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About Us

We live, breathe and dream travel.

Our model is pretty simple: we want to make your life easy!

We don’t just call ourselves “experts” we back it up by immersing ourselves in the destinations we represent, building strong relationships on the ground and identifying exclusive product and curated experiences that will deliver a lifetime of precious travel memories.

Knowledge, expertise and experience combined with access to an unparalleled range of niche products and services is what sets Entire Travel Group apart.

Our teams, in North Sydney and Melbourne are completely dedicated to their area of expertise ensuring an unrivalled passion and deep understanding of the destinations they represent allowing them to tailor authentic travel experiences.

Founded in 1991 as French Travel Connection, Entire Travel Group has evolved to become Australia’s most trusted multi -destination specialist wholesaler.

A recent acquisition of CIT Italy has added to our rich history with CIT’s origins established way back in 1971. Today, Entire Travel Group is proud to cover a diverse range of countries which include; France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland in Europe. Tahiti, New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean. Maldives in the Indian Ocean and our two North American destinations being Canada and Alaska. 

Entire Travel Group was recently awarded “Best Speciality Wholesaler” at the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) which recognises quality and excellence in the Australian travel industry. We are extremely honoured and grateful to receive this recognition and we will continue to strive for excellence and deliver the best service and value to our customers. 

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