Tromsø Northern Lights
Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Bryggen, Bergen, Norway
Helsinki Christmas Market, Finland
Aurora Borealis, Lapland
Nyhavn Old Waterfront District, Copenhagen, Denmark
Rosenborg Castle Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden
Vigeland Park, Norway

Scandinavia Travel & Holiday Packages

From the surreal hues of the Midnight Sun, to the dancing Northern Lights, to the glacially carved fjords and the arresting wonders of the Viking era - the impeccable region of Scandinavia is a feast for the senses.




Happiness is absolutely infectious in one of the world’s happiest nations! Denmark is a small Nordic country known for its hygge lifestyle—finding bliss in all the little things in life. Experience this Danish concept in all of its meaning as you explore the country’s stunning cities and towns, each possessing a unique character and different kind of beauty. Formerly a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is Denmark’s buzzing capital where you’ll witness the perfect fusion of royal history, modern architecture, and eco-friendly living. Always topping the world’s liveability lists, it’s easy to fall in love...


Behold Finland’s magical contrasts and unspoilt natural landscapes. Explore the vibrant city of Helsinki, witness the Aurora Borealis in Lapland, take in the sparkling bodies of water of Lakeland, and experience a laid-back holiday on one of the islands of the archipelago region. But be warned, you may never want to go home again. Scenes of great beauty will unfold before your eyes when you step into the unspoilt wonderland of the Finns. Bordering Sweden to the west, Russia to east and Norway to the north, Finland is a Nordic country jampacked with interesting contrasts and awe-inspiring...


Norway, the name alone conjures up images of stunning fjord coastlines, majestic mountains, thundering waterfalls, glistening glaciers, abundant wildlife, midnight sun and the colourful Northern Lights, making it one of Europe’s most diverse and adventure-driven destinations. Whether you are looking for an epic adventure during summer or winter, or if you simply want to soak in the awe-inspiring scenery, Norway offers endless of possibilities for everyone. A trip to Norway is not complete without a visit to its renowned fjords. Explore the awe-inspiring Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Discover the beautiful and intriguing Sweden, the largest country in Northern Europe. It is located west of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia, borders Norway to the northwest and Finland to the east. The country is famous for its scenic archipelagos, cultural cities, natural attractions, impeccable fashion style and rich cuisine. Sweden offers endless of experiences for first-time or returning visitors alike, from the vibrant capital city of Stockholm to the snow-blanketed Swedish Lapland. Experience Stockholm, the capital and largest city of Sweden.

Helpful Information

When to visit

Long sunny days make summer the most favorable season to visit Scandinavia. The great outdoors come alive with longer daylight hours and most attractions are in full swing offering travellers lots of opportunities to chase the glittering sun. In this part of the globe, high tourist season doesn't mean congestion - the volume of fun and action are at its peak.

From the beginning of June until the second week of July, parts of northern Sweden are painted with surreal colours of yellow, red, purple courtesy of the Midnight Sun. Go near the Arctic Circle (preferably in the northern part) to get a clear view of the phenomenon which can last for up to 32 days. In Abisko, the northern tip of the epic Kungsleden walking trail, the midnight sun can last for 56 days.

While summer season is a great time to discover the Nordic countries, it isn't an ideal time to catch the northern lights - which usually appear between October and March (the aurora borealis season).

Late May, early June, and September are shoulder season. If you want to have a quiet moment with the rolling tundra, Nordic landscapes, royal capitals, fjords and waterfalls, shoulder season - with days long and lines short - is your best bet.

If you're all for powdery snow and winter fun, the cold season is a spectacular time to visit.

Head to the magical Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen to feel the Christmas magic the Nordic way. A new cableway ride in Pixie Ville takes you above the wintry landscape with views of Denmark's largest collection of mechanical pixies.

Hunt for the Northern Lights in the town of Alta which is home to the world's first Northern Lights observatory and the world’s most northernmost igloo hotel, The Alta Igloo Hotel. 

Riksgränsen in Swedish Lapland tops the list for the best off-piste skiing in the region. Try on a variety of slopes here or travel to the ICEHOTEL to sign up for dog sledding, ice sculpting or Arctic cooking class.

Until January, you can see killer whales making their way across the fjords of arctic Norway. Watch them as they feed on herring and enjoy their Arctic surroundings.

Getting Around

Scandinavia is a glistening patch of paradise offering a plethora of activities to do and places to explore. One way to keep your trip organized is to think of the way the countries are located around each other. The shortest route to the place you want to visit may be from a neighbouring country. For example, Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmo, is closer to Copenhagen than is it to Stockholm. Use the map in planning your itinerary.

Land-based journeys are spectacular but flights can save you days of travelling time. Plan ahead and look for reduced rates on airline routes. Whether by land or air, transportation in Scandinavia takes you to where you need to go in the most convenient way possible. Airports and city centres are connected by efficient bus and train networks so you can breeze through your itinerary without the hassles.

Perhaps, the most efficient and easiest way to get the most out of your Scandinavian holiday is by booking a packaged tour. Our team has carefully arranged an exciting set of packages showcasing the best the region has to offer. From sightseeing tours, to accommodation services to transfers, everything is being taken care of by our destination experts.

Feel free to call us for more information on planning the best holiday in Scandinavia.

Things to Do in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is one of the best European subregions known for its alluring destinations and many exciting activities. Book our Scandinavia holiday deals and go on majestic adventures in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Enjoy a scenic drive at Atlantic Road. This 8.3-kilometre stretch curves through the archipelago on the west coast, making travelling to the islands easier. There are designated stopping places where you can take snapshots and enjoy the breathtaking coastal scenery. 

Have the time of your life and scream your lungs out when you ride the meanest toboggan run in Scandinavia. The Korketrekkeren is an old corkscrew-shaped bobsled track that used to host world championships, including the 1952 Winter Olympics. This 1.2-mile track is now a tobogganing track. Those who want to try the 10-minute adrenaline rush must take a 16-minute metro ride to Frognerseteren. You can bring your own sled or rent one. There are also some sledding classes for beginners for first-time visitors.

Must-visit Attractions in Scandinavia

Include these must-see attractions in your itinerary to make the most of your visit.

This Northern Europe subregion consists of three Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Some also consider Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands as part of Scandinavia. You can go to the region’s myriad of marvellous land and waterscapes, such as the Dettifoss Waterfall, Pulpit Rock, Lake Saimaa and more. These one-of-a-kind attractions will leave you in awe of their beauty.

You can also visit the many cities in the region if exploring the great outdoors isn’t your thing. Each place offers something different for every traveller. Oslo has many international museums that showcase its rich culture and Viking history. At the same time, you can enjoy a gastronomic adventure in Copenhagen while exploring its different architectural marvels.

Best Time to Visit Scandinavia

The best time to get our Scandinavia holiday packages is during the summer, so you can enjoy the great outdoors that the region is known for. Most attractions are in full swing during this season, making your visit an enjoyable experience.

Visiting in the spring lets you enjoy the lush greeneries, crisp air and warm climate of Scandinavian countries. Don’t forget to prepare for cold and rainy days during your visit. If you want to have the chance to witness the Northern Lights, you should visit in autumn during the September equinox to have the best viewing experience of this phenomenon. 

If you want to try skiing and ice fishing, prepare for the harsh winters when you visit Scandinavian countries during the winter months. While you can spot the aurora borealis during earlier months, winter is the best time to see them due to the season’s short and dry days.

Known Destinations in Scandinavia

Get our Scandinavia holiday packages and explore the country's many wonders. 

There are many fjords in Norway, with Geirangerfjord being one of the most famous ones in the world. This nine-mile long natural marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by cliffs. Its majestic waterfalls and lush mountainsides make it one of the most scenic hiking trails you can go to.

Drive across the Oresund Underwater Bridge for a truly unique experience you can’t find anywhere else. The five-mile-long bridge begins outside Malmo, Sweden and ends in Amager, Denmark. The driving on this bridge is something to behold as it descends beneath the water.

Best Hotels in Scandinavia

Book our Scandinavia holiday deals and reserve a room in the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations.

Nothing says a seaside escape than staying in the Helenekilde Badehotel. Found in the coastal town of Tisvildeleje, this luxury hotel provides a peaceful atmosphere and an abundance of natural light. The in-house restaurant offers Modern Nordic cuisine that changes with every season and an extensive wine selection.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort lets guests control how they want to spend their holiday. This resort, situated deep in the Finnish Lapland has a wide variety of accommodation options, from earth lodges and log chalets to glass and snow igloos. There are also various activities for everyone in the family throughout the seasons. You can go canoeing during the summer, ice fish during the winter, or attend horse safaris in autumn.

Post-Lockdown in Scandinavia

Travellers can freely visit Scandinavia without any restrictions, whether you’re fully vaccinated or unvaccinated. They don’t need to present proof of negative COVID-19 test results or recovery from the disease. Moreover, undergoing quarantine upon arrival isn’t needed. However, visitors must still wear masks in open areas and on public transportation.

Flying to Scandinavia

Different flight options are available, whether you want a one-way, non-stop, or round trip travel. Australian passport holders don’t need a visa when entering the European Union or the Schengen States.

About Us

Welcome to Scandinavia! Dare yourself to see the undiscovered depths of Scandinavia, a vast geographic region in Northern Europe consisting of  Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland. A destination for all seasons, this region has much to offer beyond its medieval core. From the surreal hues of the Midnight Sun, to the dancing Northern Lights, to the arresting wonders of the Viking era - Northern Europe's vast region is filled with unique experiences that fuel your wanderlust. Acquaint yourself with Scandinavia's grand capital cities - Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, or detour off the beaten path to see the beauty of Jutland Peninsula and the outermost regions of Finland and Norway.

For new and returning visitors, journeying to Scandinavia's grand capital cities is a great way to explore spectacular contrasts and similarities of the regions.

Visit Oslo, the Viking capital, and explore  the majestic Vigeland Park with its 200 intricate sculptures, or challenge yourself in the thrilling  Holmenkollen Ski Jump.

Peruse the wonders of  Copenhagen,  the enchanting capital of Denmark, with its old waterfront district at  Nyhavn,  the royal palace at Amalienborg, as well as the famous Little Mermaid statue. The world famous theme park - Tivoli - is also a must see.

The unique, brackish beauty of the Baltic sea opens up to you during your visit to Stockholm, the city built on 14 islands, and is affectionately known as Venice of the north. Set foot on  the old city centre of Gamla Stan, the  Stortoget Square, and  Fjällgatan offering unparalleled views of the city.

Apart from the great capitals, there's so much more in store for you beyond the usual trails. Detour off the beaten path to see the beauty of Jutland Peninsula. Watch in awe as the colours of sea and sky merge together to create a picture perfect backdrop for your holiday. The iconic lighthouse, sand houses, heather-covered windmill, and vestiges from the Second World War enhances the beachside spectacle.

If it is challenge that you seek, head to the outermost regions of Finland and Norway and enjoy high adrenaline Arctic experiences such as  Arctic Icebreak Sampo Cruise, dog sledding, Northern Lights Camp Tour, reindeer safari, and an overnight trip in a snow hotel.

Embark on a monumental natural experience standing on the steep cliff in  North Cape Plateau. Discover the thrill of standing at the tip of northern Europe, feasting on boundless views of nature. This place is great for experiencing both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

Other Destinations

Eager for more European travel experiences? Embark on an adventure through various destinations with our Europe holiday packages.

Flying to Scandinavia

Flying to Scandinavia

Once a far away and expensive place, Scandinavia is now an easy to reach destination for Australians. Whether you're looking to fly one way, non-stop or round trip, there are different flights available that respond to your need and budget. The sooner you book, the more you'll be able to save - this is common knowledge, but a little bit of research would help you determine the best ways to maximize your trip. Australian passport holders are not required to have a visa when entering European Union or the Schengen States for a duration of no more than 90 days in any 180 day period ( If you do not hold an Australian passport, you may need to have a Schengen visa. The Schengen Area includes Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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