Switzerland Travel Guide: The Top 9 Places To Visit

Lake Zervreila in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland

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With Switzerland displaying beauty at every turn, it can be overwhelming to build the perfect itinerary for your trip. From the glistening mountain tops of the Alps to the beguiling cobbled streets of medieval towns, we’re going to travel through the amazing lands and waters of Switzerland together.


Not only is Zurich the largest city in Switzerland, it’s also considered to be the country’s cultural hub and financial capital. Situated on the scenic shores of Lake Zurich, the city boasts of famous architecture, impressive museums, and exclusive shopping boulevards.

Although Zurich has preserved much of its historical presence – observed in the charmed streets of Old Town, the picturesque Lindenhof overlooking Limmat River, and the symbolic skyline of Grossmünster – progress thrives in every corner. Zurich offers you the best of both worlds with its vibrant city life and peaceful hilltop escapes.


Standing at the foot of the Alpine mountain rage, Zermatt is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland for its fantastic ski slopes and breathtaking views. The iconic Mount Matterhorn stands towering over the car-free city of Zermatt, while a railway trip to Gornergrat offers a panoramic view of other Alpine peaks like Breithorn, Monte Rosa, and Dom, the highest summit in Switzerland.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation at a world-class spa or you want to challenge yourself with exciting physical activities, Zermatt exceeds expectations in both.

St. Moritz

The city of St. Moritz, in all its luxurious and modern Alpine glory, is located at the Upper Engadine Valley. Though it’s more recognized as the ultimate winter sports wonderland, it’s also a great place to indulge in Swiss art and cuisine.

During the winter season, people from all over the world fly to St. Moritz to indulge in its premiere facilities and challenge its amazing terrain. Throughout summer, it’s well-loved for its captivating views of Lake St. Moritz, Piz Nair, and Piz Corvatch. Setting the standard for world-class vacation experiences, there’s no season that you won’t enjoy in St. Moritz.

Montreux & Lausanne

Settled on the gorgeous shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne are neighbouring cities that have long provided inspiration for renowned works of art, literature, music, and many more.

While Lausanne is best known as the Olympic Capital of the World, medieval structures such as Cathédrale de Lausanne, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and Château d'Ouchy make for an engaging stroll along its cobblestoned streets. Montreux, on the other hand, is famed for its moving landscape – from the photographic Lavaux Vineyards to the haunting Château de Chillon. Although the two cities are sometimes overlooked as prized destinations in Switzerland, visiting Montreux and Lausanne is a trip you’ll never regret.


Enclosed by hills on the north and mountains on the south, Lucerne is settled beside the stunning Lake Lucerne. The landscape will keep you in awe – whether you’re cruising through the waters or making your way to the top of Mount Pilatus for an unobstructed sight of the city.

Compact and elegant, much of Lucerne’s charmed monuments can be travelled to by foot. You’ll discover the city’s cherished wooden bridge, Kapellbrücke, while walking down historic streets and passing other wonders like the Lion Monument, Museggmauer & Türme, and Glacier Garden.


For an enchanting and quintessential tour of Switzerland, you have to include the region of Jungfrau on the list. Unforgettable sights to behold, such as the powerful summits of Monch, Eiger, and Jungfrau overlooking green fields and grand waters, are available from every angle.

There’s something magical about trekking to the thunderous glacier falls of Trümmelbachfälle, driving through the entrancing Grimselpass, touring the charming village of Wengen, or climbing to the Top of Europe. Regardless of your vacation style, Jungfrau hits the perfect spot for making lasting memories.


Adventures are so abundant in the town of Interlaken that you’ll never run out of things to do. Once revered for its glorious landscape of mountain ranges and rolling fields, today it’s better known as the adventure destination for daredevils looking for a thrill – through skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting.

For the more relaxed adventurers, treat yourself to an expedition to the zenith of Interlaken’s very own Harder Kulm, or ride the Schynige Platte Railway for a generous view of the town, or venture into the legendary St. Beatus Caves.


A thriving cosmopolitan city with a cinematic backdrop, Geneva pulsates with electric energy. More so, it’s a worldwide centre for diplomacy – accommodating numerous international organizations like the United Nations and Red Cross.

After getting your much-needed vitamin Sun on the shores of Bains des Pâquis, drop by Jet d’Eau, one of the world’s tallest fountains, for a spectacle. Explore the alluring waters of Lake Geneva with a board and paddle, delve into museums on glassware, iconic watches, and byzantine relics, or walk the steps of St. Pierre Cathedral – you won’t find a dull moment. Leave your preconceived notions about Geneva, and let it show you its beauty firsthand.


No trip to Switzerland is complete without a visit to the capital – Bern. On the far-off view, you can have a good look at the Alps while admiring the vivid waters of Aare river traversing the city.

Bern is home to many celebrated travel spots like the Einstein Museum, Ztyglogge (Clock Tower), Bern Münster, and Bundeshaus, but perhaps the most notable is Old Town, a medieval town at the city centre declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t leave Switzerland without taking the chance to get to know Bern and its lively history.

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