20 Fun Things to Do in Fiji on Your First Visit

Posted by on 29 Oct 2021 , in Islands

Fiji is the quintessential tropical paradise, with its pristine waters, powdery white sands and year-round sunshine. But this South Pacific archipelago has plenty more to offer than its postcard-worthy beaches.

Located about 2,000 kilometres northeast of New Zealand, Fiji boasts varied experiences. Romantic beach picnics, horseback riding at sunset, exhilarating watersports, nature trails—the list goes on.

After being cooped up for so long, you can now start planning your dream Fiji holiday.

Curious about what to do in Fiji other than sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun? To help narrow down your search, we’ve listed 20 of the best activities you can do and places to visit in the country’s over 300 beautiful islands.

Things to Do in Fiji: Activities & Attractions

  1. Have a private beach picnic

    Fiji is a popular honeymoon destination for good reason. Make up for the half-baked quarantine anniversaries by taking your partner to a one-of-a-kind tropical picnic. Nothing can rekindle romance better than indulging in food and wine on a secluded private beach.

    Skip the headache and let our experts do all the planning for you. Our Best of Yasawa Romance package includes private picnics, with 11 beaches to choose from.

  2. Play golf in a world-class course

    Fiji is a popular honeymoon destination for good reason. Make up for the half-baked quarantine anniversaries by taking your partner to a one-of-a-kind tropical picnic. Nothing can rekindle romance better than indulging in food and wine on a secluded private beach.

    Our Fiji holiday packages offer the ultimate treat for golfers, amateurs and pros alike.

  3. Snorkel over shallow reefs 

    Fiji is a scattering of over 300 islands and 500 islets that host various aquatic habitats, including barrier and fringing reefs and shallow lagoons. It’s the “soft coral capital” of the world for good reason. With excellent visibility all year round, you can practically snorkel almost everywhere. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right gear or experience. Most resorts offer guided snorkelling tours at any time of the year.

  4. Kayak over pristine waters

    Kayaking is the ideal way to explore the breathtaking waters of Fiji. You can expect the water to be calm year-round, so paddling will be a breeze. You’ll enjoy being swept by cool ocean breezes while moving from one scenery to the next. Plus, it’s a fun and light way to stay fit while on holiday!

  5. Take a wilderness hike

    Being situated in the South Pacific has its perks indeed and one of which is immense biodiversity. Fiji has plenty of scenic nature trails that bring you up close and personal with tropical birds, insects, snakes, frogs and plants. Some trails would reward you with the occasional waterfall where you can cool off after a long hike.

  6. Explore breathtaking scuba sites

    Scuba diving pretty much came to a halt during the pandemic. If you’re anxious to put that PADI certification to good use, ready your gear and explore Fiji’s many underwater gems. Get familiar with the region’s fish and coral species at Somosomo Strait, Bligh Waters and Beqa Lagoon, or swim with sharks in the coral gardens of Yasawa Islands and Kadavu Island.

  7. Engage in water activities

    There’s no shortage of watersports or water activities in Fiji. Stand-up paddleboarding, Hobie Cat sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, fishing—you name it. Are you looking for something more family-friendly? You can hop on a banana boat for an exhilarating ride or a catamaran for a leisurely adventure.

  8. Get pampered at a wellness spa

    No tropical holiday is ever complete without getting a massage. An hour of the Fijian barefoot massage can ease all your pandemic-induced body pains. Fiji’s renowned banana leaf body wrap will be the cherry on top of your post-quarantine healing. You can get it at the world-class, luxurious spas at Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Namale Resort & Spa and Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa.

  9. Experience authentic lovo cooking

    Feasting in Fiji means participating in a lovo, a traditional cooking method using an earth oven. The typical banquet consists of chicken, pork, seafood and root vegetables bundled up in foil or banana leaf, which are then placed in a dug pit. The meal is then covered with hot stones and slow-cooked for several hours, which tenderises the meat and roasts the veggies to perfection.

    Our Ultimate Indulgence package lets you witness this tradition first-hand at the Wakaya Club & Spa Resort.

  10. Take a healing herbal walk

    Fiji also takes pride in its abundant collection of medicinal plants and flowers scattered throughout the islands. Embark on a meditative walk that involves sampling different herbal remedies like the layalaya (wild ginger), voivoi (pandanus), totodro (pennywort) and, of course, the infamous kava kava.

  11. Participate in a kava ceremony

    The kava you know comes in powder or capsule form and is known to relieve stress. But it’s also the main ingredient in Fiji’s national drink. To make this calming drink, locals crush the root of the kava plant then strain the paste with water. Being handed a cup of this concoction is the locals’ way of welcoming and accepting tourists, so remember to accept it and drink it to the last drop.

  12. Visit a cultural village

    When in Fiji, it’s essential to make a stop at a cultural village near your resort. A guided tour would include trying local food, tasting kava, and watching meke. But it also offers a chance to know more about the locals’ inclusive and communal way of life.

  13. Watch a meke dance performance

    The meke is an integral part of Fiji’s rich local culture. It’s a traditional style of storytelling done through dance and song. Performers bring so much energy to each meke—evidence that Fijians take much pride in their culture.

  14. Hop on an immersive safari tour

    Fiji’s lush jungle hosts many attractions and activities. Satisfy the explorer in you with a jet boat safari tour through the Sigatoka River. The journey ends at the Naihehe Caves, the most extensive cave system in the archipelago. Local guides will tell you a story or two about cannibalism, too.

  15. Volunteer as a “sacrifice” in a ritual

    Speaking of cannibalism... While the last recorded act of cannibalism in Fiji was in 1867, some locals will be happy to demonstrate how a human meal was prepared by cannibals. They may even let you participate in a reenactment, where you can play the role of “sacrifice.” It’s not exactly authentic, but it makes for great vlogging material!

  16. Get temporarily stranded on an island

    Snorkelling and paddle-boarding best things to do in Fiji

    The South Pacific conjures up images of getting marooned on a remote island where you’ll learn to spearfish and crack open a coconut. In fact, the iconic Tom Hanks movie Cast Away was filmed on Monoruki in Fiji. Get a taste of Chuck Noland’s experience by spending a full day on an uninhabited island, and (maybe) put your survival skills to the test.

  17. Unwind in hot spring waters

    Swimming in Fiji’s cool and calm waters is comforting enough, but a hot spring bath will take your wellness trip to the next level. You can book a guided tour to one of the islands’ many hidden natural hot springs, or you can take a dip in an equally relaxing hot pool in a Fiji resort and spa.

  18. Try horseback riding on the beach

    The velvety strips of sand all over Fiji are great to experience on horseback. Couple that with awe-inspiring scenery that doesn’t seem to end. You can arrange for this unique service with your resort. Or you can book our Fiji Explorer package to get this experience as a complimentary service.

  19. Discover the country’s past

    Learn a bit of local history at one of the country’s many archaeological and historical sites. You can learn about the country’s cannibalistic past at Udre Udre’s grave, or soak up some WWII history at the Momi Bay gun site. If you’re staying at Vatulele Resort, you can also check out early rock drawings and paintings inside the exclusive island’s caves.

  20. Learn about coconuts

    Like most Pacific Islanders, Fijians view the coconut as a gift from the Earth, which explains why they use the crop with such gratitude. Gain a deeper appreciation for this valuable resource by learning coconut frond basket weaving with the locals. You can also take coconut classes with our Romantic Fiji Adventure package.

Make Your Dream Fiji Holiday a Reality

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Fiji. Collect wonderful memories on your first visit by including some of these experiences in your itinerary. Or you can dive right in and start planning your personalised Fiji holiday with Entire Travel Group.

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