Expedition Activities in Alaska

Posted by on 17 Oct 2022 , in North America

1. Go wildlife watching

Alaska’s forests are home to a huge array of wildlife, including caribou, moose, over 70% of North America’s brown bears, and many rare birds. The annual salmon run is a prime attraction for tourists and locals alike, as well as bears and bald eagles.

2. Explore by kayak

Glide through the water in silence and get close to Alaska's majestic nature. Paddle ocean passages, iceberg lagoons or calm coastal waters with an experienced guide.

3. Hike in stunning scenery

What better way to explore Alaska's scenery than on foot? Your Expedition Team will guide you on beautiful hikes to places of interest, like Point Adolphus, famous for humpback whale sightings. They’ll pick some of the most scenic spots around for you to enjoy.

4. Gain new photography skills

Brush up on your photography skills with our programme, where you'll learn tips to help you capture Alaska's spectacular landscapes. Don't worry if you're not an expert – our onboard photographer will soon have you snapping with confidence.

5. Get closer on our expedition boats

Our small expedition boats will take you off the main routes to hidden corners of Alaska our main ship can't access. Enjoy gliding through the water as you take in stunning views of places like College Fjord and Katmai National Park.

6. Join fascinating shore excursions

Get closer to Alaska with our optional excursions, from wildlife safaris, to a spot of fishing or visiting fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites. With exciting activities onshore almost every day, you won't want to miss out.

Leaving the comforts of our ship for the day, we'll attempt to land in unforgettable spots like picture-perfect Geographic Harbor, or Kukak Bay – an ideal place for bear spotting.

7. Enjoy walking tours of unique towns

Explore historic areas, like gold rush towns Nome and Wrangell, and Russia's Alaskan capital Sitka. Discover characterful Haines, home of the indigenous Chilkat Tlingit people, or Petersburg, known as ‘Little Norway’, for its proud Nordic heritage.

8. Discover more in our onboard Science Center

Take part in hands-on demonstrations and workshops to learn more about Alaska's ecology and geology, using microscopes and other high-tech equipment. You can also take part in Citizen Science projects, helping support international research and conservation.

9. Attend expert lectures and talks

From history and animal life, to geology and glaciology, our Expedition Team will give in-depth lectures on a variety of topics, on and off the ship. Their passion and knowledge will draw you in, as you learn amazing facts about Alaskan nature and culture.

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