10 Most Romantic Fiji Honeymoon Resorts

best honeymoon resorts Fiji for couples

Posted by on 06 Dec 2021

Fiji is home to over 333 charming islands with many things to offer for all types of travellers. Couples, in particular, are drawn to the quaint, romantic spots that this island nation offers.

This South Pacific gem hosts tantalizing beaches, Fijian-style homes (known as bure), and picturesque landscapes. It’s undeniably an ideal destination for newlyweds looking for a scenic and tranquil space for themselves.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up the best resorts in Fiji for your romantic getaway.

10 Best Honeymoon Spots in Fiji

  1. Six Senses Fiji
  2. Couples who want a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life will find their sanctuary in Six Senses Fiji. This tropical paradise lies within Malolo Island, only 25 kilometres away from Nadi International Airport.

    Revel in the sublime landscape of the island—from its pristine sand beaches and lush forests to its stunning villas. Then, take relaxation to the next level with the resort’s dedicated wellness programs. The resort offers mind-focused activities and rejuvenating spa treatment options, along with advice from their in-house wellness experts.

  3. Fiji Marriott Momi Bay Resort
  4. On the southwest coast of Viti-Levu lies the leading waterfront resort in Momi Bay, the Fiji Marriott Momi Bay Resort. It takes approximately 45 minutes from the Nadi International Airport to reach this dreamy paradise.

    This resort is famous for its dreamy overwater bures, the first of its kind in mainland Fiji. Each bure delicately fuses traditional Fijian elements with modern ones, as you can see with their thatched roofs combined with contemporary finishes. Stay the night with your partner in a fully-furnished room complete with on-demand room service from their hospitable staff.

  5. Yasawa Island Resort
  6. Love is truly in sight at Yasawa Island Resort. This resort, tucked away in one of Fiji’s most remote and pristine islands, guarantees quality private time for just the two of you. Stay at one of its luxury honeymoon villas, which are only a few steps away from its alluring beaches.

    This untouched island is home to clear skies and gorgeous views. In broad daylight, you can lounge under palm trees and stare at a vast expanse of blue where the sky meets the sea. Then, watch the magic unfold when night falls. Head to the beach or peak through your window and lose yourself in a dazzling sea of stars above.

  7. Wakaya Club & Spa Resort
  8. This exclusive and intimate suite, located in Wakaya Islands, is a favourite of well-known personalities like Nicole Kidman and Bill Gates—and for good reason. After all, it has marvellous private bures covered in dense tropical forests, radiant beaches and a protected marine area.

    Choose from an array of outdoor activities that will surely satisfy your daring side—from hiking, golfing, snorkelling, sea kayaking and many more. After a long day, look forward to a quaint picnic or dinner by the beach. For a unique experience, try the Fijian Lovo dining style.

  9. Royal Davui Island Resort
  10. best honeymoon resort in Fiji Royal Davui Island Resort

    Give in to the calling of the sea with the idyllic Royal Davui Island Resort. This private resort, located in the Beqa Lagoon, is perfect for couples who wish to take their time during their holiday.

    Relieve yourself of stress and worries as you take a romantic barefoot stroll along the shoreline. The tropical air and calm ocean waves will lull you into a state of relaxation like no other. You can also enjoy each other’s company with a private sand cay picnic. With the island’s tranquil ambience, you won’t notice the passing of time until the sun paints the sky in amber.

  11. Tokoriki Island Resort
  12. This boutique resort, found in Mamanuca Islands, is home to 36 isolated bures with a stunning ocean view. Since it’s exclusively for adults, you and your partner will surely enjoy a delightful time all to yourselves.

    This resort offers plenty of activities for couples who wish to learn more about Fijian culture. The island holds torch-lighting activities and Kava ceremonies for guests. Listen to local folklore beginning with the Coconut Tree of Life storytelling. You can also learn the art of Fijian basket-weaving with the locals.

    After this trip, you and your partner will bring home good memories, new friends and a profound sense of cultural appreciation for Fiji.

  13. Likuliku Lagoon Resort
  14. Likuliku lagoon resort best honeymoon resort in Fiji

    In the Fijian language, likuliku means calm waters. True to its name, within the island rests crystal clear waters and immaculate landscapes. The Likuliku Lagoon Resort also has the first overwater bures in Fiji.

    What makes this resort truly unique is its deep connection with Fijian values. It includes a strong sense of responsibility to protect the environment. As such, sustainable tourism lies at the heart of this quaint resort.

    For instance, the resort manages a Tropical Dry Forest Restoration program, which aims to restore and safeguard the island’s remaining flora. Moreover, its facilities utilize natural materials from local sources. One great example is the Soga (palm) thatched roofs made by artisans from the remote Lau group of Islands.

  15. Kokomo Private Island Fiji
  16. Under the sea, there’s truly more than meets the eye. Explore the wonders of the ocean together with your partner in Yaukuve Levu’s Kokomo Private Island Fiji.

    This private island lies within the Great Astrolabe Reef, a sanctuary for a vast expanse of marine life. Most of it remains untouched, making it a haven for various schools of fish and other sea creatures. It takes a short boat ride to reach the best diving and snorkelling spots in Fiji. Dive into a new world with angelfishes, parrotfishes, reef sharks, turtles and manta rays.

  17. Lomani Island Resort
  18. What makes Lomani Island Resort romantic? It’s not just in the name—as lomani translates to ‘love’ in Fijian. This adult-exclusive boutique resort speaks of romance in every sense—from its spectacular views to its exhilarating set of activities.

    This resort is the best pick for couples looking for an unforgettable adventure in Fiji. Seek the thrill of the rush with water sports, cycling, and—the main highlight—surfing! After all, the island is home to the best surfing spots in Fiji.

    For instance, Wilkes Pass is great for surfing beginners. Meanwhile, intermediate surfers will enjoy the swells in Desperations. If you’re an advanced surfer, prepare to take on the world-famous Cloudbreak, one of the top 10 most challenging breaks in the world.

  19. Namale Resort & Spa
  20. Planning for holidays can sometimes drain you, especially after preparing for your wedding day. Fortunately, an all-inclusive resort like Namale Resort & Spa can take this burden from you.

    Breathtaking scenery and plenty of activities await when you arrive. For instance, the resort provides luxury dining halls, so you and your partner can wine and dine to your heart’s content.

    Try your hand at horseback riding along the gentle slopes of the island’s mountains. Or perhaps, you’d rather trek the jungle in search of the waterfall. Whichever you pick, you’ll have a great time with your significant other.

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