The Most Beautiful Cities in Switzerland to Visit While On Holiday

A picturesque village in Switzerland

Posted by on 15 Feb 2024

Switzerland, famed for its fresh mountain air, charming villages and sparkling lakes, caters to nature lovers, food enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

There’s something for every traveller, whether you’re interested in exploring its snow-capped Alps and quaint villages or learning more about its rich history of watchmaking and savouring its rich chocolate.

In this guide, discover the most beautiful cities in Switzerland to add to your travel checklist.


Nestled between mountains and a shimmering lake, Lucerne is one of the most beautiful towns in the heart of Switzerland. Among its highlights is the iconic Chapel Bridge, a wooden bridge decked with vibrant paintings that spans the Reuss River and connects the Old Town to the right bank.

The town features pastel-coloured buildings, quaint cafes and lively markets to explore. The Musegg Wall, a 14th-century rampart, offers a stunning panoramic view of the city and access to the watchtowers that used to guard the Old Town.

For a unique way to explore the city, hop aboard a boat cruise that traverses the serene waters of Lake Lucerne. Ascend Mount Rigi, the "Queen of the Mountains," via a scenic cogwheel train for breathtaking views of the Alps and surrounding lakes.

Alternatively, Mount Pilatus beckons with its dramatic cliffs and cave formations, accessible through either a cogwheel train or a cable car, providing a distinct perspective of the majestic mountains.


The enchanting capital city of Switzerland showcases an impressive blend of cobblestone streets and limestone arcades, seamlessly intertwining mediaeval charm with a modern touch. Boasting a rich history and vibrant culture, it captivates the hearts of discerning travellers.

The mediaeval Old Town of Altstadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring labyrinthine cobbled streets and charming sandstone buildings. Among its treasures are the iconic Zytglogge Clock tower, where whimsical mechanical figures perform every hour, and the Gothic cathedral of Bern Minster with its towering sculptures and vibrant stained glass windows.

Bern offers many cultural experiences, with notable art galleries and museums such as Kunsthaus Bern, the Bern Historical Museum, the Alpine Museum of Switzerland and even Einstein’s House from his time in Bern.

Unique culinary experiences also abound in Bern, from enjoying a picturesque picnic in Rosengarten overlooking the Old Town to immersing oneself in the chocolate-making tradition at renowned establishments like Läderach or Sprüngli.


Switzerland's largest city Zürich is a sought-after tourist destination that effortlessly marries vibrant urban allure with timeless natural beauty. Nestled at the northern end of Lake Zürich, this financial and cultural hub is renowned as one of the world's most livable cities. It truly has it all, boasting a strategic location, a charming old town and easy access to the Swiss Alps.

The urban landscape features diverse must-see spots, from quirky shops, bars and cafes in Niederdorf to upscale shopping along Bahnhofstrasse. Culture enthusiasts can delve into the city's rich offerings, including Kunsthaus Zürich, Fraumünster Church, Rietsberg Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Zürich Opera House.

For a respite from city life, hop on a train to Uetliberg for a hike and breathtaking panoramic views. In winter, escape to the majestic Swiss Alps for a day of skiing. Zürich is a city that continually unveils new and diverse experiences for travellers to enjoy and explore.


Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Geneva stands as one of the country's most internationally renowned cities. Recognised as the headquarters for prestigious international organizations, including the European base for the United Nations and the International Red Cross, Geneva exudes global significance.

The city's UNESCO-listed Old Town beckons with its charming shops, cobbled streets and landmarks like the St. Pierre Cathedral. Dominating the skyline is the iconic Jet d'Eau, a 140-meter fountain symbolizing Geneva's strength, vitality and ambition. Visitors can embark on a scenic boat cruise on Lake Geneva or unwind in the picturesque Jardin Anglais, featuring the Flower Clock, a testament to Geneva's rich watchmaking history.

Geneva boasts a cultural treasure trove with over 40 museums, including the Calvin Museum and Reformation Wall, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Patek Philippe Museum, Centre d'Art Contemporain and Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (MEG).

Thanks to its strategic location, Geneva offers accessible day trips to destinations like the "Venice of the Alps" in Annecy, France or invigorating hikes to Mont Blanc, one of Europe's tallest mountains.

Indulge in the Delights of a Captivating Swiss Holiday

The towns in Switzerland are renowned for their unparalleled beauty and charm, offering a harmonious mix of history, cultural exploration through museums, immersive encounters with nature and outdoor adventures and delightful culinary experiences.

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