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Posted by on 18 Dec 2023

For Monaco, protecting the environment has been a major focus for generations. In the early 1900s, Prince Albert I had the foresight to raise awareness, love and protect the oceans. This commitment has continued to intensify, since the accession of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco who is pursuing a strong policy in support of sustainable development at a national and international level.

When you visit Monaco you will see this glamorous destination is championing initiatives focused on biodiversity, resource management and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

In this respect, the Sovereign has committed the Principality to reducing its greenhouse gas by 55% by 2030 and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050! An ambitious target, and one which requires everyone’s involvement.

You will notice the drive to eat local produce, reducing food miles, in fact, growing produce in Monaco is now a real focus. The Principality is proud of it’s produce gardens by Terrae, they yield 4 tons of vegetables each year without using pesticides. You will also see plenty of parks and gardens with a fifth of the country being green space. But that’s not all, you will start to notice you are in a country where everyone is working towards the eradication of single use plastics. In fact, the entire Monegasque tourism sector is dedicated to high environmental and sustainability standards instilled by the Prince’s Government and all the tourism stakeholders are committed to a more responsible tourism. That is why, the destination and its partners strive to implement innovative solutions for optimal of resource management.

Most of Monaco’s hotels have achieved environmental certification, green transport is promoted thanks to the development of an energy efficient public transport network and effective intermodal connection solutions. Awareness-raising activities are regularly organised with themes such as waste sorting, fighting food waste, protecting biodiversity, etc.

As a responsible tourism destination, Monaco fosters tourism for all and has gone to great lengths to improve accessibility and create new infrastructure that ensures everyone can enjoy the destination.

So what are you waiting for? Come and find out how to enjoy a sustainable stay in Monaco.

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