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Walking along the Castles of Bellinzona in Ticino Switzerland

Walking & Hiking Holiday Packages

Travel off the beaten track and discover incredibly diverse landscapes, scenic wonders and hidden treasures. Experience the real destination by venturing beyond the touristic trail. Go forth!

Walking through a new region allows you to take in every aspect of that place. You hike at your own pace, stopping when you see something truly remarkable or if you simply want to rest and recharge. With our hiking holidays, you will explore hidden places that are impossible by any other means of transportation. 

Designed for the independent traveller, self-guided walking tours offer an experience of a lifetime. No shuttles or buses, the walks take you from A to B following an itinerary with everything taken care of. Your bags are moved for you and your hotel and evening meals (extra cost) are waiting for you at the end of the day. All you need are your walking boots and sense of adventure! 



With its charming countryside, peaceful atmosphere, and pure air, the French region of Burgundy is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy life's simple pleasures. It is known in particular for the famous Burgundy wine such as Chablis or Meursault, and its culinary delights. The historical city of Beaune, with its beautiful Hospice, is also worth seeing. France certainly has its share of beautiful places to visit, but perhaps none is as serene and inviting as Burgundy. Hiking tours combine the most important and treasured assets of Burgundy : wine, cuisine, and heritage.

Loire Valley
Loire Valley

Listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, the Loire Valley offers so many chateaux, mansions, churches, and abbeys that a visitor can't possibly see it all in one trip! Although, the Loire Valley is best known for its many castles, it also boasts lovely historical towns such as Chartres, picturesque villages, and many vineyards from which the Loire Valley wine is made. Come and discover this beautiful part of France!


Hiking in Alsace is a unique experience as the region is nestled between the beautiful Vosges mountains in France and the border of Germany. The Vosges, a range of low mountains that are part of two Natural Parks offer challenging terrain and extensive trails that will provide an experience not soon forgotten. The famous Route du Vin, the Alsatian wine route, includes at least 100 wine producing villages between Strasbourg and Colmar, producing some of France's best wines.


Regarding our hiking tours, below is some information about Tour Ratings and your ability:

About the "Level" rating system we use:

Hiking Level

  • Casual: Beginners and occasional hikers. Typically flatter terrain with just rolling hills. Average distance less than 10 km, maximum elevation less than 150 m and average 2.5 hours per day.
  • Hobby: Weekend hikers. People with some experience hiking around trails. Average distance 10 - 15 km, maximum elevation 150-300 m and average 2.5 - 3.75 hours per day.
  • Active: Hikers with experience on longer hikes. Hilly terrain with some steep gradients. Average distance 11 - 18 km, maximum elevation 300-450 m and average 3.75 - 4.5 hours per day.
  • Pro: Avid hikers, hike weekly and love long, tough hikes. Average distance more than 18 km, maximum elevation more than 450 m and average 4.5 - 6 hours per day.

On Hiking tours, it is more important to know how to orient with a map as you will have fewer sign postings to rely upon. Hiking tours mostly follow GR routes which are marked trails, sometimes paved, but nonetheless otherwise in remote areas. We provide more detailled maps for hiking Tours and still 1 GPS for 2 persons.

What else? You should be an independent person, capable of reading a map, interpreting directions, and taking charge of your planning. We are here to help you, but in the end, you will be the one out there on the road/trail and the more prepared you are mentally as well as physically, the more fun and better memories you will have! Use this tour as an excuse to increase your conditioning and fitness and take some time to read everything we send to you as well as do your own research. Preparation is part of the fun in travel - don't let it go unattended! 

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