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Tetiaroa is located 60 km northeast of the island of Tahiti and is surrounded on all sides by the great blue expanse of the South Pacific.

Tetiaroa is completely private with its own airfield. It is accessible by a short flight of approximately 20 minutes from a private terminal at Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport. The island was purchased by Marlon Brando in 1966 and houses the luxury The Brando resort. It is surrounded by a vibrant reef that is impenetrable to marine navigation.

Tetiaroa is an atoll composed of twelve separate sandly islets, motus and is a haven for marine and birdlife. 

  • Onetahi. The Brando Resort is located on the island that was once the favoured retreat of Tahitian royalty.
  • Honuea. Venture the short distance by outrigger canoe to explore white-sand beaches and a shallow, crystalline lagoon.
  • Tiaraunu. The largest of the motus with an abundance of coconut palms.
  • Tauini, Tauroa & Hiraanae. The northernmost cluster of motus are separated only by little hoa (breaks in the coral reef) and the location of lemon shark nurseries.
  • Oroatera. An island paradise with spectacular beaches and a lagoon along with a seahorse-shaped pond which spawned an ancient legend.
  • Aie. The smallest of the 12 motus.
  • Tahuna Iti & Tahuna Rahi. A sanctuary for birds such as red-breasted black frigates, phaetons, brown gannets, and other petrels.
  • Reiono. The only motu that has preserved its primitive, original rain forest. Reiono also serves as the wilderness home for Kaveu (coconut crabs).
  • Rimatuu. The first of these motus to be inhabited by Europeans, Rimatuu was once a coconut plantation islet with its own village and dock.

The highest points of all of the motus are the tops of the coconut trees!

We love the pristine waters and thriving natural habitat of Tetiaroa. It is not only home to the fabulously chic The Brando resort but it is a popular day tripping destination, with a variety of companies in Tahiti offering 1 or 2 day Catamaran trips to the island. Day trippers do not have access to the Brando resort and indeed visit distant motus away from the private resort areas.

Tetiaroa will suit those travellers staying on the island of Tahiti and looking to experience a pristine paradise atoll for the day or of course those travellers looking for the ultimate in five star luxury on offer at the private resort, The Brando.

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