5 Unforgettable Fjords to Explore in Norway

The mighty Geirangerfjord runs through tall, steep mountains with lush greenery.

Posted by on 10 Nov 2023

Spectacular valleys, majestic mountains and deep, blue bodies of water are scenic spots many people tick off their travel bucket lists one at a time. But fjords—long inlets from the sea that formed from glaciers advancing down valleys centuries ago—can show you all these natural wonders in one go.

There are plenty of countries to see these sublime and enchanting fjords. But no country in the world is as famous for its jaw-dropping, beautiful fjords as Norway.

The way Norwegian fjords are enveloped in the most dramatic mountains and picturesque waterfalls make them simply incomparable. These cinematic scenes are why Norway is easily one of the best regions to see in Scandinavia.

There are well over a thousand fjords across Norway. It’s almost impossible to visit every single one. Want to see the crème de la crème of this country’s natural wonders? Check out the five best fjords to visit in Norway.


UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord is one of the most popular fjords of Norway, and for a good reason. While the fjord itself is quite short at just 15 km, it has lush mountains and beautiful waterfalls plunging all around its hillsides. It is without a doubt a must-see for adventure seekers visiting Norway for the first time.

One of the highlights of Geirangerfjord is the Seven Sisters Waterfall, a fascinating waterfall that has seven streams cascading down from the cliffs onto the inlet of water below. Hiking to high vantage points or taking a boat cruise are excellent ways to see this unique natural wonder.

You also can’t pass up the chance to see a mesmerising, panoramic view of the fjord from Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint. Photographers flock to this viewpoint to capture photos of the magnificent Geirangerfjord, as it allows you to see its mountain terrain and crystal-clear waters in the same view.


Next, we have Sognefjord, which is fondly referred to as the king of all fjords because it’s the largest one in Norway at 205 km long. The fjord’s waters stretch from the sea all the way to the village of Skjolden.

Because the Sognefjord is so vast, it branches into smaller fjords, each with its own unique path down the stream. But no matter where you are in the huge web of fjords, you will always see steep, towering mountain cliffs up top with quaint villages by the water.

When you’re in the area, make sure to catch a glimpse of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier—the biggest glacier in Europe. If you’re curious about how locals at the fjord live, pay a visit to Balestrand, a picturesque, culturally rich village beside the fjord with tons of art galleries and old-world architecture.


Hardangerfjord is known as the queen of the Norwegian fjords as it is the second largest in the country after the Sognefjord at 127 km long. Apart from its breathtaking mountain and waterfall views, this fjord is also known for its abundance of fruit orchards that go into full bloom every spring season. It’s perfect for those who want a more serene experience at a fjord.

When at Hardangerfjord in the spring, make sure to visit the cherry blossom and apple orchards to go fruit picking. Tasting sweet, ripe fruit with the majestic fjord as your backdrop is sure to be quite an experience.

Hikers and thrill-seekers visiting the vicinity of the fjord should also make a pit stop along Trolltunga, the iconic rock formation sticking out of a mountain. It’s great not just for photographs, but also as a vantage point to see the awe-inspiring view of the fjord from above.


If you’re in the charming, historic city of Stavanger in Western Norway, it’s easy to get to Lysefjord. This fjord is well-suited to hikers and those who enjoy trekking along steep cliffs, as the 42-km-fjord is dotted with these towering fixtures.

One of the highlights of this fjord is Flørli 4444, the world’s highest flight of wooden stairs. Climbing 4,444 steps sounds like a lot. But when you get to the very top of the stairs, you’ll be rewarded with the most unforgettable view of the fjord from above.

Another way to enjoy the majestic but tranquil Lyseford is by going on a fjord cruise. By boat, it’s a lot easier to see the breathtaking rock formations and waterfalls up close. One of the prettiest falls you’ll see in the fjord is the Hengjanefossen, so make sure to add it to your itinerary.


Want to see the beauty of Norwegian fjords without straying too far from the city? Oslofjord might be perfect for you. This fjord stretches all the way into the capital city of Oslo. So, instead of dramatic cliffs and waterfalls, you’ll see gentler hills and shores bustling with recreational activity and watersports.

This urban fjord is unique from the rest we’ve listed above because it’s also dotted with plenty of small, charming islands in its waters. Islands like Gressholmen and Hovedøya are excellent for sightseeing, swimming and picnicking.

You can do loads of water activities here, from sailing and fishing to island-hopping and swimming by the waters’ rocky shores. There are also a bunch of cultural attractions nearby, such as the islets that are home to the historic Oscarsborg Fortress.

These Stunning Norwegian Fjords Are Sure to Blow You Away

While there are thousands of fjords to explore in Norway, each one still has its unique traits. Some are known for their dramatic cliffs, while others are excellent for picking fruit or exploring charming villages nearby. Whatever kind of fjord you want to see and experience, these Norway natural wonders have something up their sleeve for you.

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