Best Time To Go To Tahiti

Experience tropical weather all year round in the sunny paradise of Tahiti.

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Tahiti is the largest French Polynesian island. It has beautiful beaches, amazing lagoons, breathtaking waterfalls, and wonderful mountains. It is truly an island paradise with balmy, tropical weather all year round. This is why Tahiti has become a very popular destination for holidays.

With that in mind, when is the best time to go to the island of Tahiti?

Tahiti mostly just has two seasons, dry, which lasts from May to October, and wet season which lasts from November to April.

Average temperature on the islands range from 21 °C to 31 °C.

Many people opt to go to Tahiti from May to October to take advantage of the many events that occur during this period, some of which you can read more about below:


A two week celebration, Heiva usually starts at the tail end of June or early July. Final dates every year are usually released by the Maison de la Culture de Tahiti. The two week event is held to showcase the very best of rich Polynesian culture which includes dancing, song, and even competitive sports held throughout the island for bragging rights. It is an amazing and very popular event that should not be missed when visiting Tahiti during this time.

Ono’u: International Graffiti Festival Tahiti

Usually held around May, the Ono’u or the International Graffiti Festival brings together renowned artists from all over the world to create magnificent wall frescoes along dedicated spaces throughout Papeete. It is considered as the greatest graffiti art festival in the world.

Billabong Pro Surf Competition

For surfing aficionados, August is an ideal time to visit Tahiti since the Billabong Pro Surf Competition is held during this time. It is considered to be among the heaviest big wave competitions attended by the most popular surfers from all over the world.

Tahiti International Golf Championship

For fans of golf, the Australian PGA organizes the Tahiti International Golf Championship yearly during this time. More than a hundred golfers, both from amateur and professional ranks participate each year.

Of course, the summer season of November to April is not without its own events such as:

FIFO Tahiti

The Festival International Du Film Documentaire Oceanien is a yearly festival established way back in 2004. It showcases documentaries that highlight the rich culture and heritage of Oceania. The event is keen on two key elements: authenticity and diversity which represents the people of Oceania.

Paparo Pro Open Tahiti

Another very popular surfing competition is the Paparo Pro Open Tahiti and it happens around March.

No matter the time of year, Tahiti is an amazing place to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders. It has a lot to offer anyone and everyone.

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