Come Make A Deeper Connection With The Wondrous Aurora

Travellers looking at Aurora Borealis

Posted by on 10 Aug 2023

The Northern Lights are powerful enough to move you to tears.

At Aurora Village, a teepee village nestled beside a remote lake outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, guests commonly have intimate reactions and personal connections to the cosmic phenomenon.

Don Morin, who founded the family-owned Indigenous business in 2000, was watching the Northern Lights vividly dance across the sky one night with a doctor from Hong Kong. Morin turned to her: “You know that Aurora is our ancestors that have passed away. They are so happy, they’re up there dancing in the sky." He was surprised when the woman started to cry. “She had lost her husband five years earlier," he said. “She thanked me because she let him go then."

Visitors come to Aurora Village from around the world to witness the magic and wonder of the Northern Lights, which come out to inspire awe more than 200 nights a year. Guests can dine in the comfort of their own private teepee before watching the light show.

During days, they can go for a dogsled ride or explore their pristine wilderness surroundings by snowshoe.

Mike Morin, CEO and part-owner of the company, said the Aurora Village experience is rooted in sharing his family’s way of life and their connection to the land and the Northern Lights. “We measure our success by the smiles on our guests’ faces and that look of wonder and deep connection to the stories and myths surrounding this beautiful land."

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