Dreams of Tahiti: Cruise Through the Pacific with Windstar

Discover Tahiti with Windstar Cruises.

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Islands

With mountain peaks towering over clear lagoons, white sand beaches with luscious forests, and more amazing natural wonders within its islands and under its waters, Tahiti is truly paradise on earth. More than a cinematic destination, Tahiti also boasts of vibrant Polynesian culture and rich cuisine.

Comprising of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, French Polynesia is a haven for all types of people. If you’re one to want the best of both worlds, a WindStar cruise is the perfect choice for your next island holiday. Aboard a luxury cruise ship, you’ll have the unique experience of exploring the oceans of Tahiti and its neighbouring islands, each unique and special in their own way, without having to worry about a thing.

Large enough to spoil you yet small enough to reach secluded coves and pristine atolls, WindStar allows you to discover places and interact with locals – cultivating the most authentic moments of traveling. As you await the ship to bring you to your next destination, the dedicated crew members on board will indulge all your requests to ensure you have the most comfortable and joyous stay.

Equipped with premium amenities, boredom will never be an issue aboard a WindStar cruise. Indulge yourself at their relaxing spa, take a dip in the pool, or work up a sweat in their Fitness Centre. Attend a talk and learn about a variety of topics with their group of guest speakers, visit the Bridge for an in-depth discussion with the Captain about all things nautical, or watch a culinary demonstration from world-renowned chefs. There are also great Polynesian dance performances and other entertainment shows on board. For quieter moments, visit the deck and watch the breathtaking Pacific sunset as you calmly drift along to the next destination.

The cruise starts at the capital city of French Polynesia, Papeete, Tahiti, where you can walk the wet market for a menu of the fresh local produce and seafood, visit Museums to know more about Tahitian history, or brave the gigantic waves of Teahupoo. From there, you will cruise to the volcanic island of Moorea – where hiking trails wind through green cliffs and marine biodiversity thrives under its blue lagoons. After, you’ll visit Tahaa, one of the best-kept secrets of French Polynesia, where you’ll have a grand time snorkelling beneath its sparkling waters to explore its coral garden and enjoying a peaceful day at the exclusive and private island of Motu Mahaea.

For the second half of your trip, you’ll spend a night at Raiatea – an island considered to be the spiritual seat of the Polynesian Triangle by many. Situated between the blue lagoon and the fierce peak of Mount Tapioi, Raiatea is home to French Polynesia’s second biggest town. Wander around its food market for some fresh fruits or get a taste of the local cuisine. Afterward, you’ll sail off to Bora Bora – welcoming you with stunning landscapes and surreal waters. Bask under the Pacific sun, dive into the waters to meets its friendly inhabitants, or enjoy Polynesian cuisine with a touch of French influence. Lastly, you’ll dock at Huahine before heading back to Papeete. Huahine is regarded as the Garden of Eden in the South Pacific with its thriving tropical garden complete of coconut plantations, banana groves, watermelon fields, and more. Secluded and virtually untouched, it’s the perfect island to close your tropical excursion.

There are many ways to explore Tahiti, but cruising with WindStar does more than take you to its beautiful destinations – they offer remarkable experiences and immersive encounters with French Polynesia’s culture, heritage, and people.

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