Katmai National Park | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray
Alaska’s Inside Passage, Bears and Aleutian Islands (Northbound)
Katmai National Park | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray
Chignik | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen
MS Roald Amundsen | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Karsten Bidstrup
Wrangell | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen
Katmai National Park | Credit: Hurtigruten / Ashton Ray Hansen
Katmai National Park | Credit: Hurtigruten / Ashton Ray Hansen
Abercrombie State Historical Park | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen
Sitka | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen
Sunset Viewing | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera
Icy Bay | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera
Vancouver | Credit: Adi K

Alaska’s Inside Passage, Bears and Aleutian Islands (Northbound) (Tour code: 12533)

Starts and Ends
in Vancouver
Travel Periods
03 Jul 24 & 04 Aug 24
Travel Style
Embark on an immersive 18-day expedition cruise departing from Vancouver, sailing through Canada's Inside Passage, and continuing onward to the Aleutian Islands!


Experience spectacular scenery, scout for bears and enjoy some of the best birdwatching in Alaska on the islands of St. Paul and St. Matthew.

Follow in the footsteps of gold prospectors and explorers as you encounter indigenous Tlingit and Aleut cultures on this epic Alaskan adventure.

Use of the ship’s Science Center which has an extensive library and advanced biological and geological microscopes.

Wildlife abounds in the Gulf of Alaska, offering unrivalled photography opportunities.

19 days
AUD 11,955
per person, twin share
Travelling with kids? Read more 
All services are subject to availability.


From Vancouver, you'll visit the pristine mountains and waterfalls of Misty Fjords before seeking out totem poles and petroglyphs in Wrangell. Then to Sitka and Icy Bay hoping to see seals relaxing on icebergs.

Look out for black and brown bears as you tour Alaska’s Kodiak Islands and Katmai National Park, then on to the fishing village of Chignik and abandoned Unga. As you cruise along the coast with the Expedition Team, learn about the region's native Aleut, Alutiiq and Tlingit peoples, historic Wrangell, Sitka's Russian influences, the WWII history of Dutch Harbor and the gold rush era in Nome.

All whilst sailing onboard Hurtigruten Expeditions MS Roald Amundsen. State-of-the-art vessel, which features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that will reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible.


16 nights Polar Outside Cabin onboard Hurtigruten
1 night in Vancouver at Sheraton Wall Centre (Pre-Cruise)
1 night in Vancouver at Sheraton Wall Centre (Post-Cruise)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard Hurtigruten
Flight in economy class from Nome to Vancouver
Transfer from hotel to pier in Vancouver including city tour
Transfer from ship to airport in Nome
Transfer from airport to hotel after expedition cruise in Vancouver
Range of included activities onboard Hurtigruten
Escorted landings with small expedition boats
English-speaking Expedition Team onboard Hurtigruten
Complimentary wind and water-resistant expedition jacket
Loan of boots, trekking poles, and all equipment for activities

Ship Onboard MS Roald Amundsen - Polar Outside Cabin

MS Roald Amundsen is a state-of-the-art vessel featuring new environmentally sustainable hybrid technology and that offers premium expedition comfort.

The stunning scenery is reflected in a rich and comfortable interior design. Scandinavian materials from nature, such as granite, oak, birch and wool are used to create relaxed and stylish cabins and public areas. All cabins are outside cabins, of which 50% have private balconies, and aft suites feature private outdoor hot tubs with spectacular views.

One of the most eye-catching exterior design features is the two-level indoor/outdoor Observation Deck. It is an ideal place to scan the scenery and watch for wildlife with your binoculars.

The Polar Outside cabins are primarily on the middle decks with windows, most are spacious, have flexible sleeping arrangements and TV for excellent and high standard accommodation. Can accommodate two to four passengers.

Onboard MS Roald Amundsen - Polar Outside Cabin
Polar Outside Cabin | Credit: Hurtigruten / Agurtxane Concellon

Day 1 Vancouver

Your expedition cruise starts with an overnight stay in Vancouver, a bustling and beautiful seaport set among steep mountains and English Bay. Vancouver's neighbourhoods buzz with world-class, farm-to-table cuisine. Don’t miss Gastown, Vancouver’s Victorian neighbourhood. Here you'll find the 553-foot Vancouver Lookout, offering 360º panoramic views over the city.

Overnight in Vancouver at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.

Street in Gastown | Credit: Destination Vancouver / Nelson Mouellic

Day 2 Vancouver

After a delicious breakfast at your hotel, you’ll get your adventure underway with a fun tour taking in the highlights of this fantastic and vibrant city. Even if you've seen some already, they're always worth seeing again. Have a taste of the sights and sounds that make Vancouver so unique. The excursion ends at the pier, where you'll embark on your hybrid-powered expedition ship, the MS Roald Amundsen. It’s time to begin your expedition cruise.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Vancouver | Credit: Albert Normandin

Day 3 Canada's Inside Passage

The Inside Passage coastal route takes you through great North American Pacific Fjordland, a protected stretch of water over 930 miles long. Unlike other cruises which pass through at night, we'll visit during the day. This sublime scenery is something you’ll want to make the most of.

The smaller expedition ship allows you to explore the lesser-travelled channels, so you can get closer to the beautiful and fascinating scenery. Keep your cameras and binoculars at the ready, as you catch sight of dolphins, porpoises, orcas and humpback whales. As always, there’s plenty to see and learn in the Science Center, with insightful lectures from your Expedition Team.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Canada's Inside Passage
Humpback Whales | Credit: Hurtigruten / Oscar Farrera

Day 4 Misty Fjords

Part of the Tongass National Forest, Misty Fjords is a pristine wilderness of evergreens, waterfalls and snow-capped peaks. Influential mountaineer John Muir described it as one of the most beautiful places he’d ever seen. Weather permitting, you'll join the Expedition Team to tour Misty Fjords on small expedition boats or take kayaks out for an optional excursion.

Look out for mountain goats, bears and moose. In the water, you'll find Pacific salmon, along with otters, sea lions, harbour seals, orcas and Dall porpoises. And look skywards for hummingbirds, herons and bald eagles.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Misty Fjords
Misty Fjords | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera

Day 5 Wrangell

The cruise of the Alaskan islands takes us to Wrangell. A mile out of town you’ll find the ancient rock carvings of Petroglyph Beach. Bring paper and take some stone rubbings as a unique souvenir. Learn more about Wrangell's fascinating past in the local museum. Now part of the US, it’s been governed by Britain, Russia and the Tlingit people. On Shakes Island, the Chief Shakes Tribal House and totem poles tell the Tlingit story. Your visit includes a trip on the waters in our small expedition boats. On land, hikers will enjoy the nature trails from Stikine River and Mount Dewey to the rainforest.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Petroglyph Beach | Credit: Hurtigruten / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 6 Sitka

Surrounded by Tongass National Forest, Sitka is only accessible by sea and air. Get out on deck for stunning views of the Sisters Mountains and Mount Edgecumbe Volcano.

Discover Sitka's fascinating history with our Expedition Team. Inhabited by the Tlingit for 10,000 years, it was occupied by Russia in 1804, before being sold to America after the Crimean War. Today, Sitka blends all three cultures.

Visit the Russian Orthodox cathedral and Russian Bishop's House. Sitka National Historic Park is a real highlight, where you'll see ornate Haida and Tlingit totem poles. Or enjoy a walking trail through the forest to the ocean.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Totems at Sitka National Historic Park | Credit: Hurtigruten / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 7 Icy Bay

Experience an amazing expedition day in Icy Bay today. Three glaciers – Guyot, Yahtse and Tyndall – regularly calf into the bay. If conditions allow, the Expedition Team will take you ashore on the 34-mile-long, 8-mile-wide Guyot Glacier or you can explore in kayaks on an optional excursion.

Wildlife abounds in the Gulf of Alaska, offering unrivalled photography opportunities. Humpback whales, orcas, Stellar sea lions, sea otters and harbour seals lazing on floating chunks of ice, can be seen in these waters. Onboard photographer is ready with expert tips on how to get the best from your camera.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Icy Bay
Icy Bay | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera

Day 8 Gulf of Alaska

The cruise continues across the Gulf of Alaska. It's the ideal time to enjoy onboard facilities like the infinity pool and hot tubs or sauna. Hit the gym, go for a run, or enjoy a massage in the spa.

In the Science Center, the Expedition Team invite you to join lectures about the region’s wildlife, geology, glaciology, history and culture, preparing for our next landings.

Relax in the Explorer Lounge and share a drink with your fellow shipmates or just enjoy the view. See if you can spot all three species of North Atlantic albatross. Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses are fairly common but Short-tailed Albatrosses are a rare sight.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Gulf of Alaska
Science Center | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera

Day 9 Kodiak Island

The spruce forests and grasslands of Kodiak Island earned it a nickname ‘the Emerald Isle’. It’s the largest island in the US after Hawaii – with plenty to see. You'll discover the island’s rich indigenous heritage at the Alutiiq Museum. Visit the 1808 Baranov Museum, the oldest standing building in the state. Your included excursion today takes you to Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park, with its strategic WWII 1939 naval fort and bunkers.

The island’s most famous inhabitants though are the Kodiak bears. Around 3,500 of these mighty creatures live in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, which covers two thirds of the island.

​Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Kodiak Island
Abercrombie | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 10 Katmai National Park

The bear spotting continues today in the four million acre Katmai National Park, with over a dozen active volcanoes. Katmai is home to communities of brown bears, and more than 2,000 protected grizzly bears – the largest concentration in the world.

Accompanied by an experienced bear guard, you'll be safely scouting for grizzlies from on deck or in small expedition boats. The bears might be foraging for berries, diving for clams, or catching fish in the stream.

Depending on conditions, we'll either visit Geographic Harbor, Kinak Bay or Kukak Bay. Keep your eyes open for sea otters, seabirds and humpback whales too.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Katmai National Park
Katmai National Park | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 11 Chignik

The expedition cruise continues to Chignik – where the Aleutian Mountains meet the Gulf of Alaska. You’ll want to head out to the local salmon streams for some fantastic photo opportunities.

An included visit to this small fishing village gives you the chance to learn more about everyday life, where red salmon fishing has supported the local economy for over a century. Stop in at the fish factory or have a chat with the friendly locals at the dock.

This area is a treat for birdwatchers. More than 20 different species of waterfowl thrive in the area. Mighty bald eagles roam the skies here, so make sure to bring your binoculars.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Chignik | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 12 Unga

Wild and deserted, Unga Village is a picturesque, abandoned Alaskan town on the southern end of Unga Island in the remote Aleutian Islands.

It was settled by Aleuts in 1833 but was abandoned in 1969 as subsistence fishing proved insufficient to support living here. Today, the handful of wooden buildings that remain are the only evidence that people once lived here.

Pink lousewort, a carpet of wildflowers, and fireweed surround the abandoned shacks as nature has gradually taken over. If weather permits, we'll explore that nature on our included landing.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
MS Roald Amundsen | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Andrea Klaussner

Day 13 Dutch Harbour

With a volcano as its backdrop, America's largest fishing port Dutch Harbor is a fascinating place to visit. You'll be able to explore to the full with your included hop-on, hop-off shuttle ticket.

Learn about the local indigenous Unungan people at the Museum of the Aleutians. Visit the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, or tour the WWII Museum commemorating the 1942 battle that took place here.

Scout for Bald Eagles and puffins in the skies. Foxes, lemmings and wild horses thrive on land and whales, sea lions and porpoises in the waters. Dutch Harbor is where reality television series ‘The Deadliest Catch’ was filmed, following crab fishers at work under extreme conditions.​

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dutch Harbour
Dutch Harbour | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 14 Day At Sea

Part of being on an expedition is taking time out to connect with the sights and sounds of the world around you. A day at sea lets you do just that. Sit back and take in the panoramic views from our Explorer Lounge, or enjoy the scenery glides by from the infinity pool or the outdoor hot tubs.

Keep scanning the seas and skies for puffins, auklets, and murrelets, especially closer to the coast. If you’re lucky, you might glimpse the Red-legged Kittiwake, only found in this part of the world.

You'll learn more about the region's geography, climate and birdlife from the Expedition Team in the Science Center and in their daily lecture programme.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 15 St Paul

The windswept island of St Paul is home to the largest Aleut community in the US, numbering around 400. You can visit the historical remains of barabaras here – traditional dwellings built half underground to protect against the sea winds.

St Paul is also designated an Important Bird Area. Around 300 species of migrating birds use it as a resting point. Keep a lookout for Horned and Tufted Puffins, the Pribilof Sandpiper and the rare Red-legged Kittiwake.

By the shore, you'll also find northern fur seals waddling and playing – half the world's population of these charming animals live on these islands.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
St Paul
Sea Lion | Credit: Hurtigruten / Ashton Ray Hansen

Day 16 St Matthew

Part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, 200 miles from the nearest village, St Matthew Island is wild, remote and isolated. A few hardy souls have tried – and failed – to make a home here. You'll see traces of abandoned buildings between black sand beaches and wildflower-dotted tundra.

Today, the only inhabitants are birds, including thousands of puffins, murres and cormorants. If you’re lucky on the included nature landing, you’ll catch sight of the rare McKay’s bunting, which breeds almost exclusively here. And listen out for the sound of the singing vole, named after its unusual warning cry.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
St Matthew
Out on deck | Credit: Hurtigruten / Andrea Klaussner

Day 17 Bering Sea

As we cruise the Bering Sea, you'll have Russia to the east and the United States to the west. We'll also cross the International Date Line, where ‘tomorrow’ is on your right, and ‘today’ is on your left. Natural wonders abound here so keep an eye out for humpback whales, and spot seabirds wheeling through the skies.

This is your last full sea day so relax and enjoy your time on board. The Expedition Team will recap the highlights of your Alaskan adventure, and you can continue your journey of discovery in the Science Center.

Overnight stay onboard in a Polar Outside Cabin.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Bering Sea
Touch table in Science Center | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Oscar Farrera

Day 18 Nome

Prospectors first came to Nome in 1898, and people still hunt for gold here today. You'll see evidence of the gold rush all around, including abandoned dredges, turn-of-the century steam engines and old railroad tracks, lending the town a unique atmosphere.

You’ll be in good company as you explore the town. Wyatt Earp, the famous sheriff, opened a saloon here, and Nome was also the end point of three of Roald Amundsen's great polar expeditions, including an aircraft attempt to reach the North Pole in 1926. A fitting place to bid farewell to our own MS Roald Amundsen, before flying back to bustling Vancouver.

​Overnight in Vancouver at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Nome | Credit: Hurtigruten Expeditions / Michael DeYoung

Day 19 Vancouver

Your journey ends today in Vancvouver upon check-out of your hotel.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

The Sheraton Wall Centre Downtown Vancouver Hotel is the perfect location for strolling scenic Robson Street and Yaletown or making connections in the nearby business and financial districts. Whatever your plans are, you'll find a feeling of welcome unlike any other at one of the best Vancouver hotels.

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