Tahiti Travel Guide: Which Tahiti Island is the Best to Visit?

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Posted by on 24 Feb 2023

The Islands of Tahiti are famous for their secluded beaches, soft white sand, and iconic coconut trees. With over 118 islands and atolls, there’s something for every kind of traveller.

There are plenty of shores to explore and activities to try out, from diving to discovering the archaeological history of some of Tahiti’s well-known islands. And with various isles to visit, it can take time to pinpoint which Tahiti island is the best place to visit during your holiday.

So, to help you expand your itinerary beyond the famous Bora Bora island, we’ve listed various Tahitian islands you can explore depending on your preferences. From the best surfing spots in Tahiti to some of its more secluded gems, this blog will help you discover some of the greatest tourist attractions in Tahiti and explore helpful tips when planning a holiday in Tahiti.

What is The Best Tahiti Island to Visit?

Figuring out which Tahitian island is the best holiday destination out of the 118 isles of French Polynesia depends on the activities you want to do and the places you want to explore. We’ve listed some of Tahiti’s most beautiful islands and the adventures they offer.

Fakarava & Rangiroa: Islands For Divers

Two Tuamoto islands are famous for their pristine lagoon and vast marine life–Fakarava and Rangiroa. Fakarava’s waters feature some of the most fascinating and rare colourful species of marine animals, making it one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Two major ocean passes sustain Fakarava’s lagoon; the Garuae and Tumakohua Pass. Located in the south, the Tumakohua is popular for its underwater valley, Shark’s hole. Divers can observe lemon and hammerhead sharks congregating in this valley.

You can also swim with other giant pelagics and the occasional manta rays when you visit the Garuae Pass and its famous Alibaba canyon. This diving destination is famous among experienced divers due to its strong currents.

On the other hand, the endless sky or Rangiroa, is known for its large lagoons that feature world-class dive sites. Enter a colourful underwater world when you visit the Avatoru Pass. Lastly, if you want to glimpse Tahiti’s diverse marine life, you can swim in the Tiputa Canyons.

Undeniably, Fakarava and Rangiroa are the best Tahitian islands to visit if you want to try scuba diving.

Moorea & Huahine: Islands For Snorkelers & Adventurers

If you’re considering exploring Tahiti’s underwater world but need more scuba diving experience, you can always try snorkelling in Moorea and Huahine.

Like the two islands we’ve mentioned earlier, Moorea and Huahine have diverse marine life, making them perfect for snorkelling. You don’t have to worry about strong currents, as Moorea’s lagoon is surrounded by a barrier reef that keeps the water calm and relaxed. If you plan on taking your kids during your holiday, Moorea is perfect for their very first snorkelling experience.

Another island you can visit during your holiday is Huahine. There are full-day lagoon tours you can join to visit all the best snorkelling spots on the island. You and your family can explore the isle’s beautiful reef walls, wish caves, and coral gardens.

Besides snorkelling, the two isles also have other activities for travellers who love going on land adventures. You can hike the Pass of the Three Coconuts or zip-lining through the canopy in Moorea. Meanwhile, you can go kite surfing or quad biking in the lush paradise of Huahine.

Tikehau: The Island For Newly Weds

For newly wedded couples looking for a romantic getaway, the atoll of Tikehau is the ultimate honeymoon destination. The small island features countless secluded white and pink sand beaches, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing during the day.

You can take a quaint boat ride into the lagoon's middle, explore its diverse marine life, or visit the Motu Puararua at the northeastern end of the island for bird watching. Bird Island is another excellent tourist attraction in Tahiti and is famous for its numerous colonies of nesting sea birds, including the rare Blue Footed Booby.

Tikehau is the perfect Tahitian island if you want to discover its hidden gems.

Tahiti: The Island For Surfers

The main island of Tahiti is home to some of the world’s most iconic surfing spots, like the Teahupo'o, Papara, and Papenoo, Orofara. Teahupo’o is home to the famous World Surf League Pro Surfing Competition and features crushing swells that professional surfers love.

Meanwhile, Papenoo, located on the northeastern side of Tahiti, is the go-to beach for most locals and visitors. The waves on this beach range from 2-3 feet, perfect for beginner surfers. And if you want something more challenging, you can travel to Papara for waves within 4-7 ft.

There are plenty of other beaches you can explore on the island if you’re a surfer. We recommend visiting the isle of Moorea if you want to go diving and surfing in Tahiti.

Tips When Planning Your French Polynesian Holiday

If you want to make the most out of your French Polynesian holiday, you need to know the best month to visit Tahiti, which ranges from May to October. Although some consider June, July, and August the best time to visit the Islands of Tahiti, they are considered the busiest time on the island.

Expect large crowds when you plan your holiday during those three months. If you want to avoid the peak season, we suggest scheduling your trip during May, June, September and October. Doing so ensures that your holiday falls within the popular dry season without coinciding with the peak travel time.

Whether you’re into adrenaline-pumping adventures or relaxing getaways, the Islands of Tahiti have a wide variety of experiences you can try.

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