encouraged for vulnerable people.

Flying to New Caledonia

There are two main airports in New Caledonia: Air Caledonie and Magenta Domestic Airport. Many flights depart these airports several times a day to reach the different islands and popular travel destinations, such as the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines. The average travel time from Australia to New Caledonia is approximately 6.5 hours.

About Us

Welcome to New Caledonia! Our New Caledonia division was formerly known as New Caledonia Travel Connection, then in 2019 we amalgamated all of our brands under Entire Travel Group.  We have been operating for more than 50 years, you can learn more on our About Us page.

The destination provides idyllic beaches, iconic landscapes, beautiful islands, and a diverse range of marine and plant life. There are endless places to visit, a unique culture to experience, and an unforgettable archipelago to explore.

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Why we love it!

French pacific paradise on your door-step.

Hop on a 3-hour flight and be transported to an island paradise with a French touch. The influence of France is so rich and abundant on the archipelago - from the architecture in Noumea to the freshly baked croissants of the local bakeries. Taste New Caledonia's unique fusion of Pacific and French cuisine. The best cheese and wine from France are also available on the islands.

Snorkel the largest lagoon in the world!

Yes, that’s right. Hailed as the largest lagoon in the entire world, the Lagoon boasts a stunning array of shades of blue that any water baby will surely appreciate, along with marine life so diverse and exceptional that UNESCO bestowed it the status of World Heritage site in 2008.

Relax on one of its beautiful islands.

Consisting of four archipelagos made up by dozens of islands and islets, there are many beautiful places to explore. Relax on the white sands of Ouvéa, swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Isle of Pines, and learn about the folklore of the locals through dance on the island of Lifou.

An amazing adventure playground.

New Caledonia offers countless of adventures for the active soul. Between air, land and sea, there is something for everyone. Trekking, snorkeling, mountain bike riding, horseback riding will lead you to the heart of Caledonian nature. Scuba diving promises the discovery of exceptional spots. Finally, get ready for the jump of the century, by skydiving above the most beautiful lagoon in the world!

Experience the Melanesian culture.

Get to know the New Caledonian Melanesians who inhabit the islands. Visit the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre to get a glimpse of the Kanaks. Celebrate the islands indigenous heritage by viewing traditional artworks, indulging in the cuisine, watching cultural performances, and more.

See the famous Heart of Voh from above.

Fly over the Famous Heart of Voh in an Ultra-light flight, the Heart of Voh, located north of Koné, is a naturally formed heart-shape in the Mangroves designed by hundreds of years of low and high tides! If flying isn't your thing, consider taking the track up to the 400-metre high viewing deck at Mt. Kathépaïk for an excellent alternative.

Find serenity

Ever dreamt of having your own private beach? Preserved from Mass Tourism, in New Caledonia stumbling upon a deserted patch of pristine white sand happens on the regular. Especially in the postcard-perfect Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands – just turn up, sit back and embrace the feeling of solitude.

Reconnect with nature

In New Caledonia, nature does not conceal its pleasures. Idyllic beaches border the largest lagoon in the world, and thick forests are home to more than 3,000 native species. The French archipelago is a promise of the exoticness to explore by land, by sea or by air!

Discover a great variety of landscapes

Outback plains on the West Coast. Tropical mountains on the East Coast. Eye-wateringly beautiful beaches in the Loyalty Islands. Buzzing city life in capital Noumea. Deserts in the Great South. You can have several different holidays in one!

Weather in New Caledonia

New Caledonia Weather chart
Top Wildlife Experiences in New Caledonia

Top Wildlife Experiences in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a popular destination because of its gorgeous white beaches, natural attractions and rich Kanak heritage. But of all the fascinating things the serene paradise offers, first-time travellers are impressed by its abundance of wildlife. Make the most of your tropical wildlife safari adventure with our list of wildlife experiences in New Caledonia.

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Flying to New Caledonia

Flying to New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s main international airport, La Tontouta International Airport, is located around 40 minutes north of Nouméa, the country’s capital. Several airlines, including New Caledonia’s own Aircalin, Qantas, Air New Zealand and Air Vanuatu operate frequent New Caledonia flights departing from Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland). Non-stop flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to Noumea range from 2 to 3 1/2 hours.

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