The Simple Beauty of Fall in Whistler

Posted by on 15 Dec 2022 , in North America

Whistler’s Village Stroll has a more laid-back feel in the fall months. There are some beautiful places to sip on a cinnamon-infused coffee and soak in the soft, fall sunshine as it filters through the golds and reds of the deciduous trees.

Whistler’s lakes often hold the morning mist at this time of year. If you go for a morning stroll or run, you’ll likely see paddlers taking advantage of this magical time of the day before the sun shoos the mist away.

A stroll down to Whistler Creekside along the Valley Trail is full of fall vibrancy. Stop for a shop, grab a latte and maybe one of those fresh, sourdough cinnamon buns that local, vegan bakery, BReD is famous for.

The rushes on the north side of Alta Lake look like golden fields of wheat at this time of year when you catch them at sunrise or sunset. Jump on a bike and cruise the Valley Trail to find your own lakeside viewpoints.

Yellow hues border Green Lake, just north of Whistler Village. The wooden boardwalks at the south end of this lake are a beautiful place from which to appreciate the fall colours.

In the later part of fall, you’ll find that winter starts to encroach as the snowline starts to descend the mountain.

The fiery colours of fall are striking against the lush greens of the evergreen forests and the whites of the mountain tops.

We get rain in the autumn months, however, a silver lining that’s unique to the mountains is that if it’s raining in the Valley it’s usually snowing further up.

As fall starts to give way to winter, the last leaves are laden with ice and snow. The trees almost seem to bow down to the change of the season acknowledging that winter is taking over, at least for now.

And although we will miss the summer sun and fall colours, Whistler does get excited when that snowy blanket edges closer and closer.

Credits by: Tourism Whistler

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