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Welcome to Africa!

Breathtaking wildlife encounters and stunning scenery await on an exhilarating journey to Africa where each country offers its own unique style.  Africa is a multifaceted destination with many amazing experiences to uncover. Immerse yourself in the melting pot of culture and meet the beautiful local people who embody the spirit of Africa. Snorkel in turquoise waters and stroll along pristine beaches staying at the Indian Ocean Islands. Feel the mist from the thunderous Victoria Falls or stand footsteps away from a majestic Mountain Gorilla. Africa evokes imagery of unbelievable wildlife interaction and magnificent landscapes, providing memories that will remain with you for life.

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When to visit

The best time to explore Africa depends entirely on where you wish to visit and what you wish to do. Click on the destinations below to find out more information. 

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Helpful Information

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Visa Requirements

A tourist visa is required to travel to most countries in Africa. Please contact the local embassy or consulate of the country you wish to visit for more information on whether your passport requires a visa.


Learn Swahili (Official language of Kenya and Uganda) 

Useful Greetings:

  • Hello, good day. How are you? - Jambo or Hujambo
  • Fine, good, terrific - Nzuri
  • Goodbye - Kwaheri
  • Thank you - Asante
  • Mister - Bwana
  • Adult women - Mama
  • Child - Mtoto
  • What's your name? - Jina lako nani?
  • My name is - Jina langu ni
  • Where are you from? - Unatoka wapi? 
  • I am from - Ninatoka
  • Yes - Ndiyo
  • No - Hapana