Exciting Activities To Do in Tahiti

 Aito 4WD Safari Tour in Tahiti.

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There is no doubt about it. Tahiti is a beautiful island with a rich culture and amazing people. There is a lot to discover on the island and even more activities that guests can embark on. With that, here are some of the exciting activities to do in Tahiti.


When people think about Tahiti, the first thing that comes to mind is the clear, blue waters that surrounds it along with the diverse marine life that lives beneath the waves. That’s why it is no secret that snorkelling is one of the most exciting and popular activities to do in Tahiti.

There are several locations to snorkel in Tahiti such as the West Coast lagoon. This is home to several species of multi-coloured fishes and other marine animals.


Why not take it a step further and actually be with the marine life beneath the ocean? Instead of just observing from above, a lot of people take the more scenic approach of actually scuba diving in Tahiti. And for people without prior experience or license, fret not. Initiation dives are popular in Tahiti. No better place to start learning how to dive than here.

Gastronomic Adventures

One thing that a lot of people are surprised when they come into Tahiti is how delicious their cuisine is. Of course great seafood is expected but there are also gourmet experiences in Tahiti that rivals some of the best restaurants from all over the world. Making use of local fresh ingredients and graceful technique, guests can enjoy 3 course gourmet lunch in Tahiti that they will never forget.

4x4 Safari

Tahiti is not just about the ocean and lagoons. It is also home to some of the most beautiful and scenic mountains as well which people can explore by going on a 4x4 mountain safari. Go and explore the valley of Papenoo which is known for its extensive rivers and waterfalls.

Whale Watching

August to October is the time that whales pass by Tahiti and during this time, guests can opt to go on whale watching tours. This is a very unforgettable and humbling experience to see whales first hand and admire their beauty, grace, and size. It is always awe inspiring to encounter whales and if you are in Tahiti during this time, it is an exciting adventure that should not be missed.

Papeete City Tour

The capital of Tahiti, Papeete is a beautiful city that offers a lot of culture, history, and experience. Guests can opt to take a tour of the city and discover what the island is all about. It is also home to a few amazing markets for fresh food and great shopping. On top of that, guests don’t even have to get tired touring the city as Segway tours are available.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about activities in Tahiti and book your own experience, you can call our Tahiti Travel Specialists at 1300 858 305 or email info@tahititravel.com.au

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