The 7 Best Street Markets in Türkiye to Check Out

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Posted by on 01 May 2024

In Türkiye, bazaars take over the streets to showcase beautiful, artisanal souvenirs, from carpets to leather goods.

While you’ll still find many shopping malls and luxury boutiques in Türkiye, the small alleyways of street markets and bazaars are still the best places to get unique trinkets, souvenirs and authentic street food you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are the seven best street markets Türkiye to add to your Turkish holiday itinerary and what to look for in each one.

Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar)

The Grand Bazaar is undoubtedly the most popular street market in Türkiye. It’s been around since the 15th century and today boasts over 4,000 stalls in more than 60 alleyways.

In this covered bazaar in Istanbul, you’ll see all sorts of Turkish products, from hand-woven rugs to beautiful ceramics to lamps, handmade soaps, textiles, jewellery and more. There are also antique shops that will transport you to a bygone era, selling vintage goods from old maps to well-preserved Turkish art.

It’s a delight to get lost in its labyrinthine streets and shop to your heart’s content for souvenirs and other keepsakes from Istanbul.

Arasta Bazaar

Tucked right next to the iconic Ottoman-era Blue Mosque in Istanbul lies the Arasta Bazaar, an open-air market selling Turkish textiles, jewellery and ceramics.

You can also find ornate, hand-woven rugs, handmade pottery and even authentic teas and spices. This street market has a calmer atmosphere than the Grand Bazaar, so it’s a must-visit if you’d like to shop at a bazaar that isn’t so crowded and is more traditional.

Art and history enthusiasts should also visit the bazaar to check out the secret Great Palace Mosaic Museum within it. This museum is home to Byzantine-era art pieces and mosaics that were discovered where the Great Palace of Constantinople once stood.

Though these pieces are not for sale, it’s still a stop worth visiting for an immersive experience with Türkiye’s rich history.

Misir Carsisi (Spice Bazaar)

Misir Carsisi is perhaps the most prominent spice bazaar in Istanbul, Türkiye Even from streets away, the aroma wafting from the bazaar will tantalise your senses, leading you to the bazaar’s 80+ stalls selling Turkish spices, teas, dried fruit and more.

Aside from Turkish staples such as cinnamon, sumac, rosehip, cumin and saffron, you can also expect to find other food and cosmetics products here, from henna powder to roasted coffee beans.

Sahaflar Carsisi (Beyazit Book Bazaar)

Bibliophiles and literature enthusiasts travelling in Istanbul must visit the Beyazit Book Bazaar, known locally as Sahaflar Carsisi. It’s the ultimate market in Türkiye for bookworms and has been around for centuries.

Everywhere you turn in this market, you will find shelves and piles of books, manuscripts and even ancient texts to pore over and buy. The courtyard has a statue of Ibrahim Muteferrika, who opened the first Ottoman printing press in 1727. Apart from books, you can also find charming trinkets and souvenirs, such as coins and stamps.

You can find this enchanting Book Bazaar by the Sultan Beyazit Mosque and very close to the Grand Bazaar. Note that it is closed on Sundays.

Feriköy Antika Pazari (Flea Market)

On Fridays and Sundays, head to the Osmanbey neighbourhood in Istanbul to visit Feriköy Antika Pazari—a well-known flea market in the area.

The market is known for its cornucopia of antique finds, from old records to vintage books and jewellery to old photographs. With around 200 stalls in this flea market, antique hunters and vintage lovers are incredibly spoiled for choice.

This street market is also an awesome place to visit if you want a quick Turkish snack. From sweet to savoury pastries, there are tons of stalls selling comfort food and traditional delicacies here, too.

Kadikoy Market

Kadikoy Market has been around since the 1960s and has been steadily growing in popularity since then. Today, it’s a haven for foodies who want to try the best Turkish delicacies and dishes or buy the finest ingredients for authentic Turkish meals.

From spices and herbs to fresh seafood and olives to rich, exquisite cheeses, this street market is a must for anyone looking to shop for culinary treasures. You can also try some of Turkiye’s most iconic foods, such as kunefe and baklava.

Feriköy Organik Pazar

Another street market you must visit in Türkiye if you’re looking to buy farm-fresh goods is Feriköy Organik Paar in the Sisli neighbourhood in Istanbul. This market is known for its fresh, organic produce and dairy, selling anything from fruits and vegetables to meats to free-range eggs.

There are even some stalls that sell organic cosmetics and beauty products. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with some freshly squeezed fruit juices while you’re there!

All of these products are sourced from Türkiye’s many farms. So, you will not only get to buy the freshest ingredients, but also support local farms and businesses.

Add These Street Markets to Your Türkiye Bucket List

Shop to your heart’s content in these beautiful, vibrant Turkish street markets and bazaars.

From the never-ending piles of books at the Beyazit Book Bazaar to the strong aromas emanating from the Spice Bazaar, there is something that will pull you into one or all of these unique street markets.

Lose yourself in the alleyways filled to the brim with gorgeous artisanal products and delicious street food for the most unique trip to Istanbul yet.

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