Tahiti Island Spotlight: Tikehau

A turtle on the sandy beach of Tikehau

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Islands

Tikehau is a beautiful atoll made up of corals that is part of the Palliser Islands group. From the Tuamotuan language “peaceful landing”, Tikehau is considered to be the paradise of French Polynesia. It is incomparable due to its pink and white sand beaches and its magnificent lagoon.

Go out and have a visit to a tiny motu located in the middle of the lagoon known as Bird Island. This beautiful and quiet place is always part of “to do list” of visitors when they go to Tikehau. As the name suggests, Bird Island is home to about two dozens of migratory sea birds that are not afraid of humans. Visitors even touch them and get a selfie together with the birds’ newly hatched chicks.

Enjoy the spectacular views of the islets and inconceivable biodiversity. In fact, Tikehau is rich in large number of fishes like barracuda, lionfish, tuna, and parrot fish, among others. Snorkelers will surely enjoy the underwater views of the marine life as they swim through the clear waters.

There are two main resorts in Tikehau: the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and the Ninamu Resort. You can stay in either of these resorts and spend a few nights in an overwater bungalow, beach bungalow, villa and other luxurious suites. These resorts offer excursions and activities you can enjoy with your family. Visitors can do kayaking, motu picnics or visit to the nearby villages by bicycle or foot. Quiet and comfortable, these resorts are ideal for couples who want to find intimate honeymoon together.

Plan a vacation to French Polynesia and spend a few romantic nights in Tikehau. Relax around the the tropical waters. Tikehau is a unique paradise waiting to be discovered!

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