Burgundy & Dijon

While Paris may attract a lot of attention when it comes to traveling to France, when it comes to indulging in the finest food and wine, there is no region in France that can rival the allure of Burgundy.

Burgundy’s UNESCO - listed vineyards produce the most sought-after wines on the planet and Dijon’s mustard is second to none. Be it in a busy city square or far-flung charming village, there’s always something to delight the taste buds in Burgundy. The wonder also doesn’t stop at the region’s gastronomic scene. Burgundy’s illustrious architectural heritage traces back to Celtic antiquity and boasts marvels from the Renaissance, Middle Ages and Gallo-Roman times. Medieval villages, hilltop towns and fortified cities dot the Burgundian countryside, perfect for those who seek some respite from the bustle of crowds.

Things To See And Do

  • Stroll through the wonderful historic centre of handsome Dijon, the seat of the mighty Dukes of Burgundy. Don’t forget to try the city’s much-celebrated mustard!

  • Hop on a bike and pedal your way through Burgundy’s sprawling UNESCO-listed vineyards.

  • Head to Beaune and taste some of the finest wines not just in France but in the world! The town is the unofficial capital of the Côte d’Or and the well-known Wine Auction takes place in the 15th-century Hospices de Beaune.

  • See Châteauneuf-en-Auxois’ silhouette, one of the most jawdropping sights in Burgundy.

  • Walk under the decorative turreted arch of the Tour De l’Horloge and come face to face with the Auxerre’s iconic 15th Century Gothic clock tower.

  • Join a Grand Crus tour and experience the rich wines Burgundy is famous for.

  • Visit Le Clos de Vougeot, the largest single vineyard in Côte de Nuits and be sure to check out the medieval fermentation room and its four large presses.

  • Cross the Yonne River at sunset and see the full magnificence of Joigny. The town turns into a magical golden sight as the sun goes down especially when seen from the opposite bank.

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