Top 14 Most Beautiful Beaches in Maldives That Will Dazzle You With Ocean Views

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It’s no secret that Maldives is home to the most picturesque beaches in the world. Its beaches lie within over 1,192 coral islands running along 26 ring-like atolls in the Indian Ocean. There you’ll find azure waters, dreamy bungalows, vibrant underwater life and an assortment of activities for different types of travellers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful beaches for everyone in Maldives—whether you’re going solo, with a significant other or with friends and family. In this article, we have listed the best beaches in Maldives that best fits what you’re looking for.

For Couples: A Romantic Getaway by the Sea

With stunning views, pristine waters and an intimate atmosphere, enjoy a romantic holiday on the best beach in Maldives for your honeymoon.

  1. Baros
  2. Baros is a romantic honeymooners’ paradise lying in the southern isles of the North Male Atoll. On this island, clear skies, turquoise waters and dainty cottage houses create a picture-perfect landscape of what heaven looks like on earth.

    Couples can enjoy walking along the shoreline and cooling down under lush palm trees. Take a dip into one of the island’s refreshing blue lagoons or swim along with fishes and coral reefs in its deep blue seas.

  3. Veligandu Island Beach
  4. The Veligandu Island Beach runs a wide stretch of sandbank along the North Ali Atoll. The island offers a lot of activities for couples who want a serene getaway from the bustling city.

    For example, its stretch of fine white sand makes it perfect for a quiet, barefoot stroll by the sea. Swim to your heart’s content on its crystal-clear waters, or simply lounge on your hammock and soak in the scenic view where the sky meets the sea.

  5. Nika Island
  6. If you want to sit back and relax with your partner, then head down to this picturesque gem sitting on the North Ari Atoll. This private beach is a great option for couples who want to embrace nature.

    The sparkling waters and fine white sands will bedazzle anyone, whether they’re looking for an invigorating swim or a laid back rest beneath the trees. Moreover, its private and relaxed ambience is ideal if you wish to spend quiet moments by the sea.

    For Families: An Exciting Adventure Together

    maldives most family-friendly beach

    The beaches in Maldives also offer exciting opportunities for quality family time. Make lasting memories for the entire family with these family-friendly Maldivian beaches.

  7. Maagu Island
  8. Introduce your little ones to the wonders of Maldives with the dreamy Maagu Island. This private beach, situated in the Dhaalu Atoll, is home to one of the most charming landscapes in Maldives that the family will surely take delight in.

    It offers a majestic coral reef for teens and adults who wish to explore the deep blue waters. What’s more, your kids can have a great time splashing around the shallow pristine lagoons and running along the finest white sands.

  9. Kuramathi Island
  10. This mile-long island in the North Ari Atoll is a hidden gem for beaches in Maldives—and quite literally, at that! After all, its beaches run along a snake-like path covered with thick, abundant foliage.

    It also boasts a long sandbar where you can see the skies painted in the hues of sunrise and sunset. Inside the island, your family will revel in a lot of activities such as swimming, snorkelling and strolling along the shores.

    For Individuals: A Fun Holiday for Yourself

    best beach in aldives for solo travellers

    The best beaches in Maldives are also great for solo travellers. Get the chance to ride the waves, bathe in the sun and explore the local culture of Maldives with these islands.

  11. Omandhoo
  12. Experience the authentic Maldivian culture through this quiet island in the South Ari Atoll. Stroll along the island’s rich banyan tree and palm tree foliage and make friends with the locals in the area. You can also hold your solo retreat along the shore and get lost in the starry night sky.

  13. Thulusdhoo
  14. Looking for a thrilling ride? Consider visiting Thulusdhoo, the surfing haven of Maldives. This island, seated at the capital of the Kaafu Atoll, will surely spice up your solo holiday.

    For an exciting water adventure, ride the huge waves by the Cokes Beach or meet the fishes via scuba diving. After a fun-filled day, cool down with a walk along the sandbank or embrace the tropical sun in the Tourist Beach.

  15. Bikini Beach
  16. Want to flaunt your bikini body but don’t know where to? This hotspot in Dhangethi might be the one for you!

    Enjoy a nice suntan in secluded areas around the island. Soak in the tropical sun and take a dip in the beach’s immaculate waters. If it gets too hot, the leafy palm trees will help you stay cool. When the day ends, revel in the stunning view of the horizon as the sun meets the sea.

    For Nature: A Whole New World Under the Sea

    Dive into a new world under the sea with the best spots for swimming, snorkelling and diving on the beaches of Maldives.

  17. Cocoa Island
  18. Cocoa Island, also known as Makunufushi, lies at the heart of Maldives, by the South Male Atoll. It is home to sugar-sand beaches surrounded by clear sapphire waters.

    Its treasures, however, are found underneath the waters. Explore the island’s incredible marine life as you dive into its live coral reefs, shells, crabs and reef sharks.

  19. Fulhadhoo Island
  20. Fulhadhoo Island lies within the remote Baa Atoll, which is declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The island showcases a delicately sloped coastline with azure lagoons and small natural pools. While these views are a must-see, the highlight for this beach has to be its rich, dynamic sea life.

    Snorkel and swim along with a wide variety of fishes, dolphins and turtles under the pristine waters. You can also look forward to vibrant coral reefs along with the dive.

  21. Dhigurah Island
  22. Looking for whale sharks? Stop by the Dhigurah Island in the South Ari Atoll. Its charm lies in its amazing diving spots, scattered across the narrow and elongated island. Choose from more than 30 diving spots such as the Kuda Rah Thila, Reethi Thila and Manta Point. Aside from whale sharks, you can also find manta rays and whales all year round on this beach.

    For Sceneries: Where the Sea Meets the Sky

    best Maldives beaches for the scenery

    Relish in the colours of Maldives—from its rich, vibrant sunsets to the iconic Maldives glowing beach—with these beaches.

  23. Reethi Rah
  24. This secluded beach sits atop the Baa Atoll. It runs along a three-and-a-half-mile expanse of the coastal area. Unlike other islands, Reethi Rah has its own time zone, as it is one hour ahead of the capital city Male. Because of its unique setting, the island showcases one of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

  25. Mirihi Island
  26. Aside from its gorgeous sunsets, Mirihi Island brings a different kind of magic to its waters. During the night, it features bright bioluminescent planktons that bathe the sea in glowing blue colour. It’s best to visit the islands from summer to winter when the planktons are highly visible.

  27. Bodu Mora
  28. Located in the Vaavu Atoll, Bodu Mora is an idyllic island with azure waters, immaculate sand beaches and a mesmerising view lined with coconut trees. Its relaxing atmosphere is a serene escape from the bustling city life. Guests can enjoy a nice, long walk along the shore and a first-class seat to a scenic sunset along its coast.

Plan the Perfect Maldives Holiday

Whether it’s your first visit or tenth one, Maldives has plenty to offer for all kinds of travellers around the world. Get inspired by the most beautiful beaches in Maldives and bring the holiday of your dreams to life with our Maldives Travel and Holiday Packages.

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