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Indian Pacific Train Tour | Australia

Embark on an unforgettable all-inclusive rail holiday with the legendary Indian Pacific, which will transport you between Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney in comfort and style. The epic transcontinental crossings between the Indian and Pacific Oceans are a hallmark of this train. Travel on a four-day journey between Sydney and Perth, which traverses mountain ranges, arid deserts, goldfields, rocky valleys, and desert savannahs. Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you take in the breathtaking scenery spanning the width of Australia.

Indian Pacific: Australia's Premier Rail Experience

Hop aboard the Indian Pacific and set off on a luxurious rail journey that spans the breadth of Australia. This rail adventure is a full-sensory experience, showcasing the stunning diversity of the Australian landscape from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, experience a blend of serene natural beauty and vibrant urban landscapes. Engage with the country’s rich history, explore its cultural depths and bask in the ever-changing scenery. Our Indian Pacific packages offer a unique and unforgettable journey, combining comfort, luxury and the allure of exploration.

The Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific represents the pinnacle of luxury train travel in Australia. Traversing from Perth to Sydney, this iconic four-day rail journey weaves through the majestic terrain that lies between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Passengers are treated to an array of awe-inspiring landscapes, including towering mountain ranges, vast deserts, historic goldfields, and picturesque valleys, making every moment of the journey an unforgettable experience of Australia's natural splendour.

Routes Covered

Explore Australia by train! Each of our Indian Pacific packages are crafted to provide a unique perspective of Australia's vast and varied landscapes. Here are some of the routes covered:.

  • Perth to Sydney and Back: Traverse the continent's great interior, following historic routes of pioneers and prospectors.
  • Tale of Two Cities: Begin with explorations in Perth and Rottnest Island, then travel coast-to-coast to Sydney.
  • Margaret River Indulgence: Embark on a scenic voyage with a focus on the exquisite landscapes and wineries of Australia.
  • Gems of the South West & Indian Pacific: Explore South West Australia's culinary and natural treasures before the transcontinental journey.

Unique Features & Experiences Offered

Our Indian Pacific packages offer an array of premium rail journey amenities and services that set them apart:.

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Choose from Gold and Platinum services, each offering cabins of unparalleled elegance and comfort. Gold Twin cabins feature private ensuites, while Platinum cabins offer expansive windows and a full-size ensuite.
  • Gourmet Dining: The Queen Adelaide Restaurant and Platinum Club serve sumptuous meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, reflecting Australia's diverse culinary scene.
  • Observation Lounge: A social hub of the train, ideal for enjoying a drink and panoramic views of the ever-changing landscapes.
  • Immersive Off Train Experiences: Engage in carefully curated excursions, ranging from cultural tours to nature walks, enhancing your understanding of Australia's heritage and natural beauty.

Highlights of the Indian Pacific Rail Journey

Scenic landscapes

The Indian Pacific Rail Journey offers a captivating display of Australia's diverse landscapes. As the train traverses this vast continent, passengers witness:.

  • The vast blue expanse of the Indian Ocean at Perth, transitioning into the sun-baked plains and arid deserts of the Nullarbor, a striking reminder of Australia's vast and rugged interior.
  • South Australia's lush, rolling hills and renowned vineyards, offering a lush green contrast and a taste of the region's rich viticultural heritage.
  • The iconic Blue Mountains, a natural wonder characterised by dramatic cliffs, dense eucalyptus forests, and cascading waterfalls, presenting a spectacular display of natural beauty.
  • The journey concludes with the picturesque harbours and vibrant urban skyline of Sydney, a bustling metropolis set against the tranquil backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, encapsulating the dynamic spirit of Australia.

Cultural Wonders

The Indian Pacific Rail Journey is not just a scenic voyage, but also a cultural odyssey across Australia. Along this journey, passengers get to experience the following:.

  • Explore Perth's vibrant blend of modernity and ancient Aboriginal traditions, where urban landscapes meet deep cultural roots.
  • In Adelaide, delve into a world of artistic and historical richness, with its plethora of museums, galleries, and cultural festivals, showcasing South Australia’s diverse heritage.
  • Traverse the Nullarbor, gaining insights into Australia's pioneering and gold rush history, a testament to the resilience and spirit of early settlers.
  • Sydney, a melting pot of cultures, offers a symphony of arts, entertainment, and iconic landmarks, reflecting the dynamic and multicultural essence of Australia.
  • Each stop is an opportunity to engage with the local community, understand their history, and participate in unique cultural experiences, from indigenous art displays to local culinary delights.

Planning and Booking an Indian Pacific Rail Journey

How to Book

Embarking on your Indian Pacific journey is seamless and tailored to your preferences. Here's how to secure your spot on this remarkable train:.

  • Start by visiting the Entire Travel Group's website to browse the available Indian Pacific rail journey packages.
  • Choose from a selection of journeys, each offering a unique exploration of Australia's landscape and culture.
  • Select a cabin class that suits your comfort preferences and budget, from the cosy confines of Gold Class to the expansive luxury of Platinum Class.
  • After selecting your package and cabin class, reach out to our experts at Entire Travel Group. We are ready to assist you in finalising your travel plans and ensuring a smooth booking process for your Indian Pacific rail journey.

Preparation Tips

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on the Indian Pacific, here are some essential preparation tips:.

  • Dress for a variety of weather conditions, as the train journey spans diverse climates across Australia.
  • Remember to pack essential items such as travel adapters, chargers and suitable footwear for excursions.
  • Review your journey's itinerary, familiarise yourself with the scheduled stops and onboard amenities to make the most of your rail adventure.

Named for the two oceans the train encounters on its journey, the Indian Pacific travels between Perth, Adelaide and Sydney on a spectacular 4352km crossing. 

There’s nothing like putting down your suitcase and allowing your journey to simply unfold. Once you step aboard the Indian Pacific, you can relax, knowing everything has been considered and included in your fare. 

From world-class food and wine to a range of immersive Off Train Experiences, the hardest decision you’ll need to make is what to have for lunch and which experience to join. 

There’s no better way to experience the spectacular interior landscape of Australia than by the romance of rail.

Life on board

Gold Service

Choose between Gold Twin or Single cabins, both of which provide the perfect place to relax and recharge after a day’s journey. Spend hours deep in conversation with new friends in the shared Outback Explorer Lounge, sipping on barista made coffee, or a glass of white wine. Later make your way to the Queen Adelaide Restaurant to dine. 

Gold Service includes hearty breakfasts, two-course lunches and three-course dinners. You may also choose to complement your meal with a selection of premium wines and beverages, all included in your fare. 

Gold Twin features a comfortable sleeper cabin featuring private ensuite and upper and lower berths that convert to a three-seater lounge by day. Gold Single offers a compact sleeper cabin featuring a bed that converts to a seat by day and shared shower/toilet facilities located at the end of the carriage.

Platinum Service 

Platinum Service adds a new level of sophistication to your journey. Stylishly appointed and spacious cabins are complemented by discreet, personalised service and access to the exclusive Platinum Club carriage for meals, relaxation and socialising. Enjoy hearty breakfasts, two-course lunches and four-course dinners, all regionally inspired and paired with champagne and premium wines. 

And it all begins before you’ve even stepped aboard. Platinum guests receive private transfers before and after their journey.

Platinum cabins offer premium extras, such as a full-size ensuite, expansive window views from the train and exclusive use of the Platinum Club carriage. 

By day, your cabin is configured as a private lounge with deluxe seating, a table and two ottomans. By night, you’ll enjoy a deep, comfortable sleep as the lounges convert into a comfortable bedroom with either a double or twin beds. 


In addition to the comfort of your beautifully appointed cabin onboard, you’ll find yourself indulging in sumptuous cuisine, fine wines, and camaraderie in the dining carriages. 

The expert culinary team onboard works closely with local suppliers, farmers and providores to source the best ingredients, creating an innovative, regionally-inspired menu accompanied by all-inclusive fine wines and beverages.

Indian Pacific FAQs

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Can I request a forward-facing seat?

Yes, you are able to request forward facing-cabins aboard Indian Pacific at the time of booking; however, as approximately half the cabins face forward, we are unable to guarantee a forward facing cabin depending on the number of requests received for any given departure.

Can someone with mobility limitations travel on the Indian Pacific?

The Indian Pacific has a Gold Access Cabin available for wheelchair bound/physically impaired guests travelling in Gold Service. This cabin is subject to availability and assessment of the guest’s Fitness to Travel. Please ask us for more information.

What are the meal times onboard the train?

In your cabin when you first board the train, you will find a card with the breakfast, lunch and dinner meal times for your journey. Your On-Board Attendant will advise you of the process. If you have any special requests regarding meal times, please speak with a member of the On-Board team when travelling.

Does the train have Wi-Fi?

Limited Wi-Fi is available in the Outback Explorer Lounges and Platinum Club carriages.

Please note that Wi-Fi availability is dependent on mobile network coverage, and as we travel through some remote locations it may not always be available.

What special dietary requirements can be accommodated on board the train?

Most special dietary requirements can be accommodated – including vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free and vegan. Please ensure this is advised at the time of booking.

Is there a dress code when onboard Indian Pacific?

It’s your holiday and we want you to be comfortable so smart casual attire is recommended.

We also recommend:

  • Warm clothes for Outback Experiences as mornings and evenings in the Outback can be cool
  • Hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes for your Off Train Experiences.

Can I smoke onboard?

No, smoking is not permitted onboard Indian Pacific.

Do I need to check-in prior to arrival?

Check in opens approximately 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

We ask all guests to check in at least 60 minutes prior to departure to be welcomed onboard. Please bring your travel itinerary and Photo I.D.

Are there luggage restrictions?

Luggage limits apply for both carry on and checked luggage. These limits vary depending on the level of service you are travelling in and by train.

While on board Indian Pacific, you can access one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag, cabin bag or briefcase per person, and store this within your cabin.

Checked luggage cannot be accessed during your rail journey, and will be stored on a separate part of the train. Checked luggage limits apply:

  • Platinum Service (per person): 3 x 30kg
  • Gold Service (per person) 2 x 30kg

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.

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