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Breakfast at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
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In-villa Dining | CREDIT: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort
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Meeru Restaurant at Hideaway Beach Resort
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Food & Wine Holiday Packages

Lose yourself in a gourmet wonderland as you traverse three of France’s most iconic culinary regions: Bordeaux, Alsace and Aix-en-Provence. Wander through vine-clad landscapes on gourmet walking tours, relish artisanal produce and uncork the secrets of renowned wineries with expert guidance. Enjoy the intimacy of small group explorations and retire to hand-picked accommodations that reflect the essence of each region.

Experience France's culinary legacy in its most authentic settings with our bespoke food and wine holiday packages.

A Guide to Food & Wine Travel & Holiday Packages

Satisfy your cravings and quench your thirst for knowledge as you explore renowned gastronomic destinations worldwide. Explore our all-in-one food and wine deals and packages below:

Choosing the Perfect Destination

Here’s what every destination in our food and wine holiday packages has to offer:

  • Bordeaux: Known as the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux offers not just its internationally acclaimed wines but also its local specialties like the Bordeaux-style steak and Arcachon oysters. Explore wine cellars, participate in wine-making workshops and walk through vineyards that have stories to tell.
  • Alsace: A harmonious blend of German and French culinary traditions, Alsace boasts of its aromatic white wines and hearty dishes. Delight in the region’s famous Flammekueche, a thin-crust pizza or the classic choucroute garnie while sipping on a glass of crisp Riesling or Gewürztraminer.
  • Aix-en-Provence: The sun-bathed region of Aix-en-Provence welcomes you with its olive groves, lavender fields and the alluring scent of herbes de Provence. Dive into its Calissons, almond-shaped sweets or savour the Bouillabaisse, a rich fish stew, complemented by the famed rosé wines.

Benefits of Booking Food & Holiday Packages

Every destination in our collection has been carefully curated for its culinary prowess, ensuring you’re treated to the best each region has to offer. From meeting local producers in Bordeaux to hands-on cooking classes in Aix-en-Provence and wine pairings in Alsace, these experiences promise authenticity and deep connections.

Activities and Excursions

Below are some of the inclusions in our food and wine journeys through France:

  • Bordeaux: Dive deep into Bordeaux's wine culture. Explore the Médoc and Saint-Émilion wine regions, partake in guided cellar tours and learn the intricate art of pairing Bordeaux wines with regional dishes.
  • Alsace: Traverse the Alsace Wine Route, a stretch renowned for its scenic beauty and abundant vineyards. Visit traditional winstubs, local wine taverns and take a pastry workshop to learn how to make the iconic Alsatian Kugelhopf.
  • Aix-en-Provence: Engage in olive oil tastings, wander through bustling Provençal markets or partake in a culinary class where local chefs introduce you to the secrets of Provençal cooking.

Tips for Booking the Best Package

Each region has its unique charm, and while Bordeaux might be a haven for red wine aficionados, Alsace could appeal to those who cherish white wines. Likewise, Aix-en-Provence is a sensory delight for those who love Mediterranean flavours. Assess what excites your palate, study the itineraries and seek the advice of our seasoned experts to ensure a perfect match.

Packing Essentials

Equip yourself for vineyard strolls with comfortable footwear. Carry a wine journal to note down your tasting experiences, a spacious bag for market visits and attire suitable for both casual and fine-dining settings.

FAQs About Food & Wine Experience

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What is included in a food and wine holiday package?

Our comprehensive packages cover guided tours, tasting sessions, select meals, accommodations and transport. While wine is a focal point, expect a plethora of culinary treats and cultural excursions.

Which destinations are known for food and wine holiday packages?

In the context of France, Bordeaux stands out for its red wines, Alsace for its white wines and aromatic dishes, while Aix-en-Provence is celebrated for its Mediterranean delights and rosé wines.

Are food and wine holiday packages suitable for vegetarians or special dietary requirements?

Absolutely, our food and wine packages can be tailored to accommodate vegetarians or any special dietary requirements. French cuisine is not only about meats and seafood, it also features countless vegetarian options that are as indulgent and flavourful as their non-vegetarian counterparts. From the ratatouille born in the Provence region to a variety of cheese and wine pairings, there is no shortage of vegetarian gastronomy. Let us know your dietary needs, and we'll customise your culinary itinerary with exquisite dining experiences that cater to your palate, ensuring your journey is both satisfying and unforgettable.

Can I customise the itinerary of a food and wine holiday package?

Certainly! Customising your food and wine holiday package is part of the excitement. Our travel experts are skilled in crafting bespoke itineraries that cater to your specific desires. If you have a penchant for Provence rosés or an interest in the biodynamic vineyards of Bordeaux, we can adjust your journey to include these experiences. Love a particular chef or regional cuisine? Let us know, and we'll work to include private tastings, meals or even a cooking class with local chefs to enrich your culinary voyage.

What are the best practices for wine tasting during a food & wine holiday?

To fully appreciate wine tasting during your holiday, it's best to start with lighter wines before moving to heavier ones. Take time to savour the aroma before tasting, and don’t feel pressured to finish every glass - it's about quality, not quantity. Be open to trying wines that may not be on your usual list. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your palate. Additionally, stay hydrated and eat something between tastings to maintain a clear head and a clean palate.

What is the typical duration of a food and wine holiday package?

The length of a food and wine holiday can vary widely, depending on the depth of experience you’re after. Typically, packages range from a few days focused on a specific region, to a couple of weeks for a more expansive tour that covers multiple areas. A standard package might be 7 to 10 days, giving you enough time to immerse yourself in the culinary culture, visit several wineries, enjoy diverse dining experiences and still have moments to relax and digest the splendour of your surroundings.

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