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Posted by on 03 Jan 2022

The Rocky Mountaineer offers a stunning window to the scenic landscapes in the Canadian Rockies. It allows you to admire beautiful sights, from mountain ranges and alpine terrains to majestic rivers and cascading waterfalls in complete comfort and luxury.

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Inside the Rocky Mountaineer: A Delightful Onboard Experience

The Rocky Mountaineer is a leading figure in luxury rail tours. It offers front-row seats to the most captivating sceneries in Canada for a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

The tour features glass dome carriages specially designed to give you a full view of the scenery along the way. All you need to do is sit back and relax watching the Canadian Rockies float by your window. You can also visit the outdoor viewing area for a breath of fresh air.

Each route include hosts that will take you on an adventure that you’ve never seen before. There isn’t a dull moment with the hosts vivid storytelling about famous landmarks along the way a highlight of the trip. Follow the map and discover a whole new world ahead of you.

For comfortable travel, the tour provides exclusive on-board services such as:

  • Meals, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and snacks
  • Accommodations with partner hotels at midpoint destinations
  • Transfer to rail stations
  • Luggage delivery
glimpse of Rocky Mountaineer interior

Rail Routes: Which Way to Go?

The Rocky Mountaineer offers three scenic routes to suit your travel preferences. To help you get started, here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

  1. Rainforest to Gold Rush. This three-day rail route gives you a chance to explore the best of the country’s wilderness, including the world’s largest temperate forest and the arid landscape that envelops the historic gold rush capital of the country.
  2. First Passage to the West. This two-day trip follows the path of 19th-century explorers as they travel through untouched lands and build the Canada of the present—something that history buffs can look forward to seeing!
  3. Journey Through the Clouds. This two-day rail route boasts the pristine natural beauty of the country as you traverse through the heart of the Canadian Rockies—from magnificent valleys and mountains to lively wildlife ahead.

Find our tips in choosing which Rocky Mountaineer rail route for you here.

A Scenic Surprise: 15 Breathtaking Places to Look Forward to

Whichever route you choose, there are plenty of destinations waiting for you! We have selected 15 iconic sceneries, landmarks, and stops that you can anticipate for your upcoming Rocky Mountaineer holiday.

  1. Howe Sound

    The majestic fjord formations of Howe Sound lie in the northwest bounds of Vancouver and near the Georgia Strait. This sound features high cliffs and steep slopes stretching from the west of Vancouver up to the Squamish. Behold the stunning horizon where the sea meets the sea as you pass by this scenic sound.

  2. Mount Robson

    Rocky Mountaineer Canadian Rockies rail journey Mt. Robson in the background

    Witness the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson. This mountain, located in Jasper National Park, stands tall at over 3,954 metres (12,972 feet). Get a chance to explore its scenic trails as you work your way to the top. You can also opt to sit back and admire the scenery unfolding before your very eyes.

  3. Painted Chasm

    The Painted Chasm reels you in with its charming landscape adorn in the most stunning colours—almost like a painting coming to life! This geological wonder features a unique river canyon surrounded by glaciers and lined up with a ridge of gravels. Admire the beautiful bands of sediments as your foot touches the ground.

  4. Quesnel

    A golden city is within reach at Quesnel, a historic gold mining town in the northern region of British Columbia. Canada’s gold rush capital holds a goldmine of wonders—and quite literally at that! After all, it has witnessed the Cariboo Gold Rush back in the 1800s.

  5. Whistler

    Next on our list is a spring favourite—the blossoming town of Whistler. This place is famous for co-hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games back in 2010. Enjoy a quaint yet vibrant town filled with large tracks of golf courses, cosy alpine villages, and rejuvenating spas.

  6. Jasper National Park

    Exciting activities and views await Jasper National Park, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Find yourself in awe with the mystical wilderness spanning approximately 11,000 square kilometres in size. It’s also home to the second-largest Dark Sky Reserve in Canada, making it a good location for stargazing.

    Discover the beauty of this sheltered sanctuary in our Journey Through the Clouds holiday package.

  7. Banff National Park

    Banff National Park aboard the Rocky MountaineerDiscover a new side of the Banff National Park in your Rocky Mountain Rail holiday! This national park is the first of its kind in Canada, its establishment dating back to 1885. Enjoy front seats to its lush pine forests, glacier-filled lakes, tantalizing mountain peaks, and more.

  8. Moose Lake

    The legendary Moose Lake rests on the east side of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. It reaches about 3.9 kilometres downstream of the Moose River. This mystical lake is home to a secluded wilderness filled with wild animals such as wolves, grizzly bears, and—you guessed it—moose!

  9. Pyramid Falls

    The majestic Pyramid Falls is also a must-see in the Journey Through the Clouds route. Bear witness to over 91.5 metres (roughly 3,000 feet) of cascading waters when you reach past the Blue River and into the North Thompson River. It’s especially magnificent at the vantage point of your rail seat.

  10. Cisco Crossing

    Railfans will surely delight in the sight of the Cisco Crossing. It has a deck truss construction that has kept its structural integrity since its completion in 1884. Enjoy the view of this railroad bridge with the Fraser River as your backdrop.

  11. Hell’s Gate

    Roaring white waters await when you reach the infamous Hell’s Gate. This narrowing lies at the end of the Fraser River, within the scenic landscapes of Fraser Canyon. Old explorers may have deemed it hellish to traverse, but such a description pales in comparison to the heavenly, almost cinematic, sight of waters rushing to its place.

  12. Castle Mountain

    Rocky Mountaineer runs along Castle Mountain Canada

    Revel in the sight of nature’s fortress with the Castle Mountain! This majestic mountain lies in the Canadian Rockies, sitting nicely between Banff and Lake Louise. Its fortress-like structure resembles a medieval castle, hence its name.

  13. Craigellachie

    Learn more about the building of a nation in Craigellachie. It’s home to the Last Spike, which was driven on the Canadian Pacific Railway Line. The symbolic drive of 1885 played an important role in unifying the nation that we now know as Canada. Experience a one-of-a-kind trip down this country’s historical memory lane with our First Passage to the West holiday package.

  14. Spiral Tunnels

    Prepare yourself for a stunning rail ride as you pass by the Spiral Tunnels. Find this steep, scenic railway tucked within the Yoho National Park as part of the historic Kicking Horse Pass. Experience a captivating journey while traversing the Mount Ogden and Cathedral Mountains.

  15. Yellowhead Lake

    Marvel at the unique form of Yellowhead Lake, located at the east end of the Mt. Robson Provincial Pass. The lake’s irregular shape makes it an eye-catching sight for many visitors in the region. You can find this body of water running in the same direction as the Fraser River.

Rocky Mountaineer rail journey across Yellowhead Lake

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The Rocky Mountianeer opens plenty of opportunities to see Canada and the Rockies in a new light. Make the most out of your Rocky Mountaineer holiday by trying out fun activities along the way.

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