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The heart-shaped peninsula reaching deep into the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea is a hidden garden of beauty which opens the door to the sunny and warm Mediterranean. 


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When to visit

Best time to visit Istria is June and September. The weather is nice, sea is warm, there are way less people around, and the prices are lower.

About Istria

Come and travel through it without hesitation, and the holiday of your dreams will become reality. Multicultural and hospitable, this is an area where wide-ranging diversities have come together to form a happy union. Istria’s crystal-clear sea, clean shores and ports, its lively fishing boats and teeming narrow stone streets exude the true charm of the Mediterranean. Small, picturesque medieval towns perched on the peaks of its hills emanate the peace and gentleness of landscapes that irresistibly evoke the most beautiful parts of Tuscany or Provence.

The region is conveniently located, and within five hours drive from many European cities, like Munich, Vienna, Ljubljana, Milano, Budapest, etc. location is one of the reasons why so many tourist flock to this Croatian region.

Food here is amazing. Istria is the best region in Croatia when it comes to food and wine. Black and white truffles, cured meats, goat cheese, olive oil, homemade pasta, steaks… you name it, Istria has it.

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