The Orient Silk Road Express | Central Asia

Embarking on a journey along the iconic Silk Road is a voyage of historical richness and cultural exploration, made even more enchanting aboard the Orient Silk Road Express. A journey onboard this Private Train provides optimal comfort for traversing the renowned Silk Road. Explore one of the most remote parts of the world without sacrificing modern comforts or worrying about details. Our selection of rail tours will allow you to travel with confidence in this land of turquoise domes, enticing bazaars and imposing desert ruins. This once in a lifetime railroad voyage includes tours led by experienced guides and delicious dining both on and off the train.

At the heart of this exceptional travel experience are the cosy restaurant cars, where passengers are treated to a culinary journey through the Silk Road's diverse regions. Indulge in freshly prepared regional dishes that tantalize the taste buds with flavours unique to each stop along the way. As the day transitions into night, the restaurant cars transform into elegant spaces, offering a sophisticated bar service that allows passengers to unwind and savour the journey in style.

Ensuring the utmost comfort, the Orient Silk Road Express is equipped with air conditioning while in motion. This feature ensures a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, allowing passengers to focus on the ever-changing landscapes outside their windows. Whether marvelling at the vast deserts, ancient cities, or picturesque landscapes, the journey becomes a seamless blend of cultural immersion and indulgent relaxation.

The Orient Silk Road Express transcends the ordinary, inviting travellers to savour the romance and allure of the Silk Road while basking in the comfort of a truly exceptional train journey. With every detail meticulously crafted to enhance the travel experience, this iconic train beckons adventurers to embark on a voyage filled with history, culture, and the joy of discovery.

Life on Board 


Aladdin (Two lower beds with shared facilities*) This category features two lower beds (67 x 184 cm), a small table and storage space. Each car has eight compartments - Guests in this category receive one bathrobe per compartment; shared toilet and washing facilities located at both ends. * Should you choose a carriage with a shared shower, a daily schedule will be posted on the shower door. To avoid waiting in line, you can easily indicate your preferred time by writing your name on the schedule.

Kalif (Upper and lower beds with ensuite facilities) This category features two beds, with an upper berth measuring 80 x 174 cm and the lower one is 112 x 184 cm. Each compartment features closet, safe and ensuite bath with separate shower cabin. Every car in this category is limited to four compartments and offers space for a maximum of just 8 guests.


The Orient Silk Road express offers freshly prepared meals, including options for vegetarian meals, and are served on board. Breakfast, comprising a variety of breads, cereals, cold meats, cheese, fruit, and hot options like eggs, is enjoyed in the restaurant car. Your guide on board will inform you of the dinner schedule. Join your group at the appointed time to relish a three-course meal. The restaurant car offers drinks, and a drinks card is provided on the first day, with expenses marked for settlement on the final evening. For those in the second dinner sitting, staying for a drink or taking beverages to your cabin is an option.

The Orient Silk Road Express FAQs

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What is the dress code onboard the train?

The atmosphere on board is one of relaxed and casual nature. During the day dress for relaxed comfort for onboard the train and when embarking on excursions. We suggest wearing durable shoes for excursions, and please be prepared for chilly nights, even during the summer. Modest attire is essential for visits to churches and mosques, with women expected to cover their heads with a scarf.

Which drinks are available aboard the Orient Silk Road Express?

Complimentary tea and coffee are available during mealtimes onboard. The Orient Silk Road Express offers a diverse selection of beverages to enhance your journey. In the restaurant car, you can enjoy a range of options by purchasing soft drinks, juices, and water. Additionally, a well-curated menu of alcoholic beverages is available for purchase, featuring wines, beers, and spirits, allowing passengers to indulge in a delightful and refreshing experience while traversing the legendary Silk Roa.

Can I confirm dining reservations in advance?

Typically, dining reservations on board the Silk Road Express are managed daily. The train's staff will provide information about the dining schedule, and you can confirm your reservations for each day during your journey. It's recommended to check with the onboard team for specific details and any changes to the reservation process.

Will the Orient Silk Road Express accommodate special dietary preferences?

Provided a detailed request has been made at time of booking – special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and adhering to religious requirements, can be arranged.

Will I need to tip the train staff?

Gratuities for staff and guides are at the passenger’s discretion.

Is there air conditioning on board?

Air-conditioning is available on the Orient Silk Road Express trains. Some cabins can be centrally controlled, while higher-class cabins come with individual control systems. It's important to note that the air-conditioning is activated only when the train is in motion at speeds of 30 km/h or above.

What is the luggage allowance for travelling guests onboard the train?

For convenience on board the train, it is suggested to use a travel bag or soft suitcase instead of a large one. A small bag or suitcase is recommended for overnight stays in hotels as hand luggage, leaving the larger luggage on the train. Porters in Almaty/Tashkent will handle loading the luggage on board. To ensure proper identification, attach an Orient Silk Road Express label with your carriage and compartment number to all bags. Labels will be delivered to clients locally.

What are the custom formalities between border crossings?

During your extensive train journey across multiple countries, border crossings are inevitable. Anticipate some waiting times at the borders, typically ranging from one-and-a-half to four hours. However, itineraries are well planned and ensures that you won't miss any highlights. The border formalities, including filling in entry and customs forms, passport inspection, customs check, and possibly a health check, are usually swift. You'll be required to stay in your compartment during inspections until the conductor or tour guide indicates that you are free to move around. It's permissible to sleep through these checks, and you are not obligated to remain upright or awake. Please be aware that train toilets must remain closed during border procedures. Your tour guide, although required to stay in their compartment, will be promptly notified of any issues and will provide assistance if needed.

Is smoking permitted onboard?

Smoking is generally prohibited on the train and at stations. Specifically, smoking is strictly forbidden in compartments, corridors, and the restaurant car during meals. For information on designated smoking areas, kindly consult your local guide.

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.

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