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Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express
Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern & Oriental Express | Malaysia

Embark on a voyage aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express, as a fresh chapter unfolds. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of train travel, as the renowned Eastern & Oriental Express recommences its journeys through the enchanting landscapes of Malaysia. Step onto the train and step into a realm of timeless luxury. As you journey into some of the most breathtaking scenes in Malaysia, you’ll find endless moments of beauty to admire on board. Be swept up in the culture, dining deliciously on local flavours and admiring the best of Malaysia on a journey that embraces adventure, nature, food and art.

Off the train, you’ll be invited on incredible excursions, delving deep into the history, art or culinary character of each destination. Onboard you can expect exceptional encounters with local experts and artisans during the day, plus some of Asia’s most exciting contemporary artists and entertainers each evening. 

Soak up the best of Southeast Asia on one of two three-night itineraries from Singapore. The ‘Essence of Malaysia’ itinerary travels through Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang; the second itinerary ‘Wild Malaysia’ courses through the lush jungles of Malaysia and then onwards to Penang. Both voyages allow discovery of Malaysia’s greatest destinations. 

Culture, nature, adventure, food and art can all be discovered a step away from the train, from snorkelling in a marine park, relaxing on a private beach, wellness activities, to meeting local cooks and famous artists of Penang.

Life on board


Onboard the train there are 15 beautifully restyled carriages – including Pullman, State and Presidential Suites. Pullman cabins have upper and lower berths while the State cabins - Presidential Suites offer two single beds at floor level. Throughout each, a warm ambience flows thanks to the cherrywood and elm burr panelling, decorative marquetry and fine fabrics. All cabins are air-conditioned and fitted with an ensuite shower and WC. 

During the day, berths and single beds are converted into seating from which guests can admire the stunning, ever-changing vistas outside. 

The Presidential Suites benefit from a complimentary minibar with guests enjoying private transfers at the beginning and end of their journey. 


The Eastern & Oriental Express provides an exceptional dining venture to its guests, showcasing a menu encompassing an array of authentic Peranakan delicacies. These dishes receive a contemporary reinterpretation from the chef, who employs locally sourced, sustainable, and fresh ingredients. The train's journey spans the Malay Peninsula, venturing through regions deeply imbued with Peranakan culture and culinary traditions. In a celebration of the area's rich cultural tapestry, the experience acquaints travelers with the distinct flavors and components that define this cuisine.

Eastern & Oriental Express FAQs

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What is the dress code onboard the train?

The atmosphere on board is one of relaxed refinement. During the day dress for relaxed comfort for onboard the train and when embarking on excursions. It is recommended to wear light cotton clothing for sightseeing. Please respect local cultures by wearing appropriate clothing when visiting religious sites. Evenings call for smart-casual attire with a touch of understated elegance and guests are suggested to wear a jacket or dress equivalent for dinner. Please refrain from wearing jeans or trainers.

Which drinks are available aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express?

Complimentary tea and coffee are available at all times. A selection of wines, spirits and local beers can also be served. Premium drinks and drinks served to your cabin will incur an additional charge. Bar drinks may be ordered in the Observation Car, the Bar Car, or served in your cabin by your steward. The Bar Car stays open, but drinks service may be temporarily suspended at the Singaporean/Malaysian border for Customs formalities or at the Train Manager’s discretion.

Can I confirm dining reservations in advance?

In order to comfortably accommodate all passengers, meals have multiple seating times. Preferences for seating times can be noted in advance, however reservations will be confirmed once on board.

Will the Eastern & Oriental Express accommodate special dietary preferences?

Provided a detailed request has been made at time of booking – special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and vegan, can be arranged. If a special request has not been made, the chefs will endeavour to prepare a dish with the ingredients available on board.

Will I need to tip the Eastern & Oriental Express staff?

Gratuities for staff and guides are at the passenger’s discretion.

Is there air conditioning on board?

There is a centrally controlled cooling system on board, however individual cabins are not temperature controlled separately with cooling. Guests can control the flow and volume of cooled air into their cabins by opening or closing a vent.

What is the luggage allowance for travelling guests onboard the train?

Space constraints require that luggage is limited, per passenger, to one 30kg piece of hand luggage for Pullman and State compartments passengers. Guests travelling in the Presidential Suite are allowed to bring one 30kg luggage, plus one hand luggage (to be placed in your cabin). Please keep your tickets, passports and any medication with you; do not pack them in your through or compartment luggage. Please note, durian fruit must not be taken on board. We recommend that you label your luggage with a contact address, your hotel and your destination. It will be taken care of as follows:

Through luggage:
We suggest that items not required for your journey are packed separately in a sturdy case. At check-in, this luggage will be labelled by E&O staff, after which it will not normally be accessible until you reach your destination. Ideally, large and/or hard cases should be checked in as through luggage.

Compartment luggage:
This should contain clothing and items you need during your journey. When you plan your luggage, please bear in mind that storage space is limited. There is a luggage rack, plus an additional storage cupboard with hangers. One or two soft-sided suit carriers or similar can be comfortably accommodated in each compartment.

Hand luggage:
Your passport, tickets, jewellery, money, camera, fragile items and any medication should be kept in your hand luggage and not checked in. We advise that you take out insurance to cover any loss or damage to your luggage and recommend that all valuable items are kept in your cabin’s safe.

What are the custom formalities between Singapore and Malaysia?

During your journey, staff and agents of Eastern & Oriental Express will help facilitate border formalities. You will be required to provide relevant information and hand over your passport at the appropriate times. Please note, however, that it is the responsibility of each individual passenger to ensure that they are in possession of the necessary and valid documentation. Eastern & Oriental Express assumes no responsibility for the consequences of any failure to comply.

At the Singaporean/Malaysian Customs and Immigration facility, the Eastern & Oriental train stops, and passengers must disembark and pass-through Customs and Immigration. Passengers must take all their hand baggage with them while their main luggage is removed for security screening procedures. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for these formalities when organising your onward arrangements.

Passport and customs formalities take place at the border between Singapore and Malaysia. At Woodlands Checkpoint, passengers will clear the Singaporean exit by themselves. After you clear both immigration procedures, cabin stewards will collect passengers’ passports and process the Malaysian Immigration formalities before returning them. On the way back, passports will be collected again to process the Malaysian Immigration formalities, before being returned to the passengers. Finally, passengers will cross the Singaporean border by themselves, once again.

What type of sleeping accommodation is available onboard the Eastern & Oriental Express?

The Eastern & Oriental Express train features elegant private cabins. All are fully air-conditioned with ensuite shower, toilet, hairdryer and a personal safe. Sockets are suitable for 3-pin UK standard plugs (220 volts).

During the day, berths — or single beds — are converted into comfortable seating.

Pullman Single Cabins. Daytime seating converts at night to a single bed at floor level. Dimensions are 5 sq metres.

Pullman Cabins. Daytime seating converts to upper and lower berths at night. Dimensions are 5.8 sq metres.

State Cabins. Daytime seating converts to two single beds at floor level at night. Dimensions are 7.8 sq metres.

Presidential Suites. Daytime seating converts to two single beds at floor level at night. There is ample room to entertain one or two of your fellow guests in a daytime configuration. Suites also feature a complimentary minibar, CD player and an adaptor for your personal iPod/MP3 player. Dimensions are 11.6 sq metres.

Is smoking permitted onboard?

In keeping with indoor air quality regulations in the region, and as a courtesy to fellow travellers, smoking is not permitted throughout the air-conditioned carriages of the train. However, guests may smoke in the open-deck area of the Observation Car.

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.

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