El Expreso de La Robla
El Expreso de La Robla
El Expreso de La Robla
El Expreso de La Robla
El Expreso de La Robla

El Expreso de La Robla | Europe

Explore the enchanting routes of "El Expreso de La Robla" in northern Spain. Aboard this charming train, the scenery unfolds like a masterpiece, showcasing verdant valleys, majestic mountains, and quaint villages. The journey carries a nostalgic ambiance, with meticulously restored cars ensuring a voyage filled with comfort and elegance. Traveling from Bilbao to León and vice versa, the route unveils the cultural and natural wealth of the region, providing an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends history and modernity.

Embark on a cultural and gastronomic journey through the north of Spain with
El Expreso de La Robla. This delightful train traverses between Bilbao and León, and vice versa. 

The enticing routes offer the opportunity to relish the scenery while travelling, exploring various points of interest without the hassle of packing and unpacking. Guided excursions to the most captivating places along the journey ensure an enriching experience. 

Each day begins with a hearty breakfast, providing ample energy for the scheduled excursions. A coach awaits at the station where El Expreso de La Robla is stationed, ready to take you on your explorations. In the evenings, after dinner, unwind with onboard music or choose to explore the surroundings at your leisure. The train stays parked at the station overnight, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep without disturbances. The following day brings new visits to equally charming locations. 

Life on board

Double compartment:

Each compartment on El Expreso de La Robla is equipped with two bunk beds, a luggage closet, reading light, air-conditioning, telephone, and more - creating a modern and youthful atmosphere conducive to comfortable rest.
Additionally, each compartment features its own bathroom, complete with a hydromassage shower, washbasin, toilet and hairdryer. The electricity supply operates at 220 V. The train is entirely interconnected, allowing you to walk throughout its length.


Commence each day with a satisfying breakfast, offering abundant energy for the planned excursions. Revel in the exceptional gastronomy during your El Expreso de La Robla journey, enjoying a blend of renowned restaurants along the route and the esteemed onboard cuisine. The culinary experience is elevated with included wines, coffees, and spirits, contributing to an overall delightful dining experience.

El Expreso de La Robla FAQs

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What is the dress code onboard the train?

The atmosphere on board is one of relaxed nature. During the day dress for relaxed comfort for onboard the train and when embarking on excursions. We suggest wearing durable shoes for excursions, and please be prepared for change of weather. In the evening, guests have the option to choose a more formal outfit.

Which drinks are available aboard the El Expreso de La Robla?

Complimentary wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, and coffee are provided during mealtimes. Outside of mealtimes, the lounge cars offer guests various options to purchase soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, and water. Additionally, a thoughtfully curated menu of alcoholic beverages is available for purchase, encompassing wines, beers, and spirits, ensuring passengers can enjoy a delightful and refreshing experience while traveling onboard.

Is there Wi-Fi onboard the train?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi connectivity in all rooms and lounges. Each suite is equipped with a computer, and there is also a communal computer available in the Train Lounges (availability subject to carrier coverage).

Can special dietary preferences be requested?

Provided a detailed request has been made at time of booking – special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and adhering to religious requirements, may be arranged.

Will I need to tip the train staff?

Gratuities for staff and guides are at the passenger’s discretion.

Is there air conditioning on board?

Onboard air-conditioning is provided, with individual control available for cabin air conditioning.

What is the luggage allowance for travelling guests onboard the train?

For ease while on board the train, it is recommended to utilise a travel bag or soft suitcase. Nevertheless, two large suitcases per room can be accommodated in the Suites, with staff onboard to help with loading the luggage.

Is it possible for individuals with mobility limitations to participate in the journey?

While the train has been renovated and features state-of-the-art technologies, it remains a historic and vintage train, lacking interior adaptations for wheelchair or walking frame access. Consequently, these trains are not considered accessible. However, individuals with reduced mobility who rely solely on wheelchair support outside the train can embark on the journey, provided they are accompanied by a companion to help.

Is smoking permitted onboard?

In Spain, smoking is not allowed in enclosed public spaces, including public transport or collective transport vehicles. Consequently, in compliance with existing regulations, travellers are prohibited from smoking while on board. It's important to note that train journeys typically do not exceed 3-4 hours.

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.
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