5 Unique Activities in Boracay, Philippines to Add to Your Bucket List

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Posted by on 15 Jun 2023

When it comes to breathtaking Philippine beaches, Boracay Island is the country’s pride and joy. With its pristine powder-fine, white sand and cerulean waters that greet you on the shoreline, it’s pretty much the blueprint for the perfect beach.

Aside from its magnificent main beach, there are many other things to do in Boracay. Its vibrant nightlife and mouthwatering cuisine—from fresh seafood BBQ to sweet coconut desserts—is outstanding.

To top it all off, so many activities in Boracay are unique to the island, and you might not find them elsewhere. Here are five unconventional activities to add to your Boracay bucket list for your next tropical holiday:

Embark on Aquatic Adventures

When you ask locals what to do in Boracay, the island’s unique water activities will probably always top their list of suggestions. While tour guides offer the usual water activities, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding, there are also a few quirky, unconventional ones that the island is known for.

One of these is the banana boat ride—a popular Boracay water activity you can’t miss when you visit the island. You and your party ride on a long, bright yellow inflatable shaped like a banana and coast through the ocean.

Another unique water activity in Boracay is helmet diving, a must for novice swimmers who still want the opportunity to view aquatic life up-close.

A tour guide will take you out by boat in the middle of the sea. Then, you’ll get into a huge, transparent helmet and plunge into the ocean to see the beautiful marine wildlife—all while keeping your entire head dry.

Capture Memories with a Crystal Kayak Photoshoot

One of the most popular activities in Boracay is renting out a crystal kayak to row in the shallow waters of the beach. The kayak is completely transparent, allowing you to see the clear, turquoise waters beneath you as you row.

But what really sets this experience apart from other kayaking activities is that you can hire a tour guide to take gorgeous photos of you in the kayak.

The guides are well-trained in this regard. They’ll direct and guide you to do certain poses while balancing the kayak. Some will even film TikTok videos for you to post.

Visit Bat Caves at Ilig-Iligan Beach

Adventure-seekers and nature lovers who want to go off-the-beaten path should consider travelling to Ilig-Iligan Beach to explore the famous bat caves. These caves are filled with these remarkable winged mammals that venture out of the caves at around sunset.

Rent a speedboat and ask to be brought to the bat caves. When you get to this part of the island, you can explore the caves by boat or on foot through a short trek.

The stunning, thrilling caves have bats residing in many corners, with walls almost 200 feet high. Just make sure you don’t use extremely bright lights in the cave so you don’t scare off the bats.

Embrace Beachy Braids

As you wander the sun-kissed shores of Boracay, be enchanted by the sight of beautiful tropical braids adorning the heads of fellow travellers.

Along the lively beachfront, talented braiding experts await, offering swift and affordable services to bring your dream hairstyle to life. Whether you desire tight fishtails or Dutch braids adorned with colourful gems and ribbons, these skilled artisans will create a look that reflects your individual style.

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury as they infuse your locks with aloe vera or coconut oil, leaving them luxuriously glossy.

Sunset Paraw Sailing

When sunset rolls around in Boracay, its shores become crowded by people trying to take the perfect golden hour photo. One way to avoid competing with these crowds is by renting out one of the stunning blue and white outrigger boats—locally known as paraw.

With this exclusive vessel as your private sanctuary, immerse yourself in the ethereal embrace of the sunlit horizon.

This is an amazing, picturesque way to end the day if you want to enjoy the sunset with a little peace and quiet. The scenic views are breathtaking, and you get them all to yourself in the middle of the sea.

Endless Pleasures Await in Boracay

Boracay is a dream if you want to relax and get your tan on by the stunning shores. But if you’re in the mood to try something new, it’s also rich in unique activities you won’t find anywhere else.

From exploring caves full of flying foxes to getting an animated tour guide to direct a photoshoot for you on a kayak, there are tons of unique activities in Boracay that will make your holiday that much more special.

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