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Sawadee Ka and welcome to the Land Of Smiles!

Thailand is located in South East Asia , made up of 1430 islands there is something for everyone in this popular holiday destination. Known for its iconic temples, ancient ruins, stunning beaches, opulent royal palaces, wellness retreats  and it is also a shoppers paradise. 
Experience the Thai way of life eating authentic Thai  food in the streets,  dive into the heart of the culture here and enjoy the sights and sounds of this diverse destination. 

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When to visit

Thailand  enjoys a tropical climate and is relatively hot all year round, although officially it has three main seasons – hot , cool and wet. As  Thailand is located between vast areas of land and water , it is impacted by both the summer and winter monsoons. The best time to visit is November –  March when you can expect a delightful (25 – 32 degrees ) and the humidity is minimised. For travel to Koh Samui , it is recommended to go March – June to make the most out of this tropical paradise.

Explore the different regions of Thailand

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Helpful Information

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Health And Safety

Thailand is a very safe country , normally free of crime and dangerous diseases.  The Thai people always have respect for each other. It is expected to always be respectful too. To help ensure a relaxed and safe holiday, It is recommended though to take some precautions before you go.

Before you go –  It is always highly recommended that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to your trip.  It is also a good idea to see you’re a doctor for the latest information on any health risks and to receive any required vaccinations.

Food Related Illness -  Travellers diarrhoea can be a common concern when travelling to a foreign country. Stick to bottled water , no ice in drinks and also brush your teeth with bottled water. To avoid contracting bacteria, look for restaurants with a high turnover of customers and those that prepare freshly cooked food. Generally street food on Thailand is quite safe , but always use your judgement when choosing the vendors. If you experience stomach upsets , take rehydration salts  and stay hydrated. If the problem persists  seek medical attention.

Heat and Sunburn -   The climate in Thailand is not something that most visitors will be used to. In fact it is often the change in climate that attracts people to such an exotic destination in the first place. Sunburn can happen very quickly so it is important to apply and reapply a reputable brand sun screen with high UV protection. Over exposure to the sun can cause people to feel light headed , confused and irritable and can definitely spoil ones holiday. Stay hydrated  by drinking lots of water as heatstroke can be an even more serious consequence of  over exposure to the  sun and  may require hospital treatment.

See and Do In Thailand

Events and Festivals -  Thai Festivals are usually related to religion however there are many others that relate to daily living such as Rice Blessing Ceremonies and also Long Boat Racing Festivals. Thai events and festivals represent the true Thai people. Some events and festivals are celebrated all over Thailand while some are held in specific provinces.

Health and Wellness –  It seems as though healing and good health comes easy in Thailand thanks in part to deliciously healthy food, beautiful natural surroundings , first class practioners and caring hands. If being pampered is on your list there is no finer place to do so.

Foodies  Heaven -  Learn to cook like a local with a Thai Cooking Class, Browse food markets for ingredients and then get hands on creating delicious , classic Thai  dishes at one of the many traditional Thai Cooking Schools.

Beaches -   Some of the best beaches in the world are in Thailand , offering sparkling blue seas and  sunset strolls , the perfect place to find a spot  on the sand and enjoy the sun.  At the more popular beaches , they are lined with cafes  and restaurants.

Diving   - With the Gulf Of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the west, diving in Thailand ranges from fringing reefs , deep drop offs and wrecks to tunnels and caves. It is loved by divers across the globe. There are large numbers of independent dive shops, dive centres attached to major resorts and liveaboards throughout the major diving areas. Your challenge will be choosing the one that’s right for you from the many available. 

Getting around

Thailand has many different modes of transport which come in all different shapes and sizes! These are often quote different in the smaller towns and cities compared to the capital city Bangkok. Bankgkok in fact has everything when it comes to transport  and a variety to meet everyone’s needs.

Tuk Tuk’s -   The Tuk Tuk is an iconic symbol of Thailand and most tourist’s favorite way to get around. They are a 3 wheel , open air motorized vehicle that is a cheap form of personal transport usually owner operated and come in many colours and designs.

Taxi –  Thailand has a taxi system that is very reasonable thanks to the meter system that was recently introduced. Traffic is heavy in cities like Bangkok however the comfort of air- conditioned taxis is usually a welcome relief from the ridiculous Bangkok heat.

Motorcycle Taxi –  Motorcycle taxis are your best bet if you are looking for cheap, immediate transport for short distances. They can be found in both big cities and smaller towns.  The standard rates for a motorcycle taxi start from as  little as 20 – 50  Baht

Bus -  Thailand has a developed bus transport system and a bus can take you almost anywhere in the country. It is the most used transportation used in the country and can be hailed down on the side of the road and buy a ticket on board.

Ferry -  Island hopping can be done by Ferry such as from Phuket – Koh Phi Phi. There are a large variety of ferry services available ranging from the smaller ferries that take 60 passengers up to the larger ferries that can accommodate up to 400 passengers and are better at handling the sometimes choppy waters.

Planes -  Flying can be the most expensive but quickest way to travel around Thailand. You can get pretty much anywhere I n the country in under 2 hours. Thai Airways is the countries national carrier however there are also numerous , smaller budget airlines.