Tips For Dining in Tahiti

Canoe breakfast table

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Islands

We all know that relaxing in an overwater bungalow with a sumptuous meal on hand is one of the best things in life everyone is dreaming of. Dining in Tahiti is an experience. Who does not want the view of blue lagoons, lush green mountains and truly delicious food?

Breakfast buffets

Many packages offer a buffet breakfast so take advantage of it! It’s a good way to start your day since the rest of the day may be spent relaxing in a couch or swimming in the lagoon. There are lots of food to choose from. The food of course has that distinct French influence – freshly baked bread, croissant, butter, cheese, etc.

Bloody Mary

Visit the most popular restaurant in Bora-Bora: the Bloody Mary’s where almost all Hollywood stars go. You get the chance to walk on sand floors surrounded with exotic plants. There’s a large and famous guest board that lists the names of personalities who visited the place. These include Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, David Copperfield, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson and many more!

Breakfast brought by canoe

Overwater bungalows probably have a good way to make your breakfast romantic by bringing your food by canoe! Wake up to see your breakfast delivered to your bungalow by a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. Ornamented with flowers, the canoe carries local staff serving fresh fruits, pastries, and juices.

Don’t forget the raw fish!

Fresh and raw food is common among Tahitians. Have you heard about Poisson cru? Well, that’s made up of raw red tuna marinated in tasty lime juice and creamy coconut milk. Other fresh fish diet that you can try are mahi-mahi, grouper and bonito, sea urchin, and river prawns.

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