5 Epic Reasons to Include Yukon In Your Canadian Holiday

Wildlife viewing in Yukon, Canada

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in North America

Located northwest of Canada, Yukon is a territory rich in wild landscapes, charming towns, alpine lakes, and many more wondrous sites to see. Although it’s a lesser-known territory of Canada, there’s a long list of reasons to love this northern gem. Our destination experts have narrowed down the best ones that will convince you to travel to Yukon in this short read.

It’s for all seasons.

From eternal summer nights to the magical winter days, Yukon is a great destination no matter the temperature, weather, and season. During the summer, the sun sets just before midnight giving you plenty of time to indulge in outdoor activities like hiking, wildlife spotting, and canoeing. Though autumn only lasts for about two months, it also ushers in the colder weather and marks the beginning of the aurora borealis season. The longest season, however, is winter which spans for five months – lakes become glass arenas, the aurora borealis are more vibrant, and the towns become magical with a blanket of snow during the Christmas season. Once the snow melts, Spring welcomes the perfect season for cross-country skiing, scenic road trips, and a colourful site of migratory birds flying from one town to another.

It’s an adventure playground.

Because Yukon is a destination for all seasons, there’s a myriad of wonderful activities for all kinds of adventure. For the sporty and more active travellers, Yukon has gorgeous slopes for skiing, dog sledding, and snowboarding. There are legendary trails available for trekking, hiking, cycling, walking, and excursion tours. After exploring the landscapes, settle at a camping spot and sleep under Yukon’s starry sky before waking up to go fishing or wild water rafting. Adventures are afoot from every corner, you only need to take your pick!

It has some of the best nature and wildlife scenes.

Perhaps one of the best things about Yukon is that about 80% of it is untouched and untamed. You’ll be constantly surrounded by a panorama of nature’s wonders in the form of rugged mountains, clear lakes, and luscious forests. In addition to the vast unspoiled nature, Yukon’s wildlife species outnumber its human population. From bears, wolves, moose, to eagles, coyotes, and foxes, you’ll be surprised by how often you can see them up close and personal as they go about their business. For any wildlife enthusiasts, Yukon is a haven worth exploring.

It’s filled with history.

Canada’s history is rich, diverse, and very much alive today – especially in Yukon. Around a quarter of the territory’s population has an indigenous ancestry, and you can see the influence of the First Nations culture and tradition within its cities. One significant event that also made history in Yukon is the Klondike Gold Rush that started in Dawson city. There, you’ll see remnants of the massive Gold Rush migration evident in the still-standing saloons, wooden heritage buildings, and Canada’s oldest gambling hall.

The northern lights.

If you’re looking to witness one of nature’s most mysterious and enchanting natural phenomenon, Yukon has one of the longest aurora borealis season in the whole world. Due to its northern location, some cities in Yukon are seated directly under the Aurora Oval, a ring over Earth’s Geomagnetic North Pole, making it one of the best vantage points for seeing the northern lights. The viewing season starts at mid-August and can last until late of April. Cross it off your bucket list, and head to Yukon for a memorable experience!

Witness the incredible Northern Lights in Yukon.

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