InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
Coron Twin Lagoon
Coron Twin Lagoon
Sunbathe at the deck! | Credit: The Havannah Vanuatu
Sunbathe at the deck! | Credit: The Havannah Vanuatu
Turtle Diving | Credit: Cocoon Maldives
Turtle Diving | Credit: Cocoon Maldives
Watersport | Credit: Sun Siyam Iru Fushi
Watersport | Credit: Sun Siyam Iru Fushi
Watersports Activity | Credit: Malolo Island Resort
Watersports Activity | Credit: Malolo Island Resort
You & Me Aerial view | CREDIT: You & Me Maldives
You & Me Aerial view | CREDIT: You & Me Maldives

Beach Travel & Holiday Packages

Entire Travel Group has the keys to the world's premier beach destinations. Be it a dreamy overwater bungalow retreat in Bora Bora, a romantic honeymoon in Maldives, or a relaxing Isle of Pines getaway, our luxury beach holiday packages never disappoint. We have searched near and far to curate unforgettable beach destinations and experiences so all you need to do is find what speaks to you and book your trip. We have something that suits your travel style – kayaking over crystal clear lagoons in Palawan, Philippines, snorkelling in Fiji, sightseeing in New Caledonia, or soaking up culture in Tahiti, your dream beach getaway is waiting for you.

Explore our beach experience packages and deals now and get ready to unwind like never before.

A Guide to Beach Holidays

While booking a packaged beach holiday with Entire Travel Group takes the guesswork and pre-trip planning out of your hands, keeping yourself well informed throughout your trip will make it more enjoyable. Check out our quick guide for planning a beach getaway:

Picking a Destination

With so many places to choose from, picking the right destination is no easy task. Every corner of the world has some enigmatic slice of beach waiting to be explored. But Entire Travel Group simply knows the cream of the crop, and it’s our life’s mission to take you there. Here are some of the best destinations our clients (and even our team) keep coming back to:

Selecting a Package

Taking your time is a foolproof way of immersing in the aquamarine splendour of these beach destinations. That’s why our all-in-one “experience” deals and packages are designed to let you explore a place at a relaxed pace. That could entail slow and soulful breakfasts on a veranda with sweeping views of the sea, soothing strolls or bike tours around historic towns, a rejuvenating massage by the beach, or an energising paddleboard session on crystal clear waters.

Types of Beaches

Beaches come in all forms, from the tranquil, crystalline coves to rugged, windswept marvels. Here are some types of beaches:

  • Sandy Beaches - with colours ranging from white to pink, sandy beaches are the quintessential coastal paradise. They are picture perfect and are best for all sorts of activities, from sandcastle making to horseback riding at sunset.
  • Rocky Beaches - these beaches are synonymous with dramatic scenery, crashing waves, and windswept cliffs; a perfect destination for the adventurous soul.
  • Pebble Beaches - pebble-lined shorelines boast a unique aesthetic and a multisensory experience. You won’t forget the sound of the waves washing over the pebbles.

Beach Activities and Experiences

A beach holiday won’t be complete without activities and experiences. Below are some of the things you can try during your trip:

  • Honeymoon - beaches set the right scene for a romantic honeymoon. Luxury resorts have tailored experiences for newlyweds such as candlelit dinners by the beach or sunset sailing, to name a couple.
  • Windsurfing - before you wind down with a cocktail in hand, why not break a sweat and ride the waves on a sailboard?
  • Canoeing - bask in the warm sun and soak up breathtaking views with a canoe ride. It’s a tranquil way to commune with nature.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding - this activity is a fun and engaging way to stay active while on holiday. Plus it’s great for all ages!
  • Snorkelling - Grab your goggles, snorkel, and fins and explore an island’s underwater world and get up close and personal with marine life.

FAQs about Luxury Beach Holidays

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What is the best beach for a holiday?

The world has an endless array of stunning beaches that offer unforgettable experiences. But people tend to favour powdery white sand beaches and secluded coves, especially those in warm, balmy locations.

How can I get great beach holiday deals?

Working with a reputable local travel agency that aligns with your requirements is arguably the best way to secure outstanding beach holiday deals. If you’re into indulgent retreats, a luxury travel provider can take you to exquisite destinations at the most competitive rates available.

What are the best beach holidays in the world?

Whether it’s a far-flung island destination or a nearby spot, the best beach destinations have one thing in common – it’s that perfect combination of sunny weather, amazing views, cool and clear waters, delectable cuisine, and world-class amenities. Year-round favourites like Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Maldives, and Palawan in the Philippines have all these qualities.

What are the best beach holidays for a honeymoon?

If you’re seeking a romantic beach getaway with your new spouse, you’d want a dreamy and intimate experience. Privacy, seclusion, personalised experiences, and luxury accommodations should be top deciding factors.

What beach holidays are ideal for families?

An ideal family-friendly beach holiday seamlessly blends comfort and convenience with tons of fun activities like snorkelling, sailing, and water sports. Seek out resorts that cater to all age groups so that every family member finds their own slice of paradise during the trip.

What is the ideal attire for beach holidays?

On top of the staples like swimwear, sandals, and cover up dresses, accessories can help complete your beach look. Don’t forget to pack dressier outfits like linen pants or collared shirts for when you’re dining out or enjoying the nightlife.

What to pack for beach holidays?

Packing light and breezy clothing and appropriate swimwear is essential when packing for beach holidays. Also, you can never have enough sun protection, so be sure to have your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses with you.

Why book your beach holiday with Entire Travel Group?

Entire Travel Group ensures a seamless and memorable experience with its beach holiday packages. Our travel experts will point you to the best experience packages and deals, manage all logistics, and offer personalised service throughout your trip.

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