Why Visit Lisbon?

A tram in Lisbon

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Europe

As Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is one of the country’s most popular cities to visit. With its beauty, rich culture & history, and amazing people, it really should come as no surprise that it has received top honours in several publications’ best places to visit.

Despite all this, Portugal remains one of Europe’s least-visited capitals, making it an excellent choice for spending quality time without being overwhelmed by crowds. In recent times, more travellers are waking up to its beauty and charm and discovering this incredible place for themselves.

What to Expect in Lisbon

Lisbon City is bustling and exciting. The atmosphere is quite liberal and welcoming while retaining its deep-seated heritage and history. The city also has a wide selection of activities and interesting tourist attractions such as Ajuda’s Palace, National Museum of Ancient Art, and the Vasco de Gama Bridge. All these and more can be explored through Lisbon tours.

When to go to Lisbon

Summer in Lisbon is hot and dry, making it perfect for fans of the beach and coastal activities. Spring and autumn are very pleasant and winters can be wet. For most, the best time to go is late Spring; from May to August, during which time the days are very sunny and the temperatures are perfect.

Who should visit Lisbon?

The quick answer here is that everybody should go and visit Lisbon! It is a beautiful and vibrant city that has a lot to offer for any age and gender.

The city is incredibly child-friendly, with plenty of attractions such as the Oceanarium and the Lisbon zoo. The hop on and hop off tours are perfect for those who prefer to walk less and simply take in the sights of the city, while the beaches close to the city are beautiful and great for families.

For those who are seeking a bit more adventure, Segway tours or bike tours of the city are available to discover new sights in an exciting way. And there’s a lot to explore in and around the city, ranging from historical sites such as the Almourol Castle to delicious dining options.

All in all, Lisbon attracts a diverse selection of tourists whatever they may be looking for. It offers cultural trips, family activities, and a vibrant nightlife.

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