Hilton Moorea: Showcasing the Turquoise Waters of French Polynesia

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa highlights the best features of French Polynesia.

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Islands

Set against a stunning mountain range overlooking crystal waters, the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa is a 5-star resort that perfectly highlights the best features of French Polynesia.

Located on the island of Moorea, the second most populated in the archipelago right after Tahiti, Hilton boasts of breathtaking summits, white sand, and the sparkling waters of the South Pacific. The resort is designed to complement the breathtaking view of the island for guests to fully experience the beauty of Moorea from every angle.

From simply catching a tan by the shores, dining on French and Polynesian cuisine, to indulging in the therapeutic treatments of Moorea Lagoon Spa, the Hilton elevates the island getaway to a whole new level.

At the Heart of Paradise

Resting between the two iconic lagoons of Moorea, Cook’s and Opunohu bays, the resort offers a panoramic view of the island. Luscious greens and vivid blues will greet your eyes wherever you look.

Even more impressive is its northern location that provides the perfect vantage point for watching both the sun rise on the east and the sun set on the west – presenting you all the colours of the day reflecting on its pristine beaches.

Beyond giving their guests comfort and leisure amid the Pacific, Hilton Moorea encourages their guests to embrace the tropical life by creating an environment reminiscent of a paradise.

Unique Overwater Experience

Masterfully elevating the traditional Polynesian design with a contemporary perspective, tHilton offers all the comfort of a luxury hotel while preserving the purity of the nature surrounding it.

The resort has over 50 bungalows sprawled across the beach – each with hardwood floors and glass doors leading to a terrace with a perfect vista of the island. Some also contain a section of glass floor, offering a front-row seat to the colourful displays of tropical fish and marine wildlife below. While the overwater bungalows invite guests to take a jump into clear waters, the island villas have their own plunge pool with a garden view for those wanting a more relaxed encounter with nature.

Hilton Moorea is also home to the only overwater eatery in Moorea, centrally located among the overwater bungalows. Coined the Toata Bar, it’s a creperie and bar with a 360-view of the island – from the grand silhouette of Mount Rotui to the reflective waters of the South Pacific – and floats upon a pontoon, open only during evening hours for the enjoyment of the spectacular Tahitian twilight.

Limitless Underwater Adventures

Perhaps one of the best features of Hilton Moorea lies underneath its turquoise waters. The waters are so clear you can easily see the rich marine biodiversity of Moorea from the surface. It’s the habitat of species like the humpback whale, spinner dolphin, manta rays, blacktip reef shark, green sea turtle, and many more.

A nautical centre is on sight for guests who want to explore under the sea through snorkelling and for others interested in kayaking or paddle boarding. The resort also has a dive centre for those keen to venture deeper by scuba diving their way around the reefs. Many other activities are available on site such as ray feeding, whale and dolphin watching, a sunset cruise, and speedboat rental. Local experts are also available to offer guests the best local information while partaking in in the vast array of activities.


There aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe the beauty of the islands of French Polynesia, however Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa do an incredible job of highlighting this mystical place and is one of the greatest places to experience it first-hand. Having just received the 5th consecutive year of excellence award with Trip Advisor, it’s guaranteed that they have everything you need to make your island holiday one to remember.

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