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Golden Eagle: Treasures of Uzbekistan
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Golden Eagle: Treasures of Uzbekistan (Tour code: 12626)

Starts and Ends
in Tashkent
Travel Periods
18 Apr 2024 - 28 Apr 2024 & 16 Sep 2024 - 26 Sep 2024
Travel Style
Rail Journeys
Dive deep into Uzbekistan's spectacular culture: A once pivotal, cultural crossroad of the emerging empires, Uzbekistan continues to shine bright as the jewel of the Central Asia.


Rooftop dinner in Bukhara watching the sunset over Kalyan Square, Bukhara

Test your bartering skills at the Siab Bazaar, Samarkand

An interactive cooking masterclass in Samarkand of the Uzbek national dish, Plov

Tea ceremony in Khiva

Gala dance performance and fashion show in Registan Square, Samarkand

Visit to the silk-making workshops of Margilan

Road trip to the 'Valley of Fifty Fortresses'

11 days
AUD 28,844
per person, twin share
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All services are subject to availability.


Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Seljuk Sultans…step back in time and trace the footsteps of history’s most infamous dynasties through the Treasures of Uzbekistan. An exquisitely mismatched country, Uzbekistan boasts a fascinatingly contradictory cultural architecture – palatial, Islamic grandeur collides with mud-walled houses and monoliths of Communist rule. Aboard this immersive, 11-day odyssey, escape into a land of contradiction and discover the awe-inspiring culture at its core.


Pre tour accommodation at a centrally located hotel for a one-night stay
Private ensuite accommodation on the Golden Eagle train – Silver Class TWIN cabin
Arrival and departure transfers
Freshly prepared meals on board – using the finest local ingredients.
Authentic dining experiences in local restaurants
Generous drinks allowance, including international wines with lunch and dinner
Expertly guided off-train excursions as detailed in the itinerary
24-hour cabin attendance service
Experienced Tour Management team
Services of a UK-registered Doctor and medical facilities on board
All gratuities – on and off the train
Luggage porterage throughout the journey

Intro Map

Treasures of Uzbekistan


Day 1 Tashkent

Upon arrival at Tashkent Airport, you will be met and transferred to your centrally located hotel for a one-night stay. This evening you will enjoy a welcome reception and dinner, giving you the opportunity to meet your fellow travellers.

Golden Eagle Cabin Attendants

Day 2 Tashkent

After a leisurely morning and refreshing lunch, you will begin your touring of the Uzbekistan capital. The 2,200 year old city of Tashkent is a magnificent modern metropolis which beautifully blends decadent medieval structures and minimalistic modern edifices. The sightseeing tour will include the awe-inspiring Khasti-Imam Complex, the culturally momentous Independence Square, and the Applied Arts Museum (situated in the extravagant former home of Imperial Russian diplomat, Alexander Polovtsev).

Early evening, you will enjoy a champagne reception and Karnay-Surnay performance (a musical ensemble of the national wind instrument) on the platform as you are welcomed aboard the Golden Eagle. Toast to the Voyage of a Lifetime with a sumptuous welcome dinner in the ornate Restaurant Car as you depart towards the Fergana Valley.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Golden Eagle Dining Experience

Day 3 Fergana Valley

Kokand, among the oldest cities in Uzbekistan, played a pivotal role as a key trading post on the Silk Road. Notable attractions on tour include the magnificent Palace of Khudayar Khan, often referred to as the Pearl of Kokand, and the Jami Mosque, Kokand’s most impressive mosque.

Continue your exploration through the Fergana Valley, as you arrive at the renowned ceramics hub of Rishtan, where artistry and tradition converge. Experience the enchantment of pottery through a captivating demonstration, gaining exclusive insights into the meticulous craftsmanship behind the decoration of these exquisite ceramics. Immerse yourself in this hands-on experience, with the chance to unleash your creativity and craft your own ceramic masterpiece!

Your journey extends to Margilan, a city steeped in history as a vital crossroads on ancient trade routes. Here, you'll step into the world of silk, a true treasure of Margilan. Explore a craftsman’s workshop and studio dedicated to the time-honored art of silk weaving, where the secrets of this ancient craft come to life. This day promises immersive moments and a profound exploration of Uzbekistan's rich artistic traditions!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Fergana Valley
Palace of Khudayar Khan

Day 4 & 5 Bukhara

Over the next two days guests will step into the enchanting world of Bukhara, a city where the threads of modernity weave seamlessly with ancient architecture, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of magical. Legend has it that the Persian Prince Siyavush founded this city back in the 5th century B.C., and today, it is a living treasure trove of historical wonders, meticulously restored to their former glory.

Your adventures in Bukhara includes a visit to the imposing Ark Fortress, the once-residence of the mighty Emirs of Bukhara. Despite enduring the turmoil of the advancing Russian Red Army in 1920, the fortress has risen from the ashes, now housing captivating museums and the resplendent 17th-century Juma Mosque. For a bird’s-eye view like no other, you may ascend by lift to the pinnacle of the Shukhov Water Tower, offering a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the ancient heart of Bukhara.

Your touring program will also transport you to the grandeur of Poi-Kalyan Square, home to the iconic Kalyan Mosque, a living relic of traditional design. Stroll through the mosque’s large maksura rooms, pillar-domed galleries, and deeply recessed niches, and you will be transported to a bygone era.

Immerse yourself in the lively pulse of the city as you explore the bustling Trading Domes of Bukhara and gather at Lyabi-Hauz Square, a vibrant social hub cocooned by a pool and embraced by the soothing shade of mulberry trees and local tea rooms.

During your two unforgettable days in this city, you will have the freedom to wander and explore Bukhara at your own pace. Dive into the vibrant bazaars, haggle for treasures, or simply take a break to savour the local flavours in charming tea rooms.

And, when it comes to dining, you have got two extraordinary highlights in store for you. Savor the delectable Bukharian cuisine in the rooftop restaurant of the Minorai Kalon Hotel, where you will relish every bite while taking in uninterrupted views of Poi-Kalyan Square.

But the culinary adventure does not end there! Brace yourself for a unique experience – a traditional Uzbek barbecue on the train platform by the Golden Eagle. Follow the mouthwatering aromas of freshly grilled delights that tantalise your senses throughout your exploration of Uzbekistan. It is your chance to taste these delectable dishes in a truly unforgettable setting. Get ready for a feast of flavours!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Kalyan Mosque

Day 6 Nukus

Nestled in the enchanting north-west of Uzbekistan, the city of Nukus boasts a captivating setting, surrounded by three magnificent deserts: the Kara Kum, Kyzyl Kum, and Ustyurt. Here, a pristine and untouched landscape unfolds before your eyes, adorned with endless stretches of sandy vistas, enchanting dunes, and towering peaks that beckon adventure.

Yourvoyage through Nukus leads you to the extraordinary Igor Savitsky State Museum of the Fine Arts, a true gem in this remote oasis. Aptly nicknamed the ‘Louvre in the Sands,’ this museum houses Central Asia’s most extensive art collection, featuring a staggering 100,000 avant-garde masterpieces and crafts from the Karakalpak region. Prepare to be mesmerised by the artistic treasures that await, promising an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Igor Savitsky State Museum of Fine Arts

Day 7 Khiva

Prepare to be transported back to the enthralling 10th century as youexplore the living museum that is Khiva, a city adorned with grandeur. Here, you will be whisked away to a world of majestic buildings, spiraling columns, and intricately carved doors that whisper tales of ancient splendour.

Your adventure in Khiva centers around Itchan Kala, the hallowed Old Town, celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside these ancient walls, a treasure trove of architectural marvels awaits your discovery, from palaces and mosques to madrasas, mausoleums, and minarets. Among them, you will encounter the time-honored Juma Mosque, built in the 10th century, and the breathtaking Kalta Minor Minaret.

Rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of the Silk Road, Khiva boasts a culinary identity that is a delightful fusion of Chinese, Turkish, and Persian traditions. During your time here, prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the flavours of Khorezmian cuisine, notably the renowned Shivit Oshi – green pasta infused with dill, served alongside freshly baked bread. It is a journey for your senses that promises a taste of history and culture!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Khiva, Uzbekistan

Day 8 Shakhrizbaz

Today in Shakhrizabz, believed to be the birthplace of Amir Timur, visit the UNESCO-honoured statue of Amir Timur and his Ak-Saray Palace. This majestic palace in Shakhrizabz took over a quarter of a century to build, and was originally decorated with colourful, highly detailed mosaic but also included delicate calligraphic inscriptions from the Qur’an. Amid the decorative facing, there is an inscription showing the date 798 (1395 – 1396 AD) which was when the building was completed.

After your rendezvous with these captivating historical monuments, prepare to savour an open-air barbecue feast that will tantalize your taste buds. You will also be treated to a time-honoured folklore performance. This enchanting cultural display is a poetic expression of Central Asia’s vibrant heritage, with its hauntingly ritualistic melodies, a captivating window into the soul of this land.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Statue of Amir Temur

Day 9 & 10 Samarkand

Samarkand, the 'Crossroad of Culture,' boasts an incredible history spanning over two and a half millennia. Stepping into this living museum, you'll follow in the footsteps of legendary dynasties like Genghis Khan, the Timurids, and more recently, the Soviets, embarking on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Over the next two days, the secrets of Samarkand will be unlocked through a comprehensive and exhilarating touring program.

The adventure includes a visit to the awe-inspiring Registan Square, the heart of Samarkand, a testament to the grandeur of the Timurid Dynasty. Framed by three madrasahs and featuring ethereal ornate portals, intricate minarets, and glimmering cupolas, you'll find yourself in the midst of a breathtaking work of art.

Journeying to the Ulugh Beg Observatory, a pre-modern marvel and the largest of its kind, will be followed by a visit to the architecturally stunning Shakhi Zinda Necropolis.

The quest for knowledge takes you to the Meros Paper Mill, where you'll gain a hands-on understanding of this ancient craft, learning centuries-old techniques and processes. For an immersive taste of Uzbek identity, participate in a thrilling cooking demonstration of Plov, a dish considered the very essence of Uzbekistan’s national identity and a staple at social gatherings.

Paying respects at the Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum (Tomb of the King), the final resting place of the great Timur (Tamarlane), known for its uniquely fluted azure dome and magnificent portal. Close by stands the majestic Bibi-Khanym Mosque, a structure often likened to the gates of heaven for its impressive size and beauty, justified by carved marble structures, elegant minarets, and glistening gold walls.

There's also the chance to visit the bustling Siab Bazaar, Samarkand’s largest market, promising a shopping experience like no other with a vivid tapestry of spices, fresh bread, produce, meats, and traditional treats. Get ready to be captivated by the enchantment of Samarkand!

Late afternoon on Day 10, return to the Golden Eagle and enjoy the onboard Gala Farewell Dinner. Upon arrival in Tashkent, spend the final night at a luxury hotel.

Samarkand signature experience:

Prepare for an unforgettable evening in Samarkand that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. As the sun sets and night descends upon this ancient city, you will be whisked away to the illuminated Registan Square, where an extraordinary spectacle unfolds. From your prime front-row seats, you’ll be treated to a dazzling light show that weaves the rich tapestry of Samarkand’s history and significance.

Following this mesmerising visual journey, we’ll indulge in a traditional dinner near Registan Square, where the evening takes an exciting turn with a fabulous fashion show by a local designer. This is a night that will etch itself into your memory, an experience you’ll carry with you forever.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Shakhi Zinda Necropolis

Day 11 Tashkent

After arrival in Tashkent, your private transfer will be waiting to transfer you to Tashkent airport for your return flights home.

Please note: Should guests wish to book a night in a hotel for their arrival into Tashkent, this will need to be arranged and not included in the package price. 



Golden Eagle

Upgrade available


The Golden Eagle has been carefully designed with emphasis on your comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. In addition to our private en-suite sleeping cabins, we offer a beautifully appointed Bar Lounge Car and Restaurant Cars.
The Golden Eagle, comprising three categories of cabins, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and en-suite facilities, is the only private train of its kind operating in these regions of the world.


Silver Class cabins, which are more compact at 60 sq ft (5.5 sq metres), feature a small double lower bed and a single upper bed as well as DVD/CD player, LCD screen, safe, individual air-conditioning, wardrobe and large picture window.


The Silver Class cabins have private en-suite wet room with a washbasin, toilet and shower.

  • Sleeps 2 in lower small double bed or bunk style
  • Remote controlled air-conditioning and heating
  • Recessed lighting and wardrobe
  • Personal safe
  • Private en-suite bathroom with 'wet-room' style shower and toilet
  • Bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and toiletries provided
  • DVD/CD player with LCD screens
  • Towels and linens changed every second day or daily on request
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water available at all times
  • Laundry service available at an additional charge
  • Drinks in the Bar Lounge Car included from the Standard Bar List

Room Upgrades

Gold Cabin

At 77 sq ft (7 sq metres) Gold Class cabins are extremely well-proportioned and have everything from a private bathroom with separate power shower cubicle and underfloor heating to a DVD/CD player, LCD screen, safe, individual air-conditioning, wardrobe, large picture window as well as featuring a double lower bed and a single upper bed.

Guests in Gold Class benefit from complimentary drinks off the Standard Bar List in the Bar Lounge Car.

  • Sleeps 2 in either lower standard double bed or bunk style
  • Remote controlled air-conditioning and heating
  • Recessed lighting and wardrobe
  • Personal safe
  • Private en-suite bathroom with full power shower and underfloor heating
  • Bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and toiletries provided
  • DVD/CD player with LCD screens
  • Towels and linens changed every second day or daily on request
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water in cabin available at all times
  • Drinks in the Bar Lounge Car included from the Standard Bar List
  • Laundry service available at an additional charge
Gold Cabin

Prices are dynamic based on travel dates. Please proceed to Book Now or Contact Us for details.

Imperial Suite

Imperial Suites are the most spacious cabins available onboard the Golden Eagle measuring 120 sq ft (11.1 sq metres) and benefiting from a large and luxurious double bed as well as a lounge area with dressing table.

Imperial Suite facilities include a private en-suite bathroom with power shower and the luxury of underfloor heating; individual air-conditioning; wardrobe; DVD/CD player with LCD screen; complimentary fully stocked minibar; safe; small library and two large picture windows to watch the world go by.

Exemplary service starts with a complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon champagne when you board the train to toast the start of your wonderful adventure.

A note for Imperial Suite guests:
A private guide and chauffeured car service is included in many of the destinations we visit on your journey, however, in locations where there are a limited number of experienced and qualified tour guides available, we may offer a shared car service among Imperial Suite guests. Imperial Suite guests will also benefit from the inclusion of drinks from the Standard and Premium Bar list in the Bar Lounge Car, a laundry service and room upgrades to the next available category at the hotels which are featured in the itinerary.

  • Sleeps 2 in a large Double Bed (1.5m by 1.9m)
  • Sitting area
  • Remote controlled air-conditioning and heating
  • Recessed lighting and wardrobe
  • Dressing table
  • Personal safe
  • Private en-suite bathroom with full power shower and underfloor heating
  • Bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and toiletries provided
  • Complimentary minibar
  • DVD/CD player with LCD screens
  • Towels and linens changed every second day or daily on request
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water available at all times
  • In-cabin dining available on request
  • Drinks from the Bar Lounge Car included from the Standard and Premium Bar List (excluding Premium Wine List)
  • Private car and guide options in selected cities for off-train excursion programme
  • Laundry service included
Imperial Suite

Prices are dynamic based on travel dates. Please proceed to Book Now or Contact Us for details.

Additional information

  • The bar lounge car is the perfect location to relax and unwind as you watch the ever changing scenery pass by. Reminisce the day’s adventures with fellow passengers over afternoon tea or perhaps challenge your friends to a game of cards before dinner.
  • Throughout your journey the Bar Lounge Car and Restaurant Cars will host a variety of entertaining and enriching activities such as Russian language lessons and engaging lectures on local history and culture from expert guest speakers.
  • It is also here that your Tour Manager will organise a programme of activities for the journey ahead. Daily itineraries detailing train arrival and departure timings and information on the following day’s excursions and activities will be provided, plus useful weather forecast and time zone information.
  • As evening falls, enjoy the sounds of the resident pianist playing on the baby grand piano in the Bar Lounge Car. Each night the bar stays open until the last person leaves.
  • Expect a relaxed and convivial atmosphere at mealtimes with the freedom to dine wherever, and with whomever, you please in a single sitting. An informal dress code is applied throughout the journey.
  • Configuration and styles of Gold Class & Imperial Suite cabins vary with seating and sleeping arrangements. Requests for a preferred cabin arrangement will be noted, but cannot be guaranteed. Please ask for details.

Departure dates:

  • 18 Apr 2024 - 28 Apr 2024
  • 16 Sep 2024 - 26 Sep 2024


  • International airfares and taxes
  • Domestic airfares and taxes, unless otherwise specified in our holiday package
  • Visa expenses, processing, and issuance fees
  • Meals other than as specified in our holiday package
  • Travel Insurance or expenses of a personal nature (mini-bar, phone call, laundry, etc.),
  • Or any other travel expense that has not been included in our holiday package


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